The Good Wife: #4 Grace's Discovery

by rmdexter

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Daughter, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Grace unwittingly discovers her mother and brother fucking. Alicia comforts her young daughter as only she knows how.

This is story #4 in "The Good Wife" series. It is recommended that the stories be read in the correct order, as the story does proceed chronologically. Story #5 will be coming shortly. I apologize for any confusion relative to the titles, and I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have had writing them ... rmdexter

"So, were Mr. and Mrs. Gibson going at it again last night?" Jenna asked. She and Grace were in the basement family room at Jenna's home, watching some TV. Actually the TV was on, but they'd just been talking most of the time.

"I don't think so," Grace said and they both chuckled at the idea of the older couple engaging in sexual activities. "But I was so tired from the night before that I think I would have slept through anything."

"I bet it wasn't them," Jenna said mysteriously. "I bet it was Zach."

"Naw, no way."

The phone rang, but the girls ignored it, knowing Jenna's parents would answer it upstairs.

"C'mon, Grace. I bet he snuck Becca into his room and was doing her all night long."

"Jenna! That's my brother you're talking about."

"Hey, c'mon Grace. I'm sorry. You know I didn't mean anything by it."

"I'm sorry too," Grace replied, feeling guilty for overreacting to her best friend's comment.

"But you have to admit," Jenna continued, "Zach is pretty hot."


"Now, c'mon. I know he's your older brother and all, but even you must know how good-looking he is."

"I guess," Grace replied with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Have you ever, you know, seen him?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Like when he's coming out of the bathroom from taking a shower or something. You know, naked."


"Relax, I was just asking. When I've seen him wearing jeans, he looks like he's really packing something in there."

Grace sat there stunned, afraid to say anything, even to her best friend, because she'd noticed the same thing herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by the door opening at the top of the stairs. The girls both looked up as Jenna's dad walked into the room, a concerned look on his face.

"Jenna, something's happened," he said seriously. "Uncle Josh has been in a car accident."

Grace had met Jenna's Uncle Josh and Aunt Jennifer before when they'd been visiting from Indianapolis.

"Is ... is he okay?" Jenna asked anxiously.

"He's in the hospital and in pretty bad shape. The doctors think he'll be okay, but it's kind of touch and go right now. I want you to pack an overnight bag, we've got to go right now."

"Okay," Jenna replied, trying to hold back the tears that seemed to come out of nowhere.

"Grace," Jenna's dad said as he looked at her, "we'll drop you at home on our way. Do you want to call your mom and tell her you're coming?"

"No, it's fine. I talked to her earlier and she and Zach are just going to be staying at home tonight."

"Okay. Get your stuff together then, girls. We've gotta go."

Less than half an hour later, Grace slid her key into the apartment door and let herself in. She kicked off her shoes and dropped her bags in her room. She'd seen the light on in the kitchen and went to see what her mom and Zach were up to. She was surprised that she didn't hear the TV, but she figured her mom must be reading her new book, and Zach was probably in his room on the computer, as usual.

The 14-year old walked into the kitchen, but no one was there. "They must each be in their rooms", she thought. She was about to call out to her mother to let her know she was home, when she heard a sound coming from the hallway. "Ohhhhnnnnn..." It was a long drawn-out groan, and Grace immediately became alarmed, recognizing the sound as coming from her mother. She stood there for a second—frightened, and then the groan was followed by a breathy hiss, "Yessssssss..." The second sound was different from the first, and although she didn't know what was happening, it didn't sound like her mother was in pain. She turned and, looking down the hallway, saw her mother's bedroom door open a few inches, a golden glow of light coming from inside the room.

"So hard..." Grace heard her mother's voice say in a throaty moan, the sound coming through the open doorway. She also heard a rhythmic thumping and the squeak of bedsprings. The teenager was intensely curious, wondering what was going on. The youngster moved stealthily down the dark hallway until she could see inside her mother's room. She gasped in shock and reached out to steady herself on the wall beside her as she saw the wickedly erotic scene going on before her. Her mother was lying on her back in the middle of her bed with a man on top of her, fucking her. By the light from the lamp on the bedside table, Grace could clearly see her mother's mature body clad in daring dark red lingerie, her slender legs sheathed in sheer black stockings. She had on patent leather high heels and her long slim arms were covered in gloves reaching almost to her shoulders, the gloves the same scarlet color as the bodice of her outfit. Grace looked down the length of those gloves to where her mother's hands were pulling at the sheets in a death grip. She looked up to her mother's face. Her mother's eyes were closed as her head lolled from side to side, her hair spread out wildly on the pillow beneath her. Her mother's lips were open and she could see her breathing raggedly, gasping for breath as little moans of pleasure emanated continuously from between her parted red lips.

Grace stood like a statue and watched in awe at the wickedly titillating sight. She could tell that the man on top of her mother was not her father, and she wondered who it could be. The man's pistoning hips slowed and he started to lean back. Wanting to make sure she wasn't seen, Grace leaned closer to the wall, her eyes peering past the edge of the doorframe.

"Now, I'm gonna really open you up for me," the man said as he sat back on his knees between her mother's spread legs.

Grace's hand flew to her mouth as she barely suppressed the gasp she felt in her throat. The man fucking her mother wasn't a man—it was her brother, Zach! Her eyes flew wide open as she watched her 15-year old brother reach down to each side and grasp her mother by her slim ankles, his hands circling around the wide leather band of her sexy shoes. Grace watched spellbound as he lifted her mother's legs high in the air, and then lewdly spread them as far to each side as he could.

"She looks like a wishbone," Grace thought to herself. She was shocked by what she was seeing, but couldn't tear her eyes away. With her mother's legs held open in a wide V-shape, Grace watched as her brother slowly rolled his hips, the firm cheeks of his bum moving sensually, his erection still buried between his mother's legs.

"Oh Zach," her mother groaned loudly, "don't tease me like that." Grace watched intently as her brother ceased the teasing rotation and slowly drew back his hips. She saw his pecker start to come into view and was surprised at the thickness of it, the broad gnarled shaft glistening erotically with pussy juice. Her eyes got wider and wider as Zach just kept withdrawing, inch after inch of rigid cock coming into view. He finally stopped, with the just the tip of the broad flared crown trapped between her mother's shiny pink labia.

"Oh my God," Grace thought to herself as she looked at the enormous cock projecting from her brother's groin. "It's huge!" She couldn't believe the size of it, and she quickly thought about Jenna's comment of how big it had looked in his jeans. If only her best friend could see it now. Grace stared, totally mesmerized by her brother's steely erection as he held still, the broad flared head nestled snugly between her mother's clutching pussy-lips. The long hard love-muscle looked so powerful and strong—even from where she was watching, she could see the flowing blood pulsing through the protruding blue veins on the glistening shaft.

"Okay, Mom, let's see how deep we can go," Zach said as he started to flex forward. Grace's eyes stared intently at their lewdly joined bodies as her brother's monstrous pick slid insistently into her mother's greasy trench.

"Oh fuckkkkkkk..." Alicia groaned deep in her throat as her son's blood-engorged phallus stretched the hot wet tissues inside her almost to the tearing point. Grace's nipples stiffened and she felt a nagging itch in her pussy as she watched the illicitly sinful act of her brother fucking her mother. She looked at her mother's face as Zach went deeper, seeing a blissfully serene look of pleasure as her mother tipped her head up and gasped, while clutching tightly to the sheets in her glove-covered hands. Grace looked back, and watched as Zach forced the final few inches inside, the depths of his mother's hot mature pussy finally yielding to him.

Zach groaned deep in his throat as he bottomed out, the enflamed head of his prick bumping against his mother's tingling cervix as his groin pressed flush up against her shaven mound, his rigid erection gripped tightly by the oily tissues of her mature cunt. He salaciously rolled his hips, stirring her incendiary depths sinfully as the enflamed head of his cock rubbed teasingly against the door of her womb.

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