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Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Just because his father was the leader of a military protectorate the others on the governing council want him dead. All his life he has been in hiding but when one finally finds him they get more than then bargained for. Now it is his turn to hunt and he has been training his whole life.

I ran through the thick jungle and leaped up onto a fallen tree before leaping again. I shifted the heavy pack as I slowed when I reached the falls and the pool of water. I walked around and under the water and twisted and brushed the striking kick away. I slid in to strike as Mara spun and a back fist lashed out.

I brushed it up and struck her in the chest. Of course she had twisted and leaned back so my open palm strike ripped her shirt and slid along her breasts. I caught her as I stepped and she turned and I pulled her back and against me. I cupped a breast and hugged her, "now this is a different way to catch me."

She looked over her shoulder before grinning and pushing her butt back, "and I get to keep any sperm you leave."

I laughed and turned her and gave her a kiss before helping her fix her ripped shirt. Mara was an orphan my trainers and guards had found ten years ago. That was on a different world and in a different place. She was two years younger than me and very good with knives or martial arts.

I glanced at her as I pulled the pack off and removed the rocks and took out our dinner. She was in black, that was all she ever wore. She smiled, "now you are really thinking about it."

I grinned as I tossed her dinner to her and looked out through the waterfall. Our trip back to the hidden camp was slower and using a different route. I stepped into the small room and set the empty practice pack on a table. I looked around at the few things I could call my own. My father was both rich and powerful which was why I was being hidden.

He was the commander of the Alexander Protectorate. The five generals on the governing council would have me killed if they knew where I was. There was constant tension as each general tried to push the others down while trying to climb over my father's body. That was why they would kill me, to break him.

Novero was only a semi colonized world and very dangerous. It was also one of the places where my father had risen to power. He had survived a crash in a scout ship with information that he had walked out. It had brought down three of the generals on the old council. I went to wash as the jungle went quiet and dark descended between heartbeats.

I laid in bed thinking of the feel of Mara's breast. She turned over and threw her pillow across the room, "either come fuck me or go to sleep."

I grinned as I tossed her pillow back, "Jack and Peter might not like that."

She blew a raspberry and I laughed and then sat up. I could feel a strong electrical field that was not to far away, "get dressed."

That was something that had happened when I hit puberty. I rolled out of bed and dressed before moving to the doors out onto the porch. The feel was different but I turned and reached for my real pack, "get your pack and wear the cofounder."

The alarm screamed and I spun as I shouldered the pack and ran out. I knew Mara would be right behind me as I started sprinting into the jungle. I jumped and dodged obstacles as I headed for the falls. I stopped suddenly and turned to catch Mara as she ran past. I looked towards the falls with my heart pounding and could feel the electrical field.

I turned and headed northwest and towards the plateau, "we are going to the secondary."

I stopped and looked back towards the camp as automatic fire shattered the night. Mara caught my arm and pulled on me and I turned to follow. I smiled as I watched her in the faint light, "first chance I get I am going to fuck you hard and fill you with cum."

She glanced back and then grinned, "you keep saying that but it has not happened."

We walked all night, stopping every hour to rest. When the sun came up we were not far from the secondary rally point. The problem was I felt another large electrical field. Well ... two fields, one was small and closer and the other much larger. I caught Mara and looked around carefully before I pulled her down and knelt.

There was a shimmer as something moved through the bushes in front of us. I smiled slightly because the camo or shift suited soldier was walking to his death. A large scorpion snake was wrapped around a low branch and its tail moved off the branch and cocked. The shimmer moved under the branch and the tail flashed down.

The man screamed and jerked back and fell and I stood and pulled Mara with me. We moved to one side as other soldiers started calling back and forth. I led Mara to the north and realized my father's crash site was not far. It was not long before I stopped and looked at a ship covered in vines and bushes and debris.

You really could not tell it was a ship but I felt it and moved down one side. I had to move vines to see the closed hatch and thought we would have to open the ship manually. I thought of my father and punched in a set of numbers. There was a hiss and the hatch moved into the ship and slid aside.

I shifted to get at my pack and used a light to check the airlock. I moved in and Mara followed me and absently touched the close button. I jumped and spun as the hatch slid over and closed. I glared at her and she grinned and I turned to the inner hatch. It opened as easily as the outer and we stepped into what should have been the old ship but was not.

The lights came on in the small chamber and I looked at the winding stairs before turning to close the hatch. I gestured to Mara and started down as more lights came on, "do not touch anything witch."

She followed me down until we stepped off the stair and into a large room. One whole corner was filled with sensor and scan equipment. Another held a large bed and the last two were a cooking unit and lots of shelves full of ration cases. I went to look into the only door and saw a large fresher with a shower.

I turned and saw Mara stripping as she pushed me aside and walked into the fresher. I grinned and rubbed her butt, "want sperm in you first?"

Mara and I had been teasing each other for two years. She stopped and looked over her shoulder before smiling, "actually I do."

I hesitated and she reached back and pulled me after her, "deep and a lot Alex."

I pulled her back and turned her and caressed her face, "serious or teasing?"

She pressed against me, "deep and a lot."

I grinned as I started stripping and pushed her towards the shower. When I climbed in she was wet and pulled me under the water and rubbed her breasts on me. I laughed and turned her before I began to feel her. I caressed her pelvis and looked into her face at the lack of any field inside her, "you do not have an implant."

She grinned, "deep and a lot Alex."

She gave my hard cock a stroke and turned to shut the water off and pull me out. I had to find a towel before we could dry off and she pulled me out and straight to the bed. I checked it first before I pushed her in and followed. I laid beside her and felt her before shifting until I was on her and gave her a kiss.

I lifted and positioned my cock and slowly forcing it into her. She grunted and spread her legs more and tilted her hips. I buried my cock and settled to hold her and kiss. She sighed and shifted while her tight pussy gripped my cock. She humped and grinned, "you got it in deep but now you need to give me a lot of sperm."

I smiled and pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes. She kept lifting her hips and humping as I fucked her. A few minutes and she moaned and shuddered and clutched me, "Alex!"

I grinned as I began to fuck her firmly and started kissing her again. It was not long before she was bucking and struggling. Her pussy constantly tightened and grasped my cock. She thrashed around and howled and I began to fuck her hard. I shoved into her and pushed while holding her.

She stiffened as my cock throbbed and then I was pumping sperm into her. She screamed and jerked and bucked while her pussy kept clenching, "yyyeeessss!"

When I was done she was panting and I grinned as I pulled out and moved. I rolled her over and moved back between her legs before pushing into her slimy hole, "you wanted lots of sperm."

She laughed and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her again. She felt amazing and seemed to enjoy every moment. When she fell asleep exhausted I slipped out of bed. I crossed to the corner with all the equipment and began to see what I could find. After an hour I found one of the frequencies the officers were using and began listening.

It was not secure or encrypted which was why I was surprised when I heard general Raymond. He was on the governing council and for him to be here was not good. What pissed me off was him telling some officer to find me and bring my body to him so he could cut my head off.

The other officer brought up my guardians and general snorted, "four are dead and only one escaped. We have the one that turned and he is giving us everything. You worry about finding and killing his brat and bringing me his body."

I looked at Mara before I stood and went to get dressed. When I slipped out and into the jungle it was midday and hot and humid. Most animals would be asleep or under cover. I moved south and followed the strong feel of the electrical fields. I found the force screen and went up and over using a tree before I continued.

The camp I walked into was hurried with several large jungle penetrators sitting to one side. They were designed to clear an area for other transport vehicles to land and there were other transports, eight large ones. Soldiers were moving around as I used what cover I could. I found the general's transport after several minutes.

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