From One Teacher to Another

by Happenstance

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, BDSM, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A young girl discovers feelings in class that would not only teach her some of life's lessons, but would also later bring her closer to her son.

It all began when she saw a thirty-something tall and lanky man with moppish hair.

Although Marianne was sitting in the last row, his simple act of entering her classroom made her fourteen-year-old heart miss a beat and her palms began sweating. She was transfixed by his big dark eyes, sharp nose and broad shoulders.

All through the lecture, Marianne kept admiring everything about him, including the way he was moving his hands, his well-ironed trousers and even his polished brown shoes.

With all the boys she had fooled around with and the men who had undressed her with their eyes, she had never felt anything like she was feeling right now.

At that time Marianne didn't know, but she had fallen in love at first sight with her teacher, Jeff Clayton.

From the next day onwards, she began sitting in the first row, right in front of his desk, and discovered emotions that would change her life forever.

Marianne was only in the ninth grade, but boys had already touched and squeezed her ripe breasts, couple of them had even put their fingers inside her panties, while she in turn had amply displayed that she was a good sport by touching their cocks and even allowing two boys to shove their raging hard-ons into her mouth.

With the experience Marianne had gained with the boys and the fact that she secretly admired when grown-up men looked at her well-proportioned boobs and her tight ass, she set in motion her plan to win Jeff's heart.

On the third day, she came to school wearing a nose ring and dash of kohl to highlight her green eyes. When she sat down on her chair in front of Jeff, she undid the top two buttons of her shirt and leaned on her desk to provide him a good view. His eyes, of course, went deep into her ample cleavage, tracing the blue veins running down her valley and then disappearing behind the desk.

Where once Marianne spent most of her time thinking about shopping, movie stars, boys and their bulges, she was now always looking for any excuse to talk to Jeff and to stand as close to him as possible.

Whenever she found him alone she would slide next to him and bending forward on her elbows ask him meaningless questions as his gaze admired the assets on display.

Sometimes she would come in short skirt and watch Jeff sneak a peek at the soft skin of her thighs.

Before her eyes fell on his rugged, handsome frame, Marianne was reluctant to carry out even simplest of requests.

But now every wish of Jeff became an order, a command that had to be carried out without question.

If he told the class to finish an essay in five days, she did it in three. If he told them to reference one book, she went over four.

Marianne began hanging on to his every request, treating it as an order that she had to obey no matter what.

One day she found out that he lived alone near the school, so she went to his place in the evening and knocked on the door.


"Have brought pancakes that I baked myself."


"For you."

He stepped out, took the pancakes and closed the door without saying thank you.

Marianne stood there for more than five minutes hoping that he might open the door again but it remained shut.

When she went to bed at night, all she could think about was Jeff. He hadn't invited her in, hadn't talked to her and hadn't even said thank you. But the sight of him standing there in front of her in shorts and T-shirt, his masculine legs, his smell, his rugged arms made her rub her young legs together, made her toss and turn and made her squeeze her pillow tightly. She continued to play his voice in her head and the way he took the pancakes from her the whole night.

Next evening she again went to his house and knocked.

"What now?"

"Lasagne," she said extending her hands.

"Did you make them?"

"No, Mom did," she replied, which was a lie as she had bought them from a shop.

He stepped outside, looked around and waved her in.

Marianne was putting the lasagne on the table when she heard his baritone voice.

"Did I ask you to put them there?"

"No," she replied turning around in surprise.

"Tell me, Marianne, you're always trying to please me, aren't you?"

She just stood there with her eyes lowered.

"Do you want to make me happy? Answer me."

"Yes," she whispered.

"OK. Put lasagne in the kitchen and then arrange the books that are lying in the other room."

After dusting and arranging the books alphabetically she came back to the living room and stood near the couch he was sitting on.

He didn't even look at her and kept watching the game on TV, while she she stood there for more than fifteen minutes looking at his long legs and his black hair as she waited for his next command.

Finally, he got up and told her that he was going to sleep, so she better go home. With that he went to his room and closed the door.

The next day was a Sunday, so she went to his place early.

Jeff opened the door and without even saying hello told her to go to kitchen and wash the dishes.

She removed the scarf, revealing her cleavage that was bursting out from the tight top and tried to make eye contact with him to draw his attention to her well-developed breasts, but he didn't even look at her.

After washing the dishes and noticing that he had finished the lasagne she had brought yesterday she came to the living room.

Jeff, who was sitting on the couch, asked her to stand in front of him.

"I'll take care of you if make me happy. Understood?"


"Don't talk to me in school. We'll talk here only. Don't tell your friends about us. Was looking at your file. Your pa works in bank and ma is a swimming coach. Don't tell them either. Got it?"


"Good. Now go."

With that Jeff got up and went to his bedroom.

For the next six days, Marianne went to his house every day and did whatever chores he wanted her to do and stayed there until he told her to leave. It sort of became routine except for two incidents.

When she went back Monday, Jeff told her that as long as she was there in the house she was to wear only bra and panties.

That meant she began washing the dishes, vacuuming the house and ironing his clothes only in bra and panties.

He sat there and watched her bend, walk and sit in nothing but bare essentials.

The sight of him looking at her swaying hips, her heaving breasts and the shape of her pussy lips visible under her panties excited her and made her wet. She would bend and move her bum right in front of him as she vacuumed the carpet.

While washing dishes, Marianne would throw water on her bra to make it transparent. She would move her hips while ironing his clothes as Jeff would stand there watching her tight ass and smooth thighs.

One day, she stood in front of him and putting her hands over her bra started touching her perfectly round boobs. She squeezed them, ran her fingers over her pink nipples and caressed her cleavage, but he sat there watching her.

The other incident happened Saturday when she was about to leave for home.

Jeff threw a hundred dollar bill on the carpet and asked her to pick it up with her teeth. She went down on her fours, with her breasts hanging like ripe melons and her tight ass positioned seductively, and crawling toward his feet on her hands and knees picked up the note with her teeth.

He told her to come closer and as she did he shoved two ice cubes into her panties. As soon as he did that, her whole pubic hair region, her pussy lips and even her ass felt like they were on fire. She squirmed, tilted her body and shook her hips but the cubes continued to prick her groin.

Although Marianne didn't utter a sound, not even a gasp, she did look at him and pleaded with her green eyes, but he stood there watching her clinch her teeth and bite her lips as she showed him that she was willing to bear anything to please him.

After what seemed like hours, the ice began to melt, drenching her panties and thighs completely. Jeff took the cubes out and made her lick them.

On the seventh day, it was Sunday; she had just finished ironing his shirt when he called her to his bedroom. This was the first time she was entering his bedroom and her heart began beating fast with both excitement and apprehension.

He was lying on bed and told her to take off his jeans. She climbed on the bed and sitting near his legs took them off.

"Now the underwear," he ordered.

She took it off, revealing his erect cock and his balls resting on his inner thighs.

"Play with it."

Taking it in her palm she began running her fingers on its tip, its whole length and started squeezing his balls. He lifted his bum, parted his hole with his hands and she cleaned it with her tongue.

While her tongue was inside his hole, he said: "Trust and honesty are the most important things. Can I trust you? Will you be loyal?"

Lifting her face from his bum, she replied: "Yes."

"Good. I want you to do something for me. Will you?"

She nodded her head.

"Answer me."

"Yes, I'll."

Moving his hand under his pillow, he took out something.

"Here's a tiny video camera. I want you to place it next to the iron bars on the window in the girls' bathroom in the school. Put it with its lens facing the shower just before they go to washroom and take it out when they come out. Can you do this?"

Marianne's eyes widened when she heard that and just stared at him.

"This's to test your loyalty. If you want me happy, you'll do this."

"But what do I do?" She asked.

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