Candy Striper

by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Jayden Hurst becomes a candy striper at the local hospital. She enjoys helping people. Dale Green is a mature male in the convalescent area waiting to be released. Jayden's visits with him bring the two very close, providing him with much needed relief. The surprising part is that his wife, Keniesha, agrees with the services Jayden provides her husband.

Special thanks to Phil Gorman 2014 for his expertise in re-editing and proofing.

I have always enjoyed helping people and being a candy striper at the hospital gives me an opportunity to do just that. It all started nearly two years ago when mom and I visited one of my aunts who had an operation. I saw a number of young candy stripers assisting a group of young patients. Mom told me that, at fourteen, I was too young to volunteer. Being persistent, I manage to get an application and a booklet of the requirements to be a candy striper. Over the next two years, with the help of mom, perfecting all the necessary requirements becomes part of my daily life. Finally, at fourteen, the hospital accepts me to help on the children's floor of the hospital. My functions are: to read to the patients; help them color; and for the ones that are mobile, accompany them when they walk from room to room; and for the wheelchair bound, assist them whenever possible.

The children's floor adjoins the adult convalescent section. There are many adults that seem to take a long time before they can leave. As I walk through the area, many say hello in, what seems like, a plea to have someone to talk to. Stopping often, it makes me feel so good to bring a smile to their faces as we chat.

My name is Jayden Hurst. I'm tall for my age, at five foot six. I am proud of my breasts; mom started me on training bras at nine. Now, at a B cup, they are full of me. Mom says my nipples are bigger than hers. Sometimes you can see them right through my bra and top. Compared to the other girls in my class, I have the biggest bust. There are no boys in my life; but, it isn't because they haven't asked. Lots of guys in the higher grades have asked me to date, but I never have. Some of the other girls have and the stories scare me. One girl told a story of a guy taking out his thing and wanting her to suck it. How disgusting!

Over the last three weeks, one of the adults who really enjoys seeing me is a black man. Every day he seems so happy when I stop at his doorway and chat. He often has visitors; but, he always makes a point of saying hello. His visitors are all black. There is a very beautiful woman with him often; who I assume must be his wife. She is always well dressed in well-fitting clothing showing her fantastic figure. One thing I like about her is she always wears a very dark red lipstick that accents her sexy, thick lips. I wish mine were like hers. Leaving the hospital one day, she comes up to me.

"Hello, young lady, I want to thank you for talking to my husband. He finds the time he has to spend in the hospital so boring; but, one of the bright things he told me about is your visits."

"I am glad that it helps. That is what we are supposed to do; try and take the patients mind off where they are. I do feel sorry that people are sick and have to stay in the hospital."

"Dale is frustrated, that is for sure. Sorry, my name is Keniesha Green. I should have introduced myself. My husband is a very active man when at home. I miss him very much. He takes good care of me."

After introducing myself she goes on to tell me Dale has been the best man she has ever known and she feels fortunate she is married to him. They both work: she is a high school teacher at the school near the mall my friends and I shop at. They have no children, yet, but she says it isn't from the lack of trying. She looks down when she realizes what she said. From what we have been taught in our health classes I assume she and her husband have sex often and now they both miss it very much. It must be frustrating for both of them now. Finally, she takes my hands, squeezes them and thanks me again for being so thoughtful; then she leaves. This close she smells so good; just touching her makes my pussy tingle.

My shift goes fast, as there are three new patients. Then, leaving the children's section, I stop and chat with Mr. Green for a minute. While looking at him, I try to imagine what he and his wife do often in bed. Suddenly, I feel warm all over.

On my way home I get the weirdest feeling between my legs. My pussy is tingling for some reason. The only other time that feeling occurs is after rubbing my pussy in the tub or in bed. Some of the girls at school say they rub themselves all the time, including at school when they go to the bathroom. One girl even invited me to watch her. Watching her lift up her skirt and lower her panties had me tingling. Her pussy seemed bigger than mine. The lips are so thick. She rubbed herself, concentrating on the top of her pussy. Her body trembled after a while, and then she looks at me, smiled and asks me if I wanted to do it. Shaking my head no, I was so embarrassed. That night, at home in bed, my finger did the same thing as hers and I did get the feeling to make me tremble. Now, I do it every night at least once.

The next day I arrive at the hospital, nearly an hour before my duty shift, figuring I could spend a bit more time talking to the adults and maybe spend some more time with Mr. Green. Maybe talking to me will make his stay a bit better. After talking to a number of people, I arrive at his room: noticing me at the door he smiles.

"Hello, young lady. I understand my wife talked to you."

"Yes. She thanked me for stopping to chat with you. I thought that was nice of her. She is a very beautiful woman."

"Yes, I know, and I think she is the most wonderful woman in the world. You're early today, something special?"

"Actually, I thought spending a bit more time in this section might help to make you feel better. Your wife says you are very frustrated."

For some reason his facial expression changes to a very stupid smile that I didn't understand until later in our relationship. He motions for me to come and sit on the chair, facing the door, beside his bed. Sitting, my uniform slides upwards showing four inches up my knees. Mr. Green's eyes don't leave my legs. While we chat, I can't help but notice his blanket moving upwards. Whatever is causing the movement is very big; he notices me staring and moves to his side. Whatever it is, it is now pointing at me and is now moving towards me. Then, I realize it is his thing. Gosh, it has to be nearly a foot long! Blushing, I get up and leave.

All afternoon there is no way that vision leaves my mind. Why was I so stupid? I should have realized what it was. Then what his wife told me makes me start to tingle again. They don't have children but it isn't from the lack of trying. They must have sex lots. Heck, it must be frustrating for both of them.

That evening in bed, all I can think of is that big thing inside his wife. She must be really big, a lot bigger than me, to be able to accept anything that big inside her. I fall asleep wondering what it actually looks like. We have pictures of penises in our health books, but they are all small compared to Mr. Green.

My mom is very happy with me leaving early to chat with more patients. She says the more you give of yourself the more will be returned in my lifetime. Just thinking about the different things that have happened recently, I need to talk to someone about it. The only one is my girlfriend, Jessica. She is thirteen, has a boyfriend and they do things together. When we meet in the hall, she agrees to meet me at lunch.

"Hi Jayden, what's up?"

"I need to talk to you about guy things."

"You got a boyfriend?"

"Not exactly. You know I go to the hospital as a candy striper, right?"

"Yes, do you like it?"

"Yes, and the kids like me helping them."

"So, what is the problem?"

"I also talk to some of the older patients because they don't have anyone to talk too."


"Well, there is a black man in the convalescent area and we chat. But, when we do his thing gets hard and moves his blankets. It makes me feel funny and embarrassed."

"All guys get hard when they see a girl. My boyfriend's cock is always hard when we dance. I keep teasing him about it. He tries to stop it, but can't. He says it is because I am so beautiful and sexy looking."

"What do you do?"

"When we are alone he lets me look at it and rub it. If I rub it long enough cream squirts out of it and then it goes really soft. He likes me to do that. Sometimes I even suck it to make it cream."

"What does he do for you?"

Jessica looks around to make sure nobody is close then leans over to me.

"He kisses me between my legs and licks me."

Looking at Jessica, in total shock, I can't believe it. Why would anyone kiss anyone there? The tingly feeling makes me want to touch myself, but kiss? Jessica senses my embarrassment and starts to laugh.

"Don't think it is bad until you try it. Maybe the man will let you see his cock. Is he married?"

"Yes. I have met his wife. She thanked me for talking to him."

"Well, that is part of the problem. At home, they likely have sex a lot; but, they can't in the hospital. When he looks at you he sees a very beautiful young girl. You know you look a lot older than you are."

After school, changing into my uniform, all sorts of things are going through my mind. Would Mr. Green show me his cock? I feel naughty thinking that word. Kiki used it as if it was an everyday word. Just how big is Mr. Green? Leaving to go to the hospital, I tell mom it will be later tonight than usual. She doesn't ask me why; she gives me a peck on the cheek.

Doing all my usual stops before Mr. Green's room, I peer in. He is sitting up watching the door like he is waiting for someone.

"I was hoping you would drop by. If you have a few minutes please come and sit. My wife just left."

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