Friday Five O'Clock Club
Chapter 1: Friday Five O'clock Club

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True Sex Story: Chapter 1: Friday Five O'clock Club - On Friday at five, I got together with my buddy Bill to get high. Across the street, Kathy, Laura and Susan got together to do the same, but they went one step more, they scratched that special itch. After taking the edge off their libidos, they went out to hunt. Kathy caught me first, then it was Laura, then Susan.

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It's Friday around 6 pm. Bill and I have been building a buzz for about an hour. We're camped on his front porch. It's a second floor balcony on a shotgun 4 family. That's old style construction, three narrow rooms in a straight line, no hallway. One shotgun blast clears the place. The four family is two up two down, with porches on front. An open stairway provides access from the back. It's a dump, but cheap. It overlooks the trees in a wide boulevard park down the center of the street. The neighborhood is mixed working poor and college students. We think us students are a positive influence.

We lounge on an exquisite example of the porch couch: saggy of seat and raised on concrete blocks. The couch is adjusted just right to rest your feet against the rail; high enough to look over, but still mainly out of sight from the street. Bill's aging next door neighbor is near stone deaf. She never comes out on her front porch. She can barely walk, so he gets her groceries for her. He's actually a nice guy.

Two women come out of a house across the street. They start lobbing a wobbly Frisbee back and forth as they walk across the street into the boulevard park.

I asked Bill, "Know them?" Conserving a lung full of smoke, we only use a few words.

Bill, having taken a toke, just croaks, "Yup."

"Wha's up?"

"Cute" ... said Bill. Another single smoke conserving word.

"Available?" We are fairly toasted. A normal state, but that doesn't keep us from chasing women.

"Laura's in green," Bill breathes, then gestures with the roach toward the dark blonde pixie in a tight green 'Property of USMC' t-shirt over flouncy shiny black running shorts split high up the side.

Taking another breath, Bill continues. "Her latest boyfriend's headed to Marine basic soon. Thinks Gyrenes are cool. Dumbfuck. He's gonna fight for oil? He'll just get deader faster. My Dad's a jarhead, he told me to stay out of this fuckin' forever war."

"Kathy's in plaid shorts. No boyfriend. Pretty. Smart." Bill warns, "She's a head case." Then looking some more, said. "Don't see Susan, maybe she's off on a run. She's a fox too, but I've never seen her with a guy around, if you know what I mean."

So, I can only chase two out of three? That ain't bad. I go down to meet Kathy and Laura. My wing man, Bill, follows along.

On the street, Bill opens his hands in a mock Frisbee catch then calls, "Laura, over here." With a lazy toss the game is on.

"Who's your friend?" asked, Laura.

"I'm Dave."

I watch Kathy catch Bill's easy throw. Kind of awkward, Kathy lurches for the Frisbee. Being a guy I only focus on her high pointy breasts. They push out her shirt, making shapes like Bartlett pears. Kind of tear drop, but wider. For some reason the shape of her titties make my dick extra fat. Not too unusual. Her shoulders are wide, they fit into a guy's yellow pocket t-shirt like a coat hanger. Her slim ass is dressed in longish madras Bermuda shorts. Dark red Keds complete her nerdy outfit.

She shyly smiles with the Frisbee catch. Realizing she is the center of attention she flashes her upper teeth in a laugh. "I'm Kathy."

She's tall and slim, maybe 5'10". Her dark brown hair flows down her back, captured with a leather hair clip. A girl next door pretty face, deep brown eyes hide behind dorky black plastic frame glasses.

Kathy flips a wobbling throw to me. I have to run, bending low to scoop it.

"Oops." Guardedly she hides her smiling giggle with her hand.

I flip the next toss to Laura. She took a few quick steps to catch it high in the air. Her gamine figure shows muscles in her legs as she runs. Her dark blonde hair flies around her head in a halo. Her shirt shows a slim waist as she stretches all of her pixie height for the catch.

"Sorry, too high."

"No problem." She flips it to Bill, overhand, calling, "Here," and the next round is on.

Over the next few minutes Laura's face is agile with emotion flashing as thoughts pass in her mind. Smiles, frowns, grimaces, laughter, and pouts. Laura calls to Kathy constantly encouraging her catches.

Laura's unfettered B-boobs make a pleasant sight bobbling under protection of the tight little 'Property of USMC' t-shirt. She flirts shamelessly. She oozes sexuality. My mind flashes mental images of her legs wrapped around my head smothering me with her cunt. I turn my back while I right dress that woodie.

After a few more lobs, I call a huddle. The two women join us on Bills porch for another round of tokes. Now nicely buzzed, I suggest we get dinner. Laura and Bill beg off, each having previous engagements. Kathy and I are an impromptu couple. Isn't it wonderful when a plan comes together?

The evening progressed with Kathy and I walking to a local Chinese restaurant. We talked easily during our dinner. Our hands naturally join as we stroll back to her place. On her front porch couch we played a round of tonsil hockey. When we come up for air, the conversation is witty and playful. She tells stories using funny voices. She made me laugh. In the evening dark we explored each others' bodies by touch and kiss. But no sex that night.

She said, "I'm a good girl, I don't do sex on the first date. If you want somebody easy, that's not me."

I read her words to say, "no sex, tonight" while my hands caressed her bra covered breasts and her hand stroked my raging jean caged boner. Her body said; "Not tonight, but probably soon."

My wing man Bill caught up with me the next day. As we sat around getting toasted, he asked, "How'd it go with Kathy?"

"She's nice. We had fun, ate dinner and made out on her porch. I'll see her again." I replied.

"Well." Bill hesitated. It wasn't his way. He rarely was lost for something to say.

"Hey, you aren't interested in her are you?" I asked cautiously.

"No. Nothing like that. It's that, I know Kathy, she lived in my neighborhood when I was in high school."

"Yeah, you said you knew her. What's she like?"

"Good little church girl. Her Mom, her, and her little sister all went to the same church as my family. Her brothers and Dad were bad news. They didn't go to church." Bill said.

I'm about to say, 'She didn't act like a good little church girl, ' when after a few beats of silence, he continued. "You've met my family, parents and little sister, right? Been to my parents house, right?"

"Yeah, she's a hottie." I acknowledged with a smile. He smacked my arm hard with a back fist. This must be serious. I've been to Bill's parents house for dinner a couple of times. His sister is a hottie, jailbait, but hot. We used his Dad's table saw and router to make nunchucks. It's not like Bill to dance around a subject. He may be a stoner, but he's smart and direct. Finally after taking a long hit he begins.

"Well, back when I was in High School, somebody was raping girls in our neighborhood. Real bold. They came in the window at night, got'em in bed. Held a knife on them. Rape the girl in bed with the family home. Had us all scared for my sister and my mom. Most nights when my Dad worked late, she would sleep with my Mom. When Dad got home he slept in her bed.

I wondered where this was going.

"So early one morning, the guy comes through my sisters window. Except it's Dad in her bed. In the dark, the guy puts his hand on Dad. Got a big surprise. Dad did some Marine thing, took the knife and beat the shit out of him. The guys screaming woke us all up. I grabbed a bat, flipped on the light, but I didn't need the bat. Dad was killing the kid. I pulled him off." Bill ran out of steam. He took a hit off the roach.

Bill continued, "The guy was Kathy's middle brother."

My eyes bug out as I blurt, "No Shit? What happened?"

"The cops took him away in an ambulance. He got sent up to juvie. Kathy's old man came to our house to get in my Dad's face about it. Dad took him by the throat and dragged him to the street. Told him if he or his boys ever came around or even looked at our family they were dead."

"Must have believed him, they didn't come around. The really sad part is what gossip said about Kathy. Said the brothers messed with Kathy. She was really alone."

"Man." I held my head, stunned with the impact of the story.

"So the end of the story is a couple of years ago the brother that went to juvie, got a ten year rip for dealing meth. To top it off, her older brother was in med school. Last year, he committed suicide. I'm just sayin', she's carry'n some heavy weight."

"Thanks, I think. That's really fucked up. Sad." Then after a while, I said, "Thanks for telling me."

So, I dated Kathy. She was a great conversationalist (no really) with a wry sense of humor. In all our talks, I never said anything about what Bill had told me, figured it was hers to bring up.

Our first night of making love, well that's what I was thinking it was going to be, turned out to be just a trial run. Kathy and I had been hanging together about two weeks. We ate dinner together, talked, studied, smoked dope, and made out. The ratio of one to the other was making steady progression to mostly make out.

Friday night we ate dinner out, went to a party, then to my place. My housemate was gone for the weekend. We started kissing the moment the front door was closed. Tall Kathy's mouth lined right up with mine. She plastered her body to mine. I pressed her ass crack with my hand, grinding her goodies on my thigh. She was cupping my cock. I went for her dress buttons. We stripped without breaking our kiss. All the way down to underpants.

Then she stopped me. Panting. "I want this but, let's not go too fast."

Jesus, you could have fooled me! My dickhead was sticking up out of my u-trou. I was crazy with throbbing dicklust. Was she going to turn out to be just a dicktease? Oh. God. Please. "OK Kathy, we go at your speed." I finally said with throbbing balls.

We made it to my bed, all the way up the stairs, still making out. When I can stand to take my lips off of hers, I'm studying her long lean body. It's making me crazy. Tonight her face is glowing with beautiful lust. I follow the contour of her long neck down to perfect breasts. More than a hand full, rounded at her chest, with tips that stand up puffy with tight nips on puckered aureoles. I kiss down her neck and her chest to taste her sweetness. I'm drunk on her heavenly sexual aroma.

My hands caress her body as she sighs under my touch. Her long fingers have entered my underwear to surround my cock. As she teases my little head, I stick my hand in her panties, find her fat wet clit and frig her off. She doesn't fight it. She just cums a ton. Thrashing. Shaken by one fingertip. When she comes down from her orgasmic high, she pulls my hand from her panties. She pulls it all the way to her lips. She licks her cream from my fingers. My cock is pulsing with hardness. I kiss her mouth, long and deep. I can taste her.

She raises from me to pull off my underwear. She kisses down my chest to take my over sensitive cock in her mouth. She blew me like I've never been blown. That fat headed cock went all the way into her mouth. with a few swallows she had me at the brink. Pulling back, her mouth sucked the head. She took me up and down the rollercoaster. Getting close, then holding. Her hand stroked my shaft. I exploded with cum. She swallowed it all. It wasn't screwing, but I wasn't complaining. I couldn't think. She slept in my bed that night.

Early Saturday morning she had Hospital hours. Before she left, she sucked another load from my morning wood. I frigged her clit, then arched her back with a g-spot rub while I sucked her off. Then she split.

I lay in bed wondering, 'Who was that woman?'

Later that same Saturday evening, we were eating an early dinner at my place before heading to a movie at the student union. I lit a candle on my little kitchen table where she sat watching me cook dinner. A little wine, a little weed, cheese crackers and grape appetizers in the company of a wonderful woman.

We are talking the finest of college romance behavior; 'Look he's romantic and can cook.'

Over dinner we wound up holding hands. Her finger tips stroked my inner wrist. We matched hands. Her body was tall and thin. Her fingers were almost as long as mine, but her whole hand was barely as wide as three of my fingers. We moved chairs to be able to match up feet. I could wrap my toes around hers with our heels lined up. I tickled her feet, working my tickles up her leg. We stood and I drew her in for a kiss. Her legs were a little longer than mine. The kiss aligned her pubes with my upturned cock. She was breathing deeply as her hand moved in to stroke my dick. Feeling it was hard she gave it a squeeze through my pants.

In my ear, she ask, "Do you think it will fit?" The 'what would fit where' seemed obvious.

"Do you want to try?" I asked, pressing her ass, mashing her cunt to my side, thinking, 'It's finally going to happen.'

"Fuck, yeah." she gasped. Her tits were digging tunnels into my side.

"You care about the movie?" I ask, giving her a way out. Making sure of what she means.

"No. I've got something else I'd rather do. It's right here." She rubbed her hand the length of my dick.

That's pretty clear. One more test. "Do you want dessert?"

"Let's get that upstairs."

Oh, yeah. It's on. I took her hand, leading her upstairs. Her dress came off, her nipples were hard. Her breasts stood high. Kneeling in front, I stripped off her panties. Her brunette bush was wet, very wet. I rubbed my face to her belly, my nose drank her up. She held my head for a long moment as I caressed her ass, kissing the crease of her leg.

At last she released me. Laying back on the bed, she encouraged me to climb on top of her.

"Try that fit, right now." she said with a husky voice.

Her fingers lined up the tip with the split of her lips. Her hands went to my hips. Pulling me in.

My fat boner slid into her full length. Wet. One stroke. She pulled hard.

She breathed in deeply, then let it out with a moan.

I kissed her, our tongues dueling. She locked her legs around me. She squeezed my cock with her cunt and took off. Hips flying, she stripped the cum from my cock like a machine. I came fast. She was right with me, howling in her orgasm. Kathy knew how to fuck. Damn.

No shy virgin here. It's like she is that other woman.

I kissed her and stroked her hair. She lay panting under me. I stayed pretty hard. She was a fantasy coming true. I twitched my dick, she squeezed her cunt, it was a nice feeling. Once was definitely not enough.

"Ooh a hard dick. I like it." She let her legs down and said, "Roll me over. Fuck the shit out of me."

I did her doggie style. Held her hips, pounding hard. She started coming fast. Screaming.

We spent the night taking turns making each other cum. She wanted it rough. We fucked hard, she came quick. The next morning we were still at it until she had to leave to get cleaned up for a Sunday meal with her parents. It seemed she ate Sunday dinner with her parents almost every weekend.

That seemed OK, even after Bills story. I ate Sunday dinner with my parents often, too. I never put two and two together.

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