The Good Wife: Alicia Wants More

by rmdexter

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Fan Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: After spending their first night together, Alicia can't get enough of her young son's huge cock.

"Oh my God, what time is it?" Alicia asked herself as she woke to the sound of a car horn outside her apartment building. She reached over for her cell phone, realizing she'd forgotten to set the alarm on it. It was usually the last thing she did every night before going to bed, but last night she'd had other things on her mind.

"Oh no! We're going to be late," she said out loud as she looked at the time. She threw the covers off and hurriedly sat up, noticing she was still wearing the red evening gown she'd had on when her 15-year old son Zach had fucked her to the point of exhaustion last night. She looked down, cum stains and dried crusty patches visible all over the dress. She let her fingertips trace over the tear where the dress was supposed to cover her left breast—the result of her son anxiously pulling at the material to get at her sexy matronly body. The sound of the ripping fabric had fired both their libidos, and she'd hurriedly pulled his mouth to her exposed breast as he continued to pound her deep into the mattress, his huge cock stretching and filling her needy mature cunt with each powerful thrust.

She stood up and pulled the dress off, her body aching luxuriously from the workout her son had put her through until the wee hours of the morning. She smiled to herself as she felt a strange sensation between her legs, realizing she could feel the massive wad of semen still inside her pussy—the incestuously lurid remnants of the numerous loads Zach had dumped inside her. She was dead tired, but had never felt more deliciously satisfied in her life. It was Thursday, and if she could get through today and have a good night's sleep, tomorrow would be Friday and she planned on having a similar lengthy session with her well-hung son that night. The problem would be whether she had enough willpower to keep her hands off Zach tonight. She knew he would need the rest as much as her, and a promise of a weekend to pump her full with as many loads as possible would hopefully keep him at bay tonight. As the mother, it was up to her to set some guidelines—the problem—she just didn't trust herself to keep to them.

Alicia opened one of her dresser drawers and reached inside as she thought about her son. Her fingers traced over the lingerie inside. A shiver ran down her spine as she touched the colorful satin and lace garments inside, the sinfully cool sensation of the erotic garments seeming to flow from her fingertips through her entire body. She reached down with her other hand and gave her puffy abused pussy a little rub, and thought how nice it would be to put on some of that sexy lingerie and wake her son up with a morning blowjob. She slipped her middle finger between her cunt-lips and then brought it to her mouth, her full soft lips sucking wantonly as she savored the wickedly sinful flavor of their combined juices. She thought about how exciting it would be to tiptoe into Zach's room and slip her full bee-stung lips over his morning hard-on, sucking and sucking until he rewarded her with a nice creamy mouthful straight from the source. She groaned in frustration as she once more looked at her phone, realizing how late she'd slept. With a resigned shrug, and not wanting to give her daughter Grace any ideas that something was out of the ordinary, she closed the drawer and pulled on her old terrycloth robe, then hurried from her room, knocking on the kid's doors as she headed to the kitchen.

"Grace, get up! We're going to be late."

"Zach, time to wake up! I forgot to set the alarm and slept in."

Mumbled groans came from both rooms as she hurried to the kitchen and put the coffee on. She poured glasses of orange juice and had just finished opening a pot of yogurt for each of them when the kids walked into the room, both of them rubbing the sleep from their eyes. They were both dressed in their usual morning gear, Zach in an old t-shirt and worn flannel pajama bottoms, while Grace sported a Mickey Mouse nightshirt that came halfway down her slim young thighs. The outline of her panties could be seen through the faded material of her favorite sleeping shirt.

"I'm so tired," the 14-year old girl said as she reached for her juice. Alicia looked at her nubile young daughter suspiciously, wondering if she'd heard Zach and her going at it all night long.

"You didn't sleep well, Honey?" Alicia asked as she poured herself a coffee, looking at Grace nervously over the brim of her steaming cup.

"I just seemed to wake up a lot through the night—not sure why." The young girl shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well, I'll survive." Alicia breathed a sigh of relief as Grace finished her juice and turned to her brother. "Zach, can I go into the shower first this morning? I really need that to wake me up."

"Sure, go ahead," Zach replied quickly. His little sister spun on her heel and headed down the hall. Once Grace was out of sight, he turned back to his mother. "Mom, last night, it was incredible."

"I know, Sweetie, I thought so too. But we've got to be careful—I was worried Grace had heard us." Alicia sidled onto one of the bar stools at the breakfast bar, one long lean leg slipping out from the folds of her robe as she took a sip of her coffee. She couldn't help but notice the way her son looked at her legs, a sly smile appearing at the corners of his mouth. "Zach, I think we should try to keep to ourselves today, you nearly wore me out last night."

"You mean you didn't like it? I ... I was hoping we could do it again," he replied, a puzzled look on his face.

"No, that's not what I mean—I loved it." She gave her son a sexy teasing smile, reassuring him. "I loved having you deep inside me like that—it was amazing. But we have to be careful and pick our times. Tomorrow is Friday and we can have all weekend. Do you think we can talk Grace into spending the night at Jenna's?"

"I don't know, I think she has a big project due next week, but I'm not sure. She hasn't had a sleepover at Jenna's in awhile."

"Alright, let's see if we can think of something to say to her. In the meantime, let's try and keep it cool tonight. I'm so exhausted, I don't know how I'm going to make it through the day, and I really want a good night's sleep so we're both in good shape for Friday night. How does that sound to you?"

The sound of the shower starting reached them in the kitchen. "That sounds perfect to me, I'm just not sure I can wait until then," Zach replied as his gaze dropped to his mother's legs. "Mom, you are so sexy, I don't know if I can control myself."

Alicia saw where he was looking and her eyes went to the crotch of his pajama pants, the soft flannel starting to tent out as his huge cock began to swell. She had told herself she'd try to be good, but seeing Zach's bulging prick and remembering what he'd done to her with it last night sent her willpower spiraling out of control. She looked down the hall, the sound of the shower still going.

"You really think so, Sweetie, you really think I'm sexy?" she asked as she turned slightly on the stool and spread her legs to each side, the folds of her robe opening up to reveal nearly all of her creamy inner thighs.

"Oh gosh, Mom, you're the sexiest woman I've ever seen." Zach stepped forward and ran his fingertips up the inside of her sinfully soft thigh. The smooth warmth caused his pecker to swell even more as his fingers slid higher and higher, the tips now brushing teasingly over her glistening pink pussy-lips. "These feel kind of puffy and swollen," he said as he ran his fingers over the hot slick surface of her mound.

"Do you think that might have anything to do with you pounding me into your mattress all night long?" she whispered breathlessly into his ear before nipping at his earlobe.

To Zach, this seemed like an invitation and he boldly slid his middle finger deep inside his mother's beckoning snatch. "Mmmmm, nice and gooey in there too." He punctuated his statement by spinning his embedded finger in a slow tantalizing circle, stirring the warm creamy fluids inside her.

"And why do you think that is?" Alicia responded with a wry smile on her face. "It wouldn't be from all those times you filled me up, would it?"

"I guess I'll have to take some of the responsibility for that," Zach replied as he rubbed his buried finger firmly along the roof of her vagina.

"Ohhhnnnn," Alicia groaned as she leaned back against the counter and let her legs fall further to each side, her hips tilting up to allow her son's teasing fingers easier access to her dripping snatch. "Zach, that feels so good." She rolled her hips, grinding her needy cunt against his exploring hand.

"That's the way, Mom," he said as he positioned himself firmly between her spread legs and slipped a second finger inside her, then really started to work her over. He smiled as he looked down, the pearly juices from their lovemaking coating his fingers as they slid back and forth. He ran the index finger of his other hand over the glistening lips of her pussy, soaking it, then slid it higher before rubbing his fingertip teasingly over her sensitive hooded clit. His mother moaned deep in her throat and as her eyes closed, he worked his thrusting fingers deeper and harder inside her.

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