World Cup Wager

by sonyaesperanto

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, BDSM, Sadistic, Torture, Interracial, White Female, Oriental Male, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A Danish woman loses a 2022 World Cup wager to a Libyan guy whom she had often given the cold shoulder. Now she has to be his slave for an entire month.

It was the summer of 2022AD, the time period of the World Cup. The World Cup was the world's second largest sporting event, only after the Olympics. If it had not been for World War III, the game would still have been held in Doha, Qatar. FIFA (organization behind the sports event) had it held in Oslo, Norway instead.

As for how the Third World War began was quite simple. An energy-independent America was on the verge of overtaking Saudi Arabia as the world's leading producer of oil. With the country concentrating more on dealing with the Pacific, rather than either Europe or the Middle East, it finally withdrew from those parts of the world.

The consequences of an American withdrawal resulted in an Israeli-Sunni-Shiite conflict, which started first in the Middle East, then eventually spearing towards Central and South Asia. A nuclear armed Israel and nuclear armed Iran not only had to deal with each other, but also with fanatical Sunni Arab, Turkish and Pakistani fundamentalists that wanted to wipe them off the face of the Earth. As much as Israel and Iran were getting bombarded by nukes from the Sunni states, Israel and Iran managed to successfully launch their counter strike offensives. Israel managed to take down Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and even Saudi Arabia. Iran managed to deal with Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq and the former Central Asian Republics.

With the Middle East and Central Asia reduced to radioactive wastelands, Europe was mostly getting their oil instead from America and Libya. As Libya was a North African country, it survived the fate of the Middle East. Also since World War III, Libya had become much more stable, as it was when it ad been an Italian colony.

As the Persian Gulf was now a radioactive wasteland, the World Cup could not be obviously held there. It was then eventually shifted towards another country, namely Norway.

As for Anna, she knew all that history, since it was highlighted to her once. Right now she just finished work and was having dinner in a Libyan cafe. She was having couscous (a Libyan type of dish) while watching the game between Germany and Italy on the TV. The cafe itself was not far from a lake and a railway station. The cafe was in the same town Anna had live and worked in, the small industrial town of Wilhelmstein. She worked at the clothes shop C&A. And she was the only customer in that cafe at the moment.

Anna was a nicely-tanned sexy blue eyed Danish woman with long black hair tied back in a ponytail, who enjoyed sex with strangers. She didn't have any steady boyfriend for long. She also wasn't that bright, and even arrogant at times.

Malik, the guy who ran the cafe came up to her, saying, "You think now the score is zero zero, but Italy always beats Germany in the end. Just wait and see."

But before she knew it, another customer entered the cafe. He was a North African looking man, with curly black hair and brown skin. She had seen him before. She remembered him, because this stranger always attempted to chat her up. It seemed to her that she always gave him the cold shoulder. She was sure that maybe it was because he looked dodgy.

The stranger ordered his meal and then sat on the table next to Anna.

"So you watching the game too," the stranger attempted to have conversation.

Anna wasn't sure if she should respond.

"Well it is what is on television right now," she responded.

"You know I have seen you here couple of times now. I don't think we properly met. I'm Farouk," he introduced himself.

"Are you also from Libya?" she asked him.

She knew it was a stupid question but a part of her wanted to see if he could be put off.

"Yes. Probably why I come here quite a lot," he smiled.

She gave him a cold smile.

"Where are you from?" he asked her.

"I'm from Denmark," she responded.

He looked at her inquisitively.

"Oh that Denmark. I remember. The same Denmark that once led NATO into my country and got rid of Muammar Gaddafi. Way back in 2011. I was a young boy back then when it happened. So much instability," he sighed.

From the looks of it, he knew his politics very well. As for Anna, what she knew about Libya came from the news.

"Don't they oppress women over there, forcing them to cover their heads? I heard that there were terrorists still operating in your country," she told him in a cold tone.

She was a bit of an Islamophobe and actually disliked Arab culture. As for the Islamist militant group she was referring to, it was the LIFG (Libyan Islamic fighting Group), while other groups like ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Hezbollah no longer existed, the LIFG outlived them all, even if just constrained to Libya.

"We are not the terrorists. The biggest terrorist is the west!! Especially America and Britain and Denmark!! Did you know that your country once insulted our beloved Prophet!!" Farouk getting defensive.

"Yeah but we don't go blowing ourselves up, killing innocent civilians," Anna defending her arguments.

"And what NATO did in Afghanistan and Iraq and much of the Muslim world. How any civilians they killed with their drones. How many Muslims suffered under the Zionist control!! How many Muslims America sent to Guantanamo Bay!!" Farouk getting more emotional.

"And who started World War Three. Muslims nuked other Muslims," Anna countering his argument.

"Yeah and who benefited from it. The Americans. They took the Muslim oil producing countries out and now they make money from selling their own oil!! Even Europeans benefited too. This war killed much of the Arab world!!" Farouk burst out.

Anna didn't know why she was going to say it but she did, "And we are living in the West. I remember correctly, most Arab countries are dictatorships where they cut off people's hands and legs and try converting other people into their own religion. Good riddance they destroyed themselves!!"

She couldn't take his view anymore.

"And Libya is doing well by selling oil to the west!!" she attempted to make herself sound right.

Deep down, Farouk was disliking her. He knew she was right.

There was silence between them and it was half time of the game. During the half time, there were ads about the coming game tomorrow. They advertised the match between Libya and Norway.

Tomorrow night was also Friday night.

Anna wanted to ease tensions, just in case that Farouk was still heated up about all this and worried that he might even try attacking her later when they are outside the cafe.

"So who do you think is going to win tomorrow night?" she asked him.

Farouk gave her an annoyed look, and then finally spoke.

"Libya is going to win," he said.

"But Norway is the host state. The game is in Norway," Anna was struck dumbfounded.

"Libya has been doing well so far," Farouk cried.

"Yeah but Norway is playing at home territory. Plus I don't think a desert country is going to beat an ice-capped country in its own territory," Anna spoke arrogantly.

"We will win," Farouk said.

He is really fucking stupid, Anna thought.

Anna then had a fun idea. She wanted to put this creep in his place once and for all.

"How about we make a wager on that?" Anna smiled.

"A bet? Ok sure. How much money are we talking about here?" he asked.

She could tell from his facial expression that he wanted to "fuck" her. She was also equally familiar with Arab-themed erotica too. She knew Arabs always wanted to have white women as sex slaves, and the thought of the whole idea turned her on, even if it is only fantasy.

A part of her dreamt right now that she was going to be degraded, by being humbled and ending up his slave.

But she knew that he could end up her slave, and she knew ways of how she was going to have fun with this arrogant Arab guy.

"How about this. The loser becomes the slave of the winner!!" she suggested.

If she wasn't confident, she wouldn't be making this bet.

"You're on," he said.

They agreed to meet up again tomorrow night. Farouk enjoyed this kind of wager. He had never had it offered to him before, especially by a sexually attractive woman as Anna.

"So how about this. The loser becomes the slave of the winner, for let's say, an entire month. The loser completely belongs to the winner. Hey how about we bring our passports and the loser has to give his or her passport to the winner, as a sign of singing away his or her human rights and freedom!!" suggested Farouk.

"I'm cool with that!! But of course when the month is over, the winner has to give back the passport!!" she told him in a cold tone.

"But of course," he smiled.

They both left the cafe afterward. But when Anna got home and took a shower, she wondered if she had gotten carried away and if having made such a wager was such a good idea.

Well she was sure that he was going to lose and become her slave.

When Friday night came, the two of them showed up in the Libyan cafe. They both sat at the same tables they sat the evening before.

But what happened after the first 15 minutes of the Norwegian-Libyan match shocked Anna. Libya scored a goal against Norway.

"Looks like I am going to win," Farouk mocking her.

By the time half-an-hour had come and gone, it was 2-0 for Libya.

"I am going to enjoy you for an entire month!!" Farouk continuing to mock her.

When the game was over, it was already closer to 9PM Central European time. Libya had won the game, by 5-1.

Farouk won. Anna lost. She was now his slave for a month. His bitch for an entire month.

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