Special Operations

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Leaving home had saved him a lot of anguish. Now after many years in a foreign elite military he is being sent home. He has to face his abusive father and finally set things in order. Of course nothing is easy, first there are the two slave girls he saved and then there is his team who have decided to visit.

I watched the timekeeper and brought the stealth fighter alive. I felt the strike carrier as it emerged from jump and yanked the lever back for the thrusters. The fighter erupted out of the carrier with the other nine fighters and began accelerating. A moment and the carrier opened a wormhole and jumped out.

I began the random twisting spiral while beginning micro jumps. This was a confederate system that had sent raiders to imperial systems. Several destroyers started out to intercept us. I was rolling and twisting randomly but that did not mean I was not ready and locked a new skip missile on a destroyer and fired.

I turned and spiraled as the missile vanished and then appeared before exploding against the hull of the warship. Five more explosions gutted the other ships as we continued in. Four ships split off and fired new kinetic missiles into fixed positions as the rest of us headed for the planet.

As we streaked into the atmosphere the whole imperial fleet jumped in and began moving into the system. We each had different targets and I dove as I continued to twist and spiral and started to kick out decoys. I pulled out of the dive and flashed by above the ground. The fighter was leaving a wake of shockwaves behind it as I headed towards the military starport.

The others had targets like the military base or the munition storage facility or ... I flashed over the military starport and activated the pod release. The thousands of spheres exploded out of the pods and spread out in a wide pattern before falling. I was beyond the military starport when the spheres touched down and began ripping everything apart.

I rolled and turned north towards the city center. I stayed low and streaked through the city as my team completed their missions and headed towards my destination. I retracted the canopy and flicked the auto pilot for the landing sequence. I hit the ejection button and the reversed grav tractor kicked me up and out.

I waited as I fell and at fifty meters I hit the anti grav switch for my harness. It was like I was being slowed by an elastic band until I was less than a half meter from the ground. I shut the anti grav off and lifted the rifle from under my right arm as I landed on the ground. I stood and started walking towards the large building that was the system's government center.

I aimed at several grey unformed men charging towards me and fired. My rifle was a modified rail assault rifle and the rounds punched through the armor the men wore. I walked through their bodies and continued towards the small door as my men engaged more of the guards from several directions.

I shot the lock and yanked the door open before walking into the building. I lifted the rifle as I headed towards a set of stairs. We expected the system president and his council would be in the vault below but I was going up to his office. My mission was to breach the secure files and use a link to upload them.

I slid around the corner and fired into the five men on the stairs before climbing past their bodies. I changed the magazine in my rifle as I went all the way up to the top floor. I stepped out and aimed down the hallway before firing. The four guards tried to get behind cover but my rounds punched straight through and into them.

I frowned as I moved into the hall, there should not be this many guards up here if the president was in the vault. I let the rifle fall on its single point sling before I pulled my plasma pistol. I walked into the large waiting area and shot the four men scrambling to get behind protection. I changed magazine before using a small comp designed to break encryptions.

The thick armored doors slid open and I walked into the large plush room. A man was holding two young teenagers in thin sun dresses in front of himself. He held an engraved and jewel encrusted plasma pistol and shifted, "get out or I will kill them."

I smiled, "they have slave collars."

He glared, "do you know who I am?"

I took a step and he yanked the girls back against himself, "I am Jebadia Taylor Lee."

I nodded as I reached for the other pistol in the holster on my chest, "do you know who I am?"

He sneered and shook his head as I pulled the pistol. I grinned as I lifted the pistol, "I am Lieutenant colonel Arthur Castle."

I fired into the two girls and they collapsed as I lifted the other pistol and shot him twice in the chest and once between the eyes. I walked to his body and knelt to take the weapon from his dead hand and slipped it into a thigh pocket. I looked at the two girls and sighed as I put the stun pistol away and pulled the neural stimulator.

I touched each on the temple before moving back as they shifted. I walked to the desk as they sat up and attached the link to the desk comp. While I waited I checked out in the waiting area before grinning and going to take the belts and thigh holsters from two of the guards. I walked in and smiled at the girls as they huddled together, "what are your names?"

The pale blonde cleared her throat, "Sarah sur."

The other was tanned with an oriental cast and looked down, "Annabelle sur."

I glanced at the link and crossed to the back wall where all kinds of fancy engraved or jeweled encrusted weapons were. I took two, a matching pair of engraved plasma pistols. I removed the other pistols in the holsters and replaced them. I walked back to the large desk and glanced into the two bags on one corner.

I grinned at the large bank credit notes, Imperial in one and Federation in the other, "these are your bags."

They looked at each other as I gestured. I carefully fitted the belts and holsters to the girls before checking the link to see the data files loaded. I headed for the door and glanced back when they began following me with the two bags clutched against their chest. I lifted my rifle and began moving carefully as I made my way down and found my team.

They were in the open vault with bodies everywhere and six of the twelve councilors alive and standing against a wall. I looked around and nodded, "not to bad."

Captain Jenks cleared his throat and nodded to the two girls behind me. I glanced at them and smiled, "still with me?"

They nodded and I heard their whispered, "yes sur."

I gestured to a couch to one side, "sit over there."

They nodded and walked to the couch as I looked at captain Jenks while the others snickered, "did you get everyone?"

He shook his head, "six councilors and the vice president fought but the president was not here."

I nodded as I turned to look out the vault door, "he was in his office packing credits for a trip."

I snorted, "he was one of those, do you know who I am?"

They laughed as I touched my ear bud to hear the army general commanding the task force. I shrugged and looked at my men, "he was using the girls as a shield."

Second lieutenant Diamond snorted, "so you killed him."

I grinned, "I do not fuck with people holding weapons or assholes."

They laughed as I finally opened my comm, "of course we secured the target sir."

"Colonel Denab is moving in to secure the building."

I shook my head, "aye sir."

He snorted but did not close the comm and we heard, "damn fleet types."

I grinned as my men laughed. An hour later we were on a shuttle headed back to our strike carrier. The girls were almost timid as the men moved around them and seemed to ignore them or politely move them. I cleaned my weapons and made checks with the ten mechanics that were checking our ships before moving them.

Once we walked off the shuttle I led the way to the large debriefing room. I smiled at the two girls still following and nodded to the back row before heading to the front. It was several minutes before the admiral walked in and we stood. He gestured and we sat to start the debriefing. I saw him glancing towards the girls several times but he did not say anything.

When the briefing was over we stood and he walked out. I headed towards the rear, "captains make sure your teams have finished cleaning their equipment. Lieutenant Darnel you owe your mechanic and his people a case of ale apiece for the damage to the cockpit."

They laughed as I smiled at the girls, "tired?"

They nodded and I started for the door, "the next stop is the defac."

I looked back at the two following me, "that is the dining facility."

The cook, a stern looking woman took one look at the two girls and glared at me, "lieutenant colonel Castle."

I smiled sweetly, "yes?"

She gestured to the two girls, "what are you doing with these girls?"

I looked at the girls, "nothing. They followed me home."

She blinked, "and if they follow you into bed?"

I turned to look at the girls, "well ... they look old enough and do have nice bodies. I suppose I would let them do whatever they want."

I turned back to her and she blinked and then laughed, "I think they are the ones to catch you."

I grinned, "they were left alone and used as a human shield."

She nodded and served me and then the girls who were quiet. I ate slowly and had to reach out and touch their hands, "it is not going to be taken away. Eat slowly and chew it before you swallow."

Thirty minutes later I led the two into my quarters and ignored the men sitting around the common room watching a vid. I led the two girls into the bedroom and took the two bags they still clutched. I set the bags aside and pulled their dressed up and off. That was all they were wearing and I shook my head as I stripped.

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