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Desc: Sex Story: A chap goes to the movies, picks up a very accommodating woman. His wife visits a sick friend and seduces the husband - read on

The decision by Mark to go to the movies was because of what was being shown. He had done scuba diving and as the picture was based on that sport, naturally with a drama included and as he had the opportunity to go he did. He had just returned from taking his wife to the airport, she was visiting an old school friend in Queensland who wasn't too well. He had no idea when she would be back, her only comment was 'I'll ring when I'm coming home'. With those final words he waved her farewell.

The movie had a number of starts so he chose the late afternoon one and as it finished after six in the evening he would go to the club, he belonged to for his evening meal, it saved him cooking, a task that he always did for his wife wasn't that keen and he knew he was a better cook anyway.

He had arrived back after farewelling his wife just after one in the afternoon, it was time to mow the lawns and do a bit of general maintenance; he left for the shopping mall where the theatre was at five. He purchased his ticket, bought a coffee and some snacks and entered the theatre and was surprised at the low attendance. 'If this doesn't pick up', he muttered to himself 'They won't make much of a profit. There are only a dozen individuals here so at ten dollars a ticket that is one hundred and twenty dollars, I guess that wouldn't pay for the staff'. He was still muttering when he sat down, the only individual in the row.

He had finished his coffee and had opened the snack bar; the adverts had begun when the woman appeared. The lights had been dimmed so he didn't have a chance to examine her face, but her figure did register; she was plump, a very large bust and a rather large backside. Out of all the seats and rows, many with no body in them, she paused and then chose the row he was seated in and then sat next to him. Such a move did surprise him for he didn't consider himself a 'ladies' man', but he certainly wasn't going to object, after all she was a woman and although his association with women wasn't great, he did like them. It was now a matter of starting off some form of conversation.

At that moment a very loud advert came on, something that was a real ear buster. "I hope that is not an advertisement to how loud this movie is going to be", he said. "If it is it will lift us clear out of our seats". The woman was silent for a moment and then began to giggle. "If ... if that was the case I might land in your lap". The thought that races through his mind 'was that a challenge?' he took it to be one and just for a moment hesitated then said. "If that was the case I would have a very sore set of balls". The woman almost double up with laughter to such an extent that there was a definite 'hiss' coming from a few rows above them for the movie had begun. She moved in closer and then in a whisper said. "Are they that big?"

"Why not find out for yourself by having a feel", he whispered back. There was a lapse of a minute or two before she reached across and began to feel the bulge that was already beginning to show interest. He undid his belt and worked the zipper down and had to control his gasp as her fingers slipped under the elastic of his jocks and took hold of his now very interested cock. "I can't get to your balls", she whispered as her fingers groped around. Years before, when he was a teenager the girl he was going with had given me a hand job in the picture theatre as they were then called, but he hadn't had a woman whisper a desire to handle his balls. The theatre was quite dark and the movie was loud, but not unpleasantly so, he eased his trouser and jocks down till his cock and balls were fully displayed and then had to check himself to not give off audible groans of pleasure as she played, squeezed and massaged his balls, naturally giving his fully erect cock a nice pull as well. "Will ... will you suck it", he whispered as he pulled her dress up, revealing very plump and very white thighs. She didn't answer but altered her position, so that not only did he have ample room to target her groin but also to lower her head and suck on his cock, while still working his balls.

He had come to enjoy the movie, however, now as her mouth was doing wonders and her fingers giving his balls a pleasure that he hadn't enjoyed for some time, although his wife would occasionally give them a yank while she sucked, the movie was entirely forgotten. Every muscle had to be constrained; he couldn't utter the words that his wife found very encouraging. "Fuck, take the lot, drain me dry". All he could do was finger her and hold her head hard into his groin and enjoy the sensation that only a cock sucking woman can give. His balls blew and automatically his groin was pushed up and her head crushed every closer into his groin and there he held her, as he did to his wife, till ever drop was drained.

She also knew that she had to restrain herself and although he felt her vibrate as he shot load after load into her mouth, she rose slowly and gladly accepted the handkerchief to wipe her mouth. "Enjoy that?" she whispered while pushing his hand hard into her groin, naturally getting more than one finger. "It was fantastic", he whispered back. Minutes passed and then he whispered. "How about we go for a coffee, fuck the movie".

"Great idea", she replied. "I would love a coffee and a fuck as well". There was no further need for hesitation, no need to wonder if she would fuck, she had put her cards on the table and they read loud and clear, 'I'm available'.

Only when they came out did he realise just how unattractive she was. She certainly wouldn't have been considered, no matter how obliging she was for his old National Service mate, Barry who had a reputation of dating very attractive women. There was one evening that he and another National Service bloke had chatted up three nurses, Barry had been invited to make up the numbers but he noticed the woman who he was to date and because she was not up to his standard, didn't front. That decision meant that nobody scored for the nurses were not going to leave their friend without an escort. However, he wasn't Barry and if this woman fucked as well as she sucked, her facial features were not even considered.

After ordering he said. "I haven't introduced myself, I'm Mark".

"Beryl" came the reply. The coffee arrived and there was silence for a few minutes till he said. "Have you anything planned for the rest of the evening. I was going to the club for dinner. I generally cook but was giving myself a night off as I'm alone at the minute". He had no idea what she was thinking; his question seemed to be working its way through her thinking mechanism. "I ... I have nothing planned at all. If I hadn't met you I would just go home. I live in a caravan park". There was no difficulty in picking up that expression of loneliness and he could understand why for she was so unattractive, one could almost call her ugly. "I would love you to join me and then we could go back to my place and if you liked stay the night for I'm alone", he said. The expression on her face nearly made him laugh, it was as though a light had been turned on in a darken room, she beamed and the invite was readily accepted.

Only after the dinner was finished and they were heading to where he had parked his car did the subject of 'was he married' asked. He didn't hesitate in answering. It wasn't as if he didn't have a woman and this woman was the answer to his desires, he had a very accommodating wife so it didn't matter whether this Beryl wanted to end the arrangement there and then. "Yes I'm married", he said. "The wife is visiting a friend who isn't the best and will be away for a number of days, I don't know how many". She made no further comment but increased her closeness, a sort of closeness that one would suspect would be for something that there was a fear would disappear, but it proved one thing this woman could be open for any sexual suggestion, so as he opened the door said. 'Take you panties off. The vehicle is manual and I change gears a lot of times so with each change of gears that hairy groin could also be given a feel". She only smiled but in seconds her panties were thrown on the back seat and all the way to his destination she was giving off grunts and moans and saliva was dripping from her lips for with each change of the gears she got a good fingering up her already throbbing cunt.

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