What Kevin Did Last Summer

by Many-Eyed Hydra

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Horror, Paranormal, Prostitution, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Kevin Duncan's first year at university didn't go as he'd hoped. He didn't get laid and the trip abroad he'd planned didn't happen because his friends were all broke. He decided to use the money on an expensive escort instead. Even this doesn't go to plan - his session is interrupted by thugs and his escort might not be as she appears. Just who, or what, is Madam Voluptula?

They never matched the picture.

That was the rule.

The picture was always fake, of someone else, and even if it wasn't it was out of date, taken during a time when they were younger, fitter, slimmer. Kevin Duncan knew that. Madam Voluptula had looked like an erotic goddess in the pictures he'd seen online. He figured a fatter, older version would still look gorgeous.

The Madam Voluptula that opened the door to her innocuous-looking flat was not a fatter, older version of the pictures on the internet Kevin had lusted over. The Madam Voluptula that opened the door was a walking, talking, 3D version of the exact same Madam Voluptula he'd seen pictures of online.

Wow, Kevin thought. She was beyond gorgeous. It was like someone had taken a beach babe Playmate-of-the-month from California and dropped her in the middle of an ordinary estate in the Midlands.

Her body was a complete knockout--a lush epitome of the female form. Her breasts and hips were all soft feminine curves while the rest of her was athletic and toned. Most of it was fully on display to Kevin. All she wore was black lingerie beneath a see-through pink negligee. She was tanned all over and her skin was a rich shade of copper in colour. The only way to get a tan that deep in Britain, even in what was nominally described as summer, was to overdo it under a tanning machine or slap on layers of the fake orange stuff. Madam Voluptula's tan looked natural, as if she had her own private beach and sun hiding away in a room in her flat. Her legs went on and on and terminated in a pair of dainty feet. She wasn't wearing any footwear and he saw her toenails had been painted red.

Her face was just as gorgeous as the rest of her body. She had a lovely welcoming smile and her blue eyes sparkled with the promise of fun. Her full lips were glossy with vivid red lipstick. She had big, really big, blonde hair that flowed down past her shoulders in silky waves.

She was way out of his league.

"Ah, you must be Mr Duncan," she said. Her voice was bubbly like expensive champagne. "Come in."

He nodded and entered her flat.

She was way way out of his league.

He supposed that was the whole point. If you were going to pay for it, it should be with someone you couldn't attract under normal circumstances. The money was supposed to make up the shortfall.

Kevin didn't consider himself to be bad looking. Okay, he wasn't one of the student Lotharios that had already worked their way through most of the campus by March, but he looked okay. He felt he was decent enough looking that he could talk to most girls on a Saturday night without worrying they were going to laugh in his face.

Not that he actually chatted to most girls on a Saturday night.

Madam Voluptula was out of his league, even with the four hundred pounds he had in his pocket.

He and his four hundred pounds were League Two. She was all the way at the top of the Premiership.

He was either about to get comprehensively fleeced or have the best night of his life.

"Punctual," Madam Voluptula said, flashing him a warm smile. "I like a man who's punctual."

She led him into an intimate lounge. It was lit solely by candles; there wasn't a single electric light switched on. Overstuffed armchairs and sofas were positioned around a glass coffee table. Despite the intimate lighting Kevin could see it was more a waiting area than someone's front room. There was a white counter in the far corner and the magazines on the coffee table were all hardcore pornography.

Madam Voluptula took him to a big armchair. He sat--or rather sank--into it. The warm leather moulded perfectly to his form. Madam Voluptula lounged on one of the arms. The closeness of her presence sent a surge of blood down to Kevin's crotch.

"You seem nervous," Madam Voluptula said. She walked fingers across Kevin's shoulders. The ample swell of her left breast was tantalisingly close to his cheek.

"First time," he said. His tongue felt two sizes too large and his mouth felt like it had run dry of saliva.

"First first time?" Madam Voluptula frowned and drew back a little.

"First time paying for it," he elaborated. "I saw the rules on your website. I'm not a virgin."

Inexperienced, yes. Guilty of various cack-handed and excruciatingly embarrassing fumbles in the dark, yes. But a virgin? No. He'd lost those V-plates back in school a couple of years ago.

Madam Voluptula leaned back in and Kevin was enveloped in her intoxicating scent.

"Why the 'No Virgins' rule?" Kevin asked. He'd read it on her website. He thought it odd at the time.

Madam Voluptula lightly caressed Kevin's cheek with a warm hand. "A person's first time should be special. It shouldn't be wasted on the likes of me."

Kevin's first time hadn't felt special. It had been a complete disaster if he was honest with himself. He'd got drunk and found out the hard way that the logistics of making love on the back seat of a very small car were far more awkward than he'd expected. Six months later and the girl refused to acknowledge he even existed.

Madam Voluptula leaned in even closer and sniffed his neck.

"You spell nice," she whispered in his ear. "Too many men your age drown themselves in cologne and aftershave. Not you. You smell natural. Scrumptious."

She gave his neck a little lick.

That triggered a strong reaction in Kevin's underpants as his erection surged upwards and tented the front of his trousers. He blushed. Madam Voluptula giggled and left the arm of his chair.

"Lois," she called out. "Mr Duncan is here for his nine o'clock appointment."

A skinny gamine girl entered the lounge through a door behind the counter. While she had a pretty face with lovely big green eyes, the overall effect was spoiled by an excess of makeup. Her long black hair still had traces of wildness, as though she hadn't quite figured out how to tame it yet. She wore jeans and a denim tank top covered in band patches over a white T-shirt. Kevin noticed she was also wearing long arm warmers over her forearms even though it was the middle of summer. Overall she looked like an awkward girl that might one day bloom into a beautiful woman given years, experience and an injection of self-confidence.

"What would you like to drink, Mr Duncan?" Lois asked. Her quiet voice was a contrast to Madam Voluptula's bold, confident tones. "Tea or coffee?"

"A coke please, if you have one."

Kevin desperately needed something to wet his mouth. Currently it felt like he'd swallowed a mouthful of desert sand.

Lois ducked down beneath the counter, opened a fridge, took out a can of coke and placed it on top of the counter. She fetched a plastic cup.

Madam Voluptula sat in the sofa opposite Kevin. She looked otherworldly--an old-style Hollywood glamour puss. Kevin found it hard to take his eyes off her.

"Before we begin, Mr Duncan, I'm afraid we need to get the distasteful business matters out of the way first. My rate is four hundred pounds for the two hours. I prefer cash. Do you have it with you?"

Kevin nodded. His tongue still felt too thick to form words properly. He stood up, took out his wallet and peeled out two hundreds and four fifties.

He'd thought this side of the business--the cold sterile transactional aspect of it--would kill his arousal. Instead it gave him the little thrill of being engaged in an illicit activity he shouldn't be.

"Um, this includes everything?" he mumbled.

His wallet had been left a little bare after taking out those notes. If she started hitting him with extras he wouldn't have the cash for them.

"Oh yes. Everything."

And when Madam Voluptula said it that way, smiled at him that way, that little illicit thrill he felt was joined by the much bigger thrill of knowing he was about to enter a bedroom with a woman who was both extremely sexy and highly experienced. His erection surged against his pants like a beast trying to break free from a snare.

Lois came over with a drink. Kevin drank half the glass in a single gulp. Madam Voluptula handed the money to Lois and the other girl went out through the same door she'd entered by. Kevin guessed she must be Madam Voluptula's maid.

Madam Voluptula sat back down in the sofa. She elegantly crossed one leg over the other.

"Now that the distasteful business matters are out of the way we can move onto the pleasant business matters. What would you like me to do with you during our two hours? Do you have any particular service in mind?"

Kevin thought about the terminology he'd seen while researching escort sites.

"Do you offer a Porn Star Experience?" he asked.

Madam Voluptula arched a delicate eyebrow. "You want to grab my throat and come in my face?"

Kevin's eyes bugged.

"N-n-no," he said. "I was hoping it would be wild ... raunchy. High energy. You using all your experience."

Because I don't have a lot, he was too embarrassed to say.

Madam Voluptula's eyes lit up. Her full red lips curled up in a predatory smile. "If you want wild and raunchy you've come to exactly the right place," she said. "I'll give you a Porn Star Experience you won't forget."

Kevin's erection throbbed in his pants. He struggled to bring it back under control. At this rate, if he wasn't careful, he'd blow his load before they even got through the bedroom door.

There was a loud knock at the front door. It was more of a loud bang, as if someone was hitting the door with their fist. Hard.

Kevin jolted uncomfortably in his chair. Madam Voluptula glanced over in annoyance.

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