Sta'aniel Challenged

by mattwatt

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, High Fantasy, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: A new young power, from the dark one, is present and causing trouble. His ultimate goal is to do away with Sta'aniel but he has scores with women to settle first and wishes to exercise the power over women that he's been promised. But who's 'Johnnie CooCoo'?

The Swarthy Young Man stood in the building's garage, far below the active floors of the building. It was easy to gain access. When he entered, from the side access bay, he simply stared at the person in the booth and walked in. The attendant didn't notice, and wouldn't remember if he had noticed. It was that simple. It made the Swarthy Young Man giggle and mentally flex his powers.

"This is so cool!" he said to himself, still in the middle of a giggle. "All it takes is planning!"

He got a harder look on his face then and said: "Sta'aniel, I'm coming for you.Watch out!"

He meant every word and savored the feeling of those words as he spoke them mentally.

After being initiated with the power, all he constantly heard was the name Sta'aniel, and he grew impatient with it. That formed the basis for the challenge that he'd set for himself.

"Then," he thought, "I'll be recognized and have any babe I want, even without using the power."

But he had the power; he knew that. His mind slipped back to the scene with Mrs Ames from the next block. It made him giggle to think about it. There she'd been, proud, snooty Mrs Ames, fashion lady, kneeling wearing only those pretty panties and mouthing his junk! What a glorious little exercise, one of many, helping him to consolidate his power, getting ready for that Sta'aniel.

He wandered the garage, letting these thoughts run through his mid and casting his attention up a number of floors to find the people he wanted. It took him only a little bit to do so.

He giggled: "I love the power!"

Far above him at Benson and Wayne the work day was finishing. Dianne Warner, Mr Benson's assistant and executive secretary was in his office and just wrapping up the day. Mr Benson, Randalll, was behind his desk and they had just finished a review of the next day's necessities.

It was then that the Swarthy Young Man had them lodged in his mind. With his eyes closed he could picture the office and the two people in the office.

"Here's where we begin," he said softly with a small giggle. "Here's where we bait the trap; make things happen."

He giggled again and said: "Ready, Sta'aniel, here I come!"

He called on the power and felt it enter his mind. His eyes glowed with a vague reddish light. He was in the power now and felt invincible.

He'd only been initiated a short time ago but loved this feeling of power, and had practiced on Mrs Ames and a number of others. He certainly had not been successful —- read 'not at all'—-with girls and the power that he was initiated into gave him the edge that had never been there.

He decided early on, with lovely, previously unattainable women kneeling at his feet, that devotion was nothing compared to the power of simply having his will done.

He pushed those lovely kinds of thoughts aside and concentrated. In a minute, he knew that he had both Dianne Warner and Mr Benson, had them both.

Neither of them realized what was happening; neither of them had any will to restrain was was surging through their minds. Neither of them could resist.

The Swarthy Young Man emitted a giggle at the thought of the two of them, up there, caught: by him!

Dianne simply stood with a very strange smile on her face and took off her suit jacket. She had a yellow, nylon blouse on that covered, not well now with her gray jacket off, the swell of her breasts and the lacy bra that she was wearing.

Mr Benson, captured also, was staring as a man transfixed, and only watched, as his lovely secretary/assistant Dianne began to unbutton her blouse.

"Yes," he said in a voice with a hollow tone.

(Randalll Benson, the founder of the firm, was, at that time, 65 but very good looking, with a full head of wavy white hair. His secretary/assistant, Dianne, was 32 and willowy with large breasts and a very pleasing butt. He tried not to notice that and kept himself on a very short leash but he knew that Dianne was a beauty.)

She had her blouse off then and set it aside on the credenza. Randalll simply stared, as she unbuttoned the skirt button in the back and unzipped the zipper.

Both of them were acting as though they were in a fog.

The skirt was allowed to drop now, exposing Dianne in her thigh highs and panties. They were white and of the thinnest possible material, presenting to Randalll Benson's avid gaze her pussy mound. She stepped out of the skirt, never taking her eyes off of him, his. When she turned to place her skirt on the credenza also, she showed him the swell of her butt cheeks and her butt crack. Her panties hid nothing.

She sat then and nodded.

Below them, far below them, the Swarthy Young Man was grinning, and almost slobbering, letting out little giggles frequently, and mumbling words to himself.

This was Mrs Ames with a vengeance, because this was with a beautiful young lady, a babe! "His babe!" he thought.

"Oh, this is so much fun!" he giggled to himself. "Sta'aniel, I'm going to get you! You can't match my power!"

Pleased with himself, he continued his orchestration of the events above him.

Randall Benson came out from behind the desk to where Dianne was sitting and waiting.

When he got to where she was, he stopped in front of her and she reached out, as he leaned against his desk, and she unzipped his zipper.

He watched with rapt interest, as she reached into his fly and found him, pulling him from the confines of his suit pants, and holding him in her hand.

She smiled up at him.

The Swarthy Young Man then nodded and sent mental instructions surging up to the office of Benson and Wayne.

Dianne, still with a lopsided, strange grin on her face, moved her head forward and began to service Mr Benson orally. He simply groaned and closed his eyes, and let her do it.

It didn't take long for her to 'do' him, get him finished and she clamped her lips on him until he was totally finished.

And then the Swarthy Young Man was finished with the two of them. He nodded and Randall Benson went back to his desk, his fly fixed up again. He remembered nothing of it at all.

At the same time, Dianne Warner picked up her clothes and went to her own office and dressed, still almost mentally unconscious.

"That was an essay," the Swarthy Young Man said to himself, "Just an essay. The main work is coming soon."


Glen Tucker was home from work by that time, and Doris greeted him at the door, as he came in from the garage.

"Hi, beautiful!" he said to her, getting a hug from her and then a kiss as well.

She placed her head on his chest and said: "Welcome home, love."

"Shower quickly for me," he said.

"Yes, I'll bring you a glass of white," was her reply.

"Lovely!" he said, going to their bedroom and taking his clothes off for the shower.

Then it happened. It followed the pattern that he knew by then. It wasn't a huge surprise or a frightening event any more. It was like a call that he had to answer.

He had a sudden sensation as though his life was fleeting, fading, going away. He had previously thought of this part of it as approaching death but it wasn't that.

He had a towel around his waist, as the singing began. The voices were filled at once with joy and gave a sense of strength and power.


He found himself in their midst and he knew what was coming next. He bowed his head at the coming of the huge light that now filled all the place where they were.

"Welcome, Sta'aniel," the voice from the light greeted him.

"Your servant!" he said, bowing his head. "Forgive my attire!"

"No matter," the voice said. Then the voice went on: "Sta'aniel, there is work. Someone seeks you out. A young one, new to the dark power and steeped in it. He is setting traps and making moves."

"Yes, magnificent one," he said simply and his mind repeated his mantra: "Your servant!"

"The Great El wishes for you to see to this surge of the dark power," the voice from the light said directly into his mind.

"Your servant!" his mind sent back to the light.

"He is wily, this one, but thinks much too much of himself!" the voice from the light said, "And crude! As you will discover."

He simply repeated the mental 'Your Servant', and nodded his head.

"Use your eyes," the voice from the light said, "And your hands. He is confident, too confident, and you are great in the Great El."

Then the paeans filled the very air around them, and the voices proclaimed that 'Sta'aniel' was 'The Magnificent Warrior of the Great El!

Sta'aniel, bowed his head in obedience and was sent by the voice from the light, back for his task.

He found himself still in the bathroom, with a towel around his waist. Just then Doris entered the room, a kind of frightened look on her face. Since living with her knowledge of who her husband actually was, Doris herself had become much more attuned to nonverbal messages.

"Glen," she said, in great agitation, "Was that?"

"Yes," he said, "I have a task."

She approached him then and continued: "It's Dianne! Something's happening to Dianne!"

"I know, love," he said, "And I need to go out to see about it!"

She threw herself at him then and held on, for dear life itself.

"It feels so frightening!" she said into his chest.

"Yes," he said, "A new one! A new young one! A new dark being is come."

"Ohhhh," she wailed. "My sister!"

"Yes," he said, "But the power of the Great El has not, and will not fail!"

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