Class of 92

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Erotic Lesbian Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Oral Sex, Petting, lesbian high school friends,lesbian high school reunion.

Desc: Erotic Lesbian Sex Story: Rachel Spencer assumed her high school reunion would be a boring event. An encounter with an old friend and an unexpected revelation made it anything but

Rachel Spenser was enjoying herself at the 10th reunion of the Class of '92. When she had first received the invitation to the celebration a few weeks back, the twenty-eight-year-old had tossed it aside with a mental note to send back the small "Will not be attending" card when she got a chance. Now she was glad it had gotten lost among the bills.

It had been a good number of years since Rachel had left East Monroe to go to school out in California. In that time, she had only been back to visit her hometown a handful of times. With her mother's funeral four years before, even those rare trips had stopped.

One of the reasons the tiny town she had spent her early life in occupied such a small place in her memory was the fact that few people in East Monroe ever made enough of an impression on her to be worth remembering. Or at least that was the way it had seemed to her at the time.

A feature reporter for the San Francisco Post for the last five years, Rachel had been trying to land a cover story in the weekend newsmagazine for the last nine months. Opportunity seemed to land in her lap when her Editor announced that he wanted to do a cover story on high school reunions. Never one to let a chance for advancement go by, Rachel had jumped on it, saying that she thought it was a great idea and then, remembering the invite sitting in the drawer at home, casually mentioning that she was already going to her own reunion in two weeks.

Her move had worked and instead of handing off the assignment to Wendy Thomas, as he had been planning to do, the Editor decided to give Rachel a shot at the cover instead. A switch that the younger reporter had been none too happy with. She saw Rachel as someone who'd passed her peak already and should just get out of the way of those younger and more capable.

Rachel had smiled at her younger competition when Wendy offered what the older woman was sure were false congratulations. Behind the twenty-four-year-old's smile, Rachel was certain, was the hope that the older woman would fall flat on her face with the assignment. Maybe even hard enough to see her tossed from the paper.

As she headed back to her own desk. Rachel considered the idea that might very well be a real possibility. It had been long years since she had talked to any of her own schoolmates and even then she had hardly been on the best of terms with many. What if she couldn't come up with a winning story about any of them?

To her great surprise, people who she had hardly paid any attention to back in school were overjoyed to welcome her back. From their perspective, she was one of the big success stories of the Class of '92. After all, she had moved away from the small town and now lived in San Francisco, working for one of the major newspapers. Compared to most of their lives, that was the big time indeed.

It was also interesting to see how some people had changed physically over the years. Rachel worked hard to keep herself in pretty much the same shape she'd been in during high school and college, but it quickly became obvious that not everyone had.

Jenny Wilson seemed the most extreme example. A cheerleader back in the day, she had become the stereotype of the bon-bon eating housewife, adding a hundred pounds to her frame. Almost the reverse was true for Michelle Berkey. Nicknamed Moose by some of the less kind high school boys, she had shed half her weight in the years since graduation.

Rachel had interviewed both of them and each seemed equally overjoyed to have, if not the proverbial fifteen minutes of fame, then their names in print. During the brief chats with the two of them and others, Rachel found herself answering almost as many questions as she asked.

What was life like in San Francisco? Did she like being a reporter? What famous people had she met? Did she have a lot of boyfriends?

It was only the last question that Rachel tired of answering. Her standard reply was that her career left little time for an active social life. The reaction of those she gave it to all seemed to be pretty much the same. It was too bad than she hadn't been able to find a man that could support her career plans as well. Then again, as a few pointed out, weren't a lot of the men in San Francisco the sort that didn't like women?

"Oh that is such a shame," Doris Lynch added as she expressed that very sentiment once more as she asked Rachel about her life on the West Coast.

Among the people she had interviewed so far, Rachel remembered Doris quite well. One of those girls who had to know everyone else's business, and then couldn't wait to share it with anyone else. Giving her set reply to the question, Rachel wondered how the gossip would react if she answered more honestly: pointing out that the large percentage of Gay men in San Francisco really didn't bother her because truth be told, she had never been the kind of woman who liked men either.

"She'd probably race for the microphone up on the stage so she could announce it over the public address system," Rachel thought, thinking that was the sort of hot gossip that Doris would be unable to keep secret for a minute.

That fact that she was a lesbian was something that Rachel normally never gave a second thought to back home. It was something she had come to realize back in high school, even though she hadn't done anything about it until college. It was simply who she was.

In the years since, she'd had three serious relationships, the last of which had ended a year before. She'd had a few dates since but nothing that seemed to be going anywhere.

"I wonder if Doris is available?" Rachel laughed silently to herself as she poured herself a glass of punch and remembered what her former classmate had looked like in the showers after gym. From the way she filled out the dress she'd been wearing during their interview, she still looked pretty much the same.

With the material already filling half her notepad, Rachel was now confident she would be able to write the kind of article her Editor was looking for. Now she could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Ten minutes later, Rachel had completed yet another interview that would add to her story. In her mind she could already see the completed product and it was going to be exactly the kind of uplifting story that the Post liked to run in its Sunday Magazine. If she was really lucky, the story might be picked up and run in syndication as many of the cover stories were.

Being from a small town, Rachel found it funny how many city people liked to read about their small town counterparts. Still, if it was going to advance her career, well that was fine with her.

"God, can you believe she had the nerve to show up here?" said a woman's voice from behind where Rachel was standing.

The comment had been spoken in a low voice to another woman standing next to the speaker, but had carried just far enough for the reporter to hear. Curious as to who had elicited such a reaction, Rachel moved so she could see whom it was the two women were talking about. To her surprise, not only was it someone she recognized, but it was also one of the few people in her class that she had considered a friend.

"Kelly O'Neil," Rachel said to herself as she recognized the blond haired woman in the blue dress, but then corrected herself that it had been Kelly Ryan for a number of years now. "Why in the world would anyone in this town have a bad word to say about her?"

Back in high school, Kelly O'Neil had been the proverbial most popular girl in school. Captain of the Cheerleader squad, Vice President of the Student Council, as well as valedictorian of the graduating class. She had been looked on as the girl who was going to do it all. Kelly had also been an assistant editor on the school paper, which was where Rachel knew her from, having been the editor herself.

From what Rachel had heard, Kelly had indeed fulfilled everyone's expectations, which included marrying Tom Ryan, the Captain of the football team. The last time Rachel had been home, Kelly had just been elected the youngest member of the town council. What could've happened since?

Timidity had never been one of Rachel's traits so she walked right past the two women who had been talking about Kelly and said hello to her old friend.

"Oh my God!" Kelly exclaimed in surprise, "I don't believe it. Rachel Spenser, what brings you back to this one-horse town?"

Rachel paused a breath before answering, taking the opportunity to look at her old friend. Kelly had always been one of the hottest girls in school, and she had certainly improved with age. Some women were like that, really reaching their peak as they got older.

Rachel quickly explained about her story and how she had come to the reunion for it. She added that she had been surprised at how nice everyone had been to her, seeing as how she was really not part of the in-crowd back in their school days.

"It's good to see you though," Rachel said, remembering that Kelly had been the only friend from school who had attended her mother's funeral.

"Well just don't say that too loud around some of these people," Kelly said with a strong touch of animosity in her voice. "Because they might have a real sudden change of heart about you. Guilt by association, that sort of thing."

"And what exactly are you guilty of?" Rachel asked.

Kelly took what seemed like a long time before answering. Her reply, when it came, was somewhat cryptic.

"Being different I guess," she said.

"I don't understand," Rachel replied.

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