When Barry Met Sally

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, young man fucks older woman,man puts up with girlfriends sluttiness,slutty girlfriend.

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: When Barry Adams met Sally Liebowitz, he had no idea of the changes she would make in his life. Or where those changes would ultimately take him

"Oh God, oh God," the twenty-two-year-old cried loudly as she flung her naked body down once more, impaling herself on the hard cock of the equally naked twenty-five-year-old man underneath her.

Sweat ran down her small heaving breasts. She flung her head back, sending long brunette hair in every direction as she approached the edge of orgasm. The equally dark-haired young man beneath her neared the same pinnacle with equal ferocity, grabbing her waist tightly and thrusting his cock deep inside of her. His breaths were no less labored, his skin no less damp. They had been fucking like rabbits, to use one of the girl's favorite expressions, for the last half hour.

"Fuck!" she yelled in an even louder voice. "Fucking yes! Fuck me, give me that big beautiful cock! Shove it in me!"

The sound of her voice at that level, they both knew, made it a certainty that they would undoubtedly hear another complaint from Mrs. Merriman, the seventy-five-year-old woman who's bedroom was on the other side of the wall. Hardly a week went by that the woman didn't complain about the noise of their lovemaking, or the young woman's propensity to scream during it. Curiously, they had yet to ever get a complaint from Mr. Merriman.

"Oh, baby, I'm ... going ... to ... come," the young man said, his words punctuated by attempts to catch his breath.

"Not yet!" the girl yelled back, throwing herself against him one more time. "Just another minute..."

"I can't," he panted, "I can..."

His words never finished as he felt his cock explode within her. An eruption that didn't even give her pause as she put everything she had into one final burst of energy and followed him into a paroxysm of passion.

Their bodies shook with erotic energy as they thrashed back and forth, lost in the blind fury of their climax. Neither was aware that the other was even there until the last of their bodyquakes subsided and they collapsed into a hot, sweaty heap upon each other.

"Oh, Sally," Barry said almost too low to be heard as he closed in eyes in exhaustion.

Her eyes closed, the young woman was tired to the point that she felt she didn't even have the strength to answer. At least not yet.

Barry had met Sally at a singles mixer at the community center two years before and had immediately fallen in love with her. Something that wasn't an unusual occurrence for the then twenty-year-old. Young men had been falling for her almost since she had turned thirteen. What was an extraordinary development, at least from Barry's perspective, was that almost from the same moment, Sally seemed to feel the same way about him.

Barry Adams stood five seven and weighed a hundred and fifty pounds. He had short brown hair and a face that some women considered handsome, but that he had always thought of as just average. Prior to meeting Sally, he'd had five relationships in his life, only two of which could ever have been considered serious.

Sally Liebowitz was an inch shorter, forty pounds lighter and three years younger. A long-haired brunette with a slim figure and medium-sized breasts, she had astonished the then assistant office manager when not only did she accept his invitation to dance at the mixer, but agreed to have dinner with him the following week.

Several dates followed that and by the end of the month they were sharing a bed as well. Neither Barry or Sally had been a virgin the first night they slept together, but when faced with his new girlfriend's seemingly unlimited sexual energy, Barry felt almost intimidated.

They had moved in together a year later, much to the envy and in some cases, disbelief of some of his friends. Deep in his heart, Barry sometimes had difficulty believing it too.

In the weeks and months that followed, Barry found that their first night together had been only the tip of the iceberg. It became apparent that Sally was a sexual adventurer, constantly looking for new and exciting thrills. Thrills that she wanted Barry to share.

It took a little getting used to. Barry was hardly in the habit of having his girlfriend go down on him in public places as Sally liked to do. Or even, on a few occasions, fucking him in public as well. Still, despite what he had to admit was a strange relationship at times, he couldn't argue that life with Sally was certainly a lot of fun.

And it wasn't just his sex life that Sally made a big improvement in. With her help, he had moved up from one of four assistant office managers to the office manager when the current department head retired. He wasn't sure how she did it, but somehow Sally convinced old Mr. Johnson that Barry was the best choice, despite two of the other assistants being his senior.

It was a promotion that caused some resentment at the office, but Barry worked twice as hard as before to prove he was the best man for the job. "If the others didn't like it," Sally constantly told him, "Screw them, they can go work somewhere else."

Yes, the woman lying naked against his shoulder certainly had turned his life totally around.

"Did you enjoy yourself lover?" Sally asked as she pressed up against Barry some time later, her hand stroking his still spent manhood.

"You have to ask?" Barry said as he looked down and grinned as his male pride failed to respond to her touch. "I think we can be certain that we'll be hearing from Mrs. Merriman again."

It had become a running joke between the two lovers that a complaint from their neighbor was the best indication of how good a lovemaking session had been.

"Fuck Mrs. Merriman," Sally laughed. "Not literally of course, I wouldn't let her get within ten feet of this wonderful cock. Still, maybe someone should give the old lady a thrill. She probably hasn't been laid since my mother was in diapers."

Both of them laughed at the joke.

"So it's safe to say that you're in a pretty good mood right now," Sally continued as she abandoned her attempts at resuscitation.

"I'd say yes," Barry replied, wondering where this was going.

"Great!" Sally said excitedly as she exhibited a burst of new energy and jumped off the bed, running to the nearby dresser and taking a long white envelope from the top drawer. "I have a surprise for you."

Whenever Sally said that, Barry was never sure if he should feel excited or worried. The brunette gave no inkling of which as she smiled and with a running start, jumped back onto the bed. She landed hard enough to cause the heavy headboard to crash against the wall once more.

"Guess what I got?" she said as she lay across the bed and held up the envelope.

"I'm almost afraid to," Barry replied, looking down at her ass sticking up in the air and feeling the first stirrings of renewed life between his legs, "but I'm sure you're going to tell me."

"I got a response to our ad," Sally said excitedly as she opened the envelope and pulled out the three sheets of paper that had been inside it.

"Our ad?" Barry repeated.

"Okay, my ad," Sally corrected herself.

Barry watched as Sally unfolded the pages and handed them to him. A glance showed them to be a hard copy of an email and two printer generated photographs. Sally watched silently as her lover read the letter and looked at the pictures.

"You can't be serious about this one?" he said as he looked at the photos.

"I most certainly am," Sally replied in a hard tone.

Realizing that she was indeed quite serious, Barry took another look at the images in his hand and read the letter again. As he did, his thoughts drifted back to a night fourteen months before.

Sally and Barry were having dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Barry had been in a really great mood that night as well, most of it due to the unexpected suggestion Sally had made the night before. Seeing that things were going so well between the two of them, she had said, maybe they should give some real serious thought to maybe moving in together. It wasn't marriage, a subject he would rather have discussed, but it a pretty positive step in that direction.

Over dinner, Barry told Sally that he had indeed given it serious thought and he felt it was a great idea. Sally had been overjoyed, a feeling her lover shared, at least until the woman on the other side of the table dropped her second bombshell in twenty-four hours.

In between the main course and dessert, Sally unexpectedly said that since they were so secure in their relationship, maybe it was time for them to add a little more spice to their sex life. Considering the spices the audacious twenty-one year old had already brought in the last twelve months, Barry couldn't imagine what she was considering now. When she told him, he was utterly speechless.

"I think we should try a three-way," she said, taking a long slip of wine as soon as the last word left her lips.

Barry had already taken a drink from his own glass and almost spit it out in surprise. Somehow, he managed to swallow it without choking.

"A three-way?" he repeated when he was able to speak again.

"Yes," Sally said in that same tone. "I think it would be a lot of fun. That is, if you think that our relationship is solid enough for us to share a lover." she paused a moment, taking another small sip and added. "After all, it's just sex."

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