Pinch Hitter

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This First-Time Lesbian Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: First-Time Lesbian Sex Story: A lot of people would like to be someone else for a night. May Bujold was about to get her chance.

May Bujold softly sang an old tune as she watered the last of the numerous plants that filled the small three-room apartment. Not for the first time she thought, what the apartment lacked in size, it more than made up for in character. The plants, as well as the furnishings and other curios that filled it, reflected the tastes and interests of the occupant.

Above the last row of plants, hanging on the wall, was a large photograph of a lovely ebony-skinned young woman. The picture was a nude portrait, done in such a way as to be called tasteful. May looked up at the likeness and, as she had done many times before, looked into the face she saw in the mirror.

The only thing was, while the face may have been her own, the woman in the portrait wasn't her. May couldn't imagine herself posing for such a photograph, no matter how artistically done. Much less hanging such a thing where any casual visitor could see it. No, she left such things to her more audacious sister.

June Bujold was May's twin sister. They had been born twenty-five years ago, fifteen minutes or a month apart, depending how you looked at it. May had been born shortly before midnight on the last day of the month she had been named after. June, her younger sister by just a quarter-hour, had arrived in the first minutes of the new month.

Once past the awkward years, the sisters grew up to be attractive young women. Both stood five foot seven and weighed within a few pounds of the other. The daughters of an Afro-American mother and a French-Canadian father, they inherited what was best in each of their parents. From their mother, who had been a hotel maid when she met her father, they had been gifted with beauty and charm. Their father, who had been a Chef at the same establishment, had given them an inborn talent in the culinary arts. After a lifetime of learning the trade at his side, both had become world class Chefs in their own right.

But that was where most of the similarities between May and June ended. Of the two, June had always been the more free spirited. May was usually content to live a quiet and relatively stable life, having taken over her father's old position when he retired two years before.

June on the other hand, preferred a much more unpredictable life, having had a dozen jobs all over the country in a third as many years. It was one of those jobs that had brought May to her sister's apartment to take care of the plants and such.

Two weeks before, June had called May late one night and told her she had been offered a position on a cruise ship run by Scarlett Tours. The Chef that held the position had been stricken with acute appendicitis and would be out for a few weeks. An old friend, whom May suspected was more than just a friend, worked for the Line and recommended June as a replacement. The only catch was that she had to be in Los Angeles the next day. So could May, she asked, take care of her apartment until she got back.

As she usually did, May said yes without hesitation. They might see many things differently, but one constant was the love they had for each other. So twice a week, May stopped over, watered the plants, collected the mail and basically made sure everything was okay.

May was putting the small plastic water can away under the kitchen sink when she heard the phone ring in the living room. On the fourth ring, the answering machine picked up the call. June usually left the volume all the way up so she could screen her calls, so May was able to hear the message.

"Hi June," a soft, feminine voice came out of the speaker, "it's Iris Banks. We met in Chicago last month at Paula Murray's Wedding. Well I'm in town and you said that if I ever found myself here that I should give you a call. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to get together for a drink and maybe continue that conversation we had at the wedding."

May listened with curiosity as Iris left the phone number of her hotel room, along with the repeated message that she hoped she would hear from June soon. It didn't take a lot of imagination for May to imagine the reason why.

Another thing that set the twins apart was that June had come out of the closet on her twenty-first birthday, declaring to anyone who cared to listen that she was a lesbian. May had known her sister was bisexual when they were in college, so she wasn't greatly surprised when June announced that she no longer had any interest in playing both sides of the field.

May, on the other hand, led a rather ordinary sex life. Ordinary being a description that could be replaced in her case with the word, boring. She had dated the same man for the last year of her college life, marrying him a year after graduation. Prior to saying "I do" to Darryl Barnes, May had only been to bed with two other men in her life. Their marriage lasted, however, less time than their courtship.

Single again for the last two years, May had few relationships that went anywhere than an occasional bed partner. Most men she met seemed to find her too independent to their tastes. The latest example of which had ended two weeks before.

"I bet Iris doesn't have a problem with June being too independent," May said to herself as she picked up her heavy coat and made ready to venture out into the cold winter's day.

On reflection, May thought she would be a liar is she said she never wondered what it was like when her sister went out with other women. Not what they did in bed together, May had a pretty good notion of that after having twice walked in on June when she was entertaining a date in their shared collage dorm. No, she was curious about the general interaction between them.

A few times over the years, May had run into female friends of June who mistook her for her sister. Of course she explained their error as diplomatically as she could, but at the same time, she felt a certain excitement meeting those women.

The craziest thought then flashed through May's mind. One that normally she would've discarded as soon as it came to her. It surprised her immensely that she didn't.

There hadn't been a set of twins in history, who hadn't at one time or another, masqueraded as their sibling. If only to the point of wanting to confuse someone who really couldn't tell them apart.

Growing up, June and May used to do it all the time, even splitting up classes in high school so that one could cover for the other in a subject they did poorly in. The school had been very understanding in making sure they didn't take their classes together so that each could develop their own identity. By the time they were seniors, they had each other's moves down so well that they could fool almost anyone - at least in a controlled environment like the classroom.

"This is crazy," May said to herself, still considering the idea. "But then again, what harm could just having a drink do?" she answered herself as she tried to play devil's advocate.

And of course a drink would be all there was to it. She could meet Iris, have a drink or two, and maybe a chance to understand some things about her sister that she had long wondered about but never had the nerve to ask. It would be easy to say she had an early appointment and cut the night short. Since Iris didn't live in the city, the odds were really slim that June would actually ever run into her.

"Come on, girl," May said to herself as she stood in front of the still closed door, continuing to wrestle with the idea, "take a chance and have a little adventure in your life."

Back and forth she debated the idea for another few minutes. Then, as one side of herself seemed to gain the upper hand, she found herself dialing the number that had been left on the machine. Just as the other side of the argument reappeared in her thinking, it was put on hold as a voice filled the telephone receiver.

"Hello?" the soft voice said.

May froze, unable to utter a word.

"Hello?" the voice repeated. "Is there anyone there?"

May's every instinct was to simply hang up the phone, to pretend it was a wrong number. Then again, perhaps not every instinct because she suddenly heard a voice that sounded so much like her own replying to the question.

"June?" the voice on the phone asked, recognizing the voice as well.

"Err, yes," May said.

"Oh it's so good to hear from you," Iris replied, excitement evident in her tone. "I was so afraid you'd be off on one of your jaunts and I'd miss you."

May said something, not even fully aware what words were coming out of her mouth. Iris didn't seem to mind and the conversation seemed to quickly take on a life of its own. In no time at all, the two women had agreed to meet for a drink at the bar at Iris's hotel.

For a second, May had a sudden fear that Iris might be staying at a hotel where she was known, having made a good number of professional contacts over the years. Then, as Iris said she was staying at the Grand Astoria, May let out the breath she had been holding. An old hotel over on the West Side, the Astoria had recently undergone a total renovation and was under new management. It would only be much later that May would realize that no matter where they met, she didn't have to worry. After all, it wasn't May who was going to have a drink, it was June.

"I'll see you at seven then," Iris said as she brought the brief conversation to a close when May agreed.

May stared at the phone for a long minute after she had hung it up, unable to believe she had actually done it. She had actually made a date to have drinks with a woman.

Then it hit her, the flaw in her plan. She had no idea what Iris looked like. How was she going to recognize her?

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