The Girl Next Door

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Lesbian Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, girl has lesbian sex with neighbour,lesbian next door,lesbian neighbour.

Desc: Lesbian Sex Story: A late night peek into her neighbors window told Sally that a lot more around the neighborhood had changed than she thought since going away to college.

Sally Ross tossed in her bed, unable to sleep despite the comfortable breeze from her open window. The nineteen-year-old sat up in bed, looking at the clock on the night table. It was half past one in the morning.

"Wonderful," she said to herself in sleepless frustration, "only six more hours and I can get up and start a new day."

Home again less than a day, the short haired redhead had to admit to herself that coming home for Spring Break hadn't been the best idea she'd had recently. It wasn't that she didn't get along with her family or anything like that. The problem was that no one seemed to realize that she wasn't the same girl who went away to the State University half a year before. In her parent's eyes, she might as well still be in junior high, much less college.

"They probably still think I'm a virgin too," Sally laughed silently as she got up to answer nature's call, recalling that virgin wasn't a term that could be applied to her since junior year of high school.

Reaching the bathroom she shared with her younger brother, Harry, Sally flipped the light switch as she stepped inside. The overhead head bulb flashed bright for a brief moment, then went dark as the filament burned out.

"Figures," Sally said under her breath as she debated for a moment replacing the bulb.

Like most of the second floor windows, the one over the bathtub had been left open on the warm night. The moonlight coming in through it was enough for the young woman to find her way. After all, it wasn't like she needed to see what she was doing at this point in her life. Replacing the bulb could wait until the morning.

Quickly taking care of business, Sally was about to press down on the handle on the side of the toilet when she glanced out the window and noticed a light on in the house next door. Only a narrow driveway separated the two houses. Unlike her parent's home, the one next door was a two-family rental.

The second floor, Sally knew, was occupied by Phyllis Wallace. Thirty-four years old, the curly-haired brunette had, until last year, lived there with her husband and ten-year old son. Her son, Billy, still shared the small apartment, but her husband, Glen, had been asked to leave just before the New Year. The teenager remembered her mother mentioning at dinner the other night that Phyllis was in the middle of divorce proceedings.

The lighted window was that of the older woman's bedroom. Sally had baby-sat for the Wallace's many times while in high school and was quite familiar with the layout of their apartment.

Thinking about the Wallace's bedroom brought another memory to Sally's mind. One from early last summer that her brother had shared with her. A story that caused the coed to smile as she remembered it.

It had been a night much hotter than this one, with Harry standing pretty much where Sally was now. The sixteen year old had come in late from a night with his friends and wanted to take a quick shower to wash the sweat off his body before going to bed. As he turned off the water, he looked out the window and saw the Wallace's light on. Never having looked out the window at that time of night before, it came as a surprise to the young man that he could look right into the bedroom across the driveway. Or more specifically, into their marriage bed.

Despite the two-year difference in their ages, Harry and Sally had always been the best of friends. They shared confidences that few brothers and sisters would dream of exchanging. Harry passed along to Sally what guys were saying about her, and big sister did the same for him. More importantly, at least from her younger brother's perspective, Sally was only too glad to clue him in on what girls were willing to do what on a date. A little piece of inside information that made his social life a lot more fun.

So it didn't seem all that odd to Sally that Harry would want to share his late night discovery, telling her how he had watched Mr. and Mrs. Wallace go at it for over a half hour. What he'd left out, Sally had been sure, was that he probably had more need of a shower after that than before.

Letting her curiosity get the best of her, and at the same time feeling a little silly, Sally climbed into the tub and tried to look across the driveway. It wasn't as easy as Harry had said, the windows didn't exactly line up for a clear view, but with a little doing it was possible. The odds that Phyllis had some man over for the evening, and that they were doing the nasty seemed pretty long, but then again the nineteen-year-old teenager had nothing better to do.

"Oh my God!" Sally gasped as she braced herself on the side of the tub, totally surprised by what she saw across the way.

Sally had been right when she thought the odds that Phyllis Wallace had a man over for some late night fun were long indeed. Not as long, however, as the odds of coming across the soon-to-be divorcee cavorting in the buff with another woman. Yet, less than two dozen feet away, there was Phyllis with another woman's blond head buried between her legs.

"Who'd have thunk it?" Sally said to herself, using one of her favorite silly phrases.

One secret that Sally hadn't shared with her brother, or anyone else for that matter, was that twice before, she herself had been in the position that she now watched Phyllis in. The first time had been at one of the numerous graduation parties at the end of high school. She and Carol Johnson had gotten both a little drunk and a little carried away. By the time morning and sobriety appeared, the two had become quite familiar with the more intimate aspects of each other's bodies.

Her second experience hadn't required any considerable amount of alcohol to fuel her desire for a fellow freshman that she'd met at a welcoming mixer. While not having much of a relationship out of bed, she and Donna Clancy had nevertheless returned to that bed a number of times over the last few months.

"That's got to feel really nice," Sally thought as she watched Phyllis react to the attention the other woman was paying to her.

Without thinking about what she was doing, Sally released one hand from one the shower rods she had been using to keep her balance and dropped it down between her legs and under the light nightshirt she was wearing. The teenager rarely wore underwear at night and her fingers quickly found her now excited clit.

Even as she stroked herself to a higher level of excitement, Sally kept her eyes on the action across the way. She could imagine the pleasure that Phyllis was feeling from the still hidden woman's tongue, comparing it to that she was bringing herself with her fingers.

It didn't take long for Sally to bring herself to a small but enjoyable climax. One that mirrored, based on the facial expression she could see, the one she was sure Phyllis had just enjoyed as well.

Basking in the afterglow of her small orgasm, Sally continued to watch with interest as the two women began to move apart. They shifted position on the bed and for the first time, the younger woman could see the blonde's face.

The surprise of her identity was almost a bigger shock than seeing the two of them in the first place. It was enough to cause Sally to lose her carefully maintained balance.

"Holy shit!" Sally cried out loudly as she grabbed another of the shower bars and managed to prevent an ignoble landing. "That's Leslie Cooper."

Leslie Ann Cooper was the wife of Thomas Cooper, who owned both Delmonico's restaurant and the Double Diamond Pizzeria over on Main Street. A pillar of the community, the thirty-eight-year old mother of three would be the last person Sally would ever have imagined as being involved with another woman.

Sally tried to get a better look at the woman but at that moment, the light in the Wallace bedroom abruptly went out. For a long few seconds, the younger woman was afraid that she had been caught spying. Leaving the bathroom as quickly and quietly as she could, Sally practically ran back to her bed.

The feeling that she'd been seen didn't pass entirely until ten minutes later when she heard a car door in the driveway below her window open and close. It was followed seconds later by the sound of a car starting up and backing out into the street. Only then did the redhead feel safe.

Her breathing and heartbeat now back to normal, Sally closed her eyes and relived what she had just seen. Despite her earlier restlessness, she soon found herself fast asleep.

Eight hours later, Sally woke from what she had to say was one of the most restful sleeps she'd had in a long time. Crawling from beneath the sheet she'd pulled over herself during the night, Sally pulled off her nightshirt and tossed in on the small pile that contained yesterday's dirty clothes. Rising to her full five foot six height, she stretched her body to work out the stiffness of a long sleep, examining her reflection in the mirror at the same time.

The girl in the mirror was pretty, there was no doubt of that. But there had been times that she doubted that simple fact. All though her early teen years, the redhead had been convinced that her breasts were much too small. That belief had finally faded when she discovered that few of the boys she'd been with, and neither of the girls, seemed to mind.

Stepping into the bathroom to take care of her morning toilette, Sally thought back to the scene she had witnessed during the night. It seemed almost like a dream and part of her wondered if it had been just that. A thought she was quick to dismiss. Dreams, however realistic, had a certain feel to them. What happened last night had been quite real.

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