by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Interracial Cheating Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Revenge, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Interracial Cheating Story: Cheating wife and her friend pay the ultimate price.

Thanks once again to my editor "wires" for his assistance. He really had his work cut out for him on this one and his help made 'Sneakers' a much easier read.

When my alarm went off I felt Karen stir. She moved closer to me in the bed and grabbed my cock. We sleep naked for several reasons; one of which is being able to have the skin to skin contact we both crave for intimacy. I felt her raise slightly then rest her glorious breasts on my chest. Her nipples were already hard. She moved, stretched upward and rubbed her breasts across my chest. Her mouth descended to give me a deep kiss. She threw a leg over one of mine and began rubbing her pussy against my thigh.

I relaxed and enjoyed her attention. I kissed her back and gently rubbed my right hand up over her delectable ass, up her side to rub the outside of her left breast where it rested on my chest. We both moaned as our passion ignited. The snooze alarm rang once again. This time I turned from Karen, turned the alarm off and headed for the bathroom for my morning business. Karen followed me almost immediately. While I was shaving she stepped into the shower. After adjusting the temperature of the spray she wet herself down, applied some shaving cream and began shaving her pubic mound. While shaving myself I watched in the mirror through the clear glass shower door.

I felt my cock throb when I saw she was shaving her entire beaver bare this time. Karen caught me looking and smiled. She moved carefully to present the best view of her body while she worked. It was all I could do to finish shaving and put on my running attire.

I finished my preparations at nearly the same time Karen finished her shower and shaving. She followed me from the master bathroom patting herself dry. I sat on the edge of the bed to put on my socks and shoes. Karen tossed the towel toward the bathroom and flowed into the bed beside me. She immediately grabbed for my cock again while she licked and kissed my neck. I gently pushed her away, stood, and began pulling my shirt on.

Karen screeched, "Damn it, Doug, what do I have to do to get you to spend the morning in bed with me? You think your damn friends are more important than I am." I listened to my wife of eighteen months rant and rave as I rushed around getting ready for my weekly Sunday morning fun run with my friends. When I was younger and dating or bar hopping Friday and Saturday nights the Sunday run was pure hell many times, but I stuck with it. Oh, I ran three or four times during the week as well, but Sunday morning was a special run. It was longer—much longer usually than my other daily runs. It was also normally done in a different part of the city and sometimes in the country with a much larger group of my friends. Many wives and girlfriends ran with us if they could keep up. In fact, many of the onetime significant others stayed with the running group even after a breakup. We were serious about our running and friendship.

In any event, I was once again listening to Karen rant and rave about me taking off to run instead of doing what she wanted to do this morning. After her first sentence I have to admit I more or less tuned her out. I had similar conversations with her almost every Sunday morning for the last four months. For some reason she suddenly became upset with my running on Sundays. Now, we didn't go to church or even have family meals that day so I couldn't figure out why she became so dead set against me running as had been my habit since before we ever met much less married.

This morning, I turned to say good bye when I went through the bedroom door. Karen lay across our bed, legs splayed and knees drawn up. She was playing with her pussy with one hand and a nipple with the other. Her face looked sultry and I once again felt my cock twitch. I grinned and said, "Keep it hot for me, Honey. I'll jump your bones good and proper when I get back."

"Damn you. I want you NOW, not in two or three hours when you decide to come home. By then you'll be tired and want to relax and I'll probably be out of the mood. Go on, if running is more important to you than taking care of your horny wife just get your ass out of here. I'm warning you, though, that I plan to get my problem taken care of with or without you. I'm not going to lay around here horny all morning suffering while I wait for you to come home."

Something about what she said and how she said it pissed me off. I felt my face tense up and I said, "So, what's new? You used to like crawling back into bed with me after my run. Now if I try to get you into bed after I get home you shut me down flat. Why should today be any different than the last several weeks have been? I'll see ya when I get back." As I left the room I heard Karen break down crying. I felt like a total ass but I was pissed enough to keep going.

I was about four blocks away from my home when I remembered I didn't pick up my iPod or water bottle from the dresser in our bedroom. I knew I would be late if I went back for them but decided to do so. I could get by without the iPod but I really needed the water bottle since it was already 91 degrees and we were going to run eight miles this morning.

I pulled into my driveway and ran to the sliding patio door. I slid it open and was halfway across the kitchen before I stopped in surprise. I left the house through the garage. We normally keep the patio door locked unless we are in the back yard. I didn't see Karen so she must still be in bed pleasuring herself or sleeping so why was the door unlocked? I shrugged and decided we had not locked it the night before. We would have to be more careful in the future.

I moved slowly and quietly toward our bedroom. I did not want to alert Karen I was coming. If she was sleeping I didn't want to wake her. If she was jilling off I wanted to be able to enjoy watching for a moment before I picked up my iPod and water bottle.

When I got to our bedroom door I slowed and stopped for a moment. My cock surged to steel hardness almost immediately. I heard the distinctive moans and groans Karen makes when she is nearing her peak. The bed was squeaking slightly with her movements. I knew I had to enter the room and interrupt her or I would really be late.

Just as I began to move toward the bedroom door I heard Karen yell out "NO. Damn it, Darwin, you know you always have to use a rubber. I told you the first time and every time since then and I'm tired of having to remind you about the rules."

I heard the bed squeak once or twice more and then Karen grunted deeply. I felt almost sick at my stomach after what I heard sank in. Karen once again spoke. She said, "Darwin, get out. Put a rubber on or get the hell out of my house."

Darwin laughed, the bed squeaked once again and Karen moaned. I stepped into the doorway. I saw Darwin between Karen's splayed thighs. He had a hand around each of Karen's wrists holding them to the bed. Most of his black cock was thrust into Karen's beautiful bare pussy. He was glaring down at her.

Darwin snarled, "Listen, Bitch, I told you last Sunday that I wasn't going to ever fuck you again with a rubber. I don't like the damn things and I don't use them on my other women. I'll be damn if I'll ever use one on you again. Have I ever told you I was going to do something and then not do it? I told you four months ago I was going to start fucking you when your old man ran Sundays and I did it didn't I? I told you I was going to take your ass and I did that too didn't I? Well, I told you last Sunday I was going to fuck you without a rubber from now on and I intend to do that too."

I watched Darwin pull his cock out until just the head was in Karen's cunt. He continued to hold her wrists down. His hips were moving slightly, driving his cock into her about an inch or so then pulling back until he was just barely inserted. Karen's neck was flushed as was the top of her chest and breasts. Her nipples were dark red, angry looking and harder than I had seen them in weeks. She was panting and thrusting her hips upward trying to drive more of his meat into her pussy.

I'm no small man but I felt inadequate in the extreme when I looked at the weapon Darwin was using on Karen. I am a little taller than he is with a broader deeper chest. My leg muscles are more defined than his, but his cock, my God, his cock would make two of mine. Well, not quite. I am almost seven inches long and have almost a three inch diameter. He had me by at least two or three inches and was probably the same or a little larger in diameter.

I started to move into the room. My impulse was to beat the bastard to an inch of his life. I took one step and then heard Karen speak. She said, "All right, damn it. Just fuck me you bastard. Do it, please, I can't wait any longer. You have to pull out, though. I'm off the pill and it's almost my fertile time."

Darwin smiled down at Karen and slammed his hips downward and forward driving his entire length into her at once. She screamed and pulled him to her with her heels behind his thighs. Her pelvis slammed upward meeting him stroke for stroke.

Fuck, I was pissed. Once again I started for them then stopped again. I knew the man in the right doesn't necessarily get the best treatment in our courts. I stopped. My heart died a little more when I heard Darwin say, "That's tough, baby. Sperm was made to go into pussies. I always leave my sperm in a pussy. I don't care if I get a blow job or a hand job. Don't matter. When I blow my load it goes into a pussy. I'm going to blow my load into your pussy and you'll take it, bitch."

"NO! You can't! You have to pull out. I told you, I might get pregnant."

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