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Desc: Lesbian Romantic Sex Story: Kathy Wu and Jiang Li were both Chinese but that was were the simulatities ended. Still, the two friends managed to find one or two things they both had in common.

Kathy Wu paused at the top of the stairs as she reached the sixth floor of the seven-story apartment house. The old tenement building had been built without the convenience of an elevator and if she had been visiting anyone other then her friend Jiang Li, she would've insisted that they meet her in the lobby.

Stepping up to apartment 6B, the twenty-three year old ran one hand through her shoulder length black hair as she rang the small doorbell with the other. A long minute passed before the door opened and a much older Chinese woman greeted Kathy.

"Good evening, Madame Jiang," Kathy smiled and said in the Cantonese her grandmother had insisted she learn as a child. "I understand that you've been feeling a little under the weather. I hope you're feeling better now."

The shorter woman with the lightly grayed hair looked at the woman at her door, taking in the clothing that she wore. The red open back top Kathy wore seemed to be held in place only by a set of small straps that were tied behind her neck and across her back. The large breasts beneath it lifted the almost blouse so that her midriff was quite visible. The only other thing that could be said about it was that it had more material than the matching wrap around skirt that went with it.

With a forced politeness, Madame Jiang thanked Kathy for her concern and then wordlessly guided her into the living room. Hospitality required the traditionally garbed woman to ask if her guest would like some refreshments. That done, she excused herself and disappeared into one of the other rooms.

As she vanished, Kathy was looking at a collection of pictures spread out on top an old stereo cabinet. Some of the photographs were recent, while others had to have been at least half a century old. One of those was a black and white wedding photo in which the teenage girl in it bore an unmistakable resemblance to the woman who had just greeted her.

"Whatever else I say about her," Kathy said to herself, "I have to admit, she was a knockout."

A second photograph drew Kathy's attention, one that had been taken years later. The couple was the same as in the wedding photo, although a few decades older. This time, they were surrounded by six children, four boys and two girls. The ages of which ranged from the oldest boy who was twenty-two at the time of the photograph to the littlest girl who had been only six.

"Hi Kathy," a new voice said in English from behind the girl in red.

Kathy turned from the little photo gallery to face the new arrival. The brightest of smiles filled Kathy's face, a condition reflected on the younger girl as well. An inch shorter than Kathy's five six, Jiang Li had a much slimmer build and short, almost boyish hair. Her face was a mixture of both the younger Madame Jiang and the little girl in the family photo.

"Hi Li," Kathy beamed as she quickly crossed the room and kissed her friend on the cheek.

"I hope Mother wasn't too hard on you again," the twenty-one year old said.

"Actually, she was the epitome of hospitality," Kathy said in a conspiratorial whisper. "I was almost shocked."

"Well, it's not that she doesn't like you..." Li started to say.

" ... it's just that she doesn't approve of me," Kathy finished for her.

A flushed Li didn't know what to say. The last thing she wanted to do was insult her friend.

"It's okay," Kathy said, seeing the concern on Li's face. "My mother doesn't approve of me either." she laughed.

Relieved that Kathy hadn't been insulted, Li laughed as well.

It would be hard to imagine two young women more different than Kathy Wu and Jiang Li. Aside from the closeness in their ages and the fact that both could trace their heritages back to China, they seemed to be total opposites.

Jiang Li had been born in T'ai-tung in the Republic of China on Taiwan. She had come to the United States with her family when she was seven. Since then, her parents, or more specifically her mother since the death of Mr. Jiang, had controlled most every aspect of her life. Making sure that she was brought up to respect and honor her heritage as if they were still in China.

Kathy Wu, on the other hand, was the second generation of her family born in America and barely gave lip service to the culture that her grandparents brought from the land of their birth. As far as she was concerned, this was America and she wasn't a hyphenated anything. She would live how she wanted and anyone who didn't like it could go to hell.

The two women had met in a social sciences class during their senior year of college. Despite the differences in their lives, they had become fast friends. Something that had irritated Madame Jiang from the day she had first met Kathy.

"Nice outfit," Kathy said as she changed the subject.

The ensemble Li wore was far less provocative than Kathy's, but to her mother the twenty-one year old might as well have been walking around stark naked. A short-sleeved sky blue blouse covered her small breasts, the cleavage of which was barely visible. Additionally, her skirt had enough material to make almost three of the older girl's.

"Thanks," Li replied.

"So where did you tell your mother we were going tonight?" Kathy asked.

Knowing her mother would never approve of the dance clubs that Kathy had introduced her to, Li had made a habit of saying they were going to the movies or some other innocuous place.

"Actually she didn't even ask," Li replied.

"Are you sure she's still not sick?" Kathy asked, thinking that Madame Jiang's behavior from the moment she'd arrived was very atypical.

It seemed to Kathy that Li was about to offer an explanation for her mother's behavior, then changed her mind. Instead she looked at her watch and said that she thought they should get going.

Saying their good-byes to Madame Jiang, the two girls quickly headed down the six flights of stairs. It wasn't until they reached the third floor that it occurred to Kathy that Li's mother hadn't even admonished her daughter to make sure she was home early. Something that she had done every other time Kathy could remember. The omission made the older girl even more curious.

Kathy had brought her car to pick Li up and it was a quick twenty-minute drive to the club they had planned to go to. It actually was almost within walking distance of Kathy's apartment but she knew that if she didn't actually go and pick up the younger girl, Li would find some excuse to cancel their night out. That had been the case the last two weekends.

"So how's the new job working out?" Kathy asked as she headed down Fourth Ave to Park Ridge.

"It's okay," Li said in a quiet tone.

"Any really cute guys?" Kathy inquired.

"I hadn't noticed," she replied in the same low voice.

"This," Kathy said to herself, "was definitely a girl with something on her mind."

Kathy had to park the car four blocks from the club and they walked the rest of the way. Thankfully it was a warm, comfortable night. As they rounded the last corner, they were greeted with a half-block long line of people waiting to get in.

"Oh no," Li said in disappointment, "we're never going to get in."

"Yes we will," Kathy said with one of her patented trust-me smiles.

With that, she took Li's hand and led her past the long line of hopefuls, some of whom had been waiting for more than an hour. An action that brought forth some comments about moving to the back of the line, complete with some pretty descriptive adjectives thrown in for emphasis.

Kathy ignored then all and stepped up to the tall, good looking and muscular man standing behind the gold rope barrier. It took a moment for her to catch his attention, but when she did, he greeted her with a broad smile.

"Kitty, baby," he said as his eyes moved up and down her outfit, or what there was of it. "What's going down?"

"Hi, Chris," Kathy smiled back, tilting her body as to give him the best look possible. "How's it hanging?"

"I'd love to show you," he laughed.

"I bet you would," Kathy laughed back. "But right now I'd settle for me and my friend getting in for a few dances."

"Consider it done," Chris said as he quickly removed the rope. "I'll have to get someone to cover me so I can watch. I do love watching you dance."

Again Kathy ignored a few loud complaints from the crowd on the line as she and Li walked into the club. As soon as they stepped past the small entrance, a kaleidoscope of sight and sound assaulted them. The dance floor was totally packed and the music level was such that you could feel it more than just hear it.

"What's this Kitty business?" Li tried to ask over the noise.

"What?" Kathy said as they moved through the crowd.

"Who's Kitty?" Li repeated.

"Just a nickname." Kathy replied as they found an open spot on the floor away from the loudest of the speakers.

"How come I never heard it before," Li asked.

"I guess it never came up, that's all." Kathy said, dismissing the subject. "But never mind that, let's dance. After all, that's what we came here for."

"Okay," Li quickly agreed.

In no time at all, the two girls were swaying to the music. As was the norm when they two of them went to a club, they usually ignored everyone else and danced only with each other.

There were at least two dozen other girls sharing floor space with their girlfriends so no one ever found it unusual. If you were just there to dance, it was a lot easier to do it with a friend than have to put up with all the guys hitting on you.

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