Summer Treasure Hunting

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A young mage goes hunting for a lost tomb. His adventure begins with his trip in a huge airship. A beautiful teenage mage shares his rooms and plans. When the ship finally lands she goes with him. Of course ancient tombs have traps and curses and even worse.

My first two years in the mage school I had excelled in ancient glyphs, runes and symbols. I was also very good at breaking ancient curses. The trip to the east came at the end of the school year and only one spot was open for me. Most of the rest was filled by those about to graduate or doing field work in the field of ancient studies.

I was sixteen and for me it was a chance to treasure hunt. I pulled the new trunk after me and felt excited to finally be free, even if it was only for the summer. Sure there was going to be a couple of professors but they were not going to be spending time watching me. I struggled to pull the trunk up the ramp and stopped.

I shook myself and glanced around before laying my hand on the trunk and murmuring a levitation spell. I started pulling it after me again and smiled as it floated after me smoothly. I nodded to the steward and handed him the enchanted ticket. He looked at it before he punched a hole in one end and handed it back.

I checked the cabin number and pulled the trunk after me. I followed the guides to the lower level and to the forward left cabin. I touched the ticket to the cabin door and it glowed before I touched it. The sleeping cabin had two huge widows, one facing forward and the other to the left side of the dirigible.

There were two full size bunk beds on the inside wall and another door into the bathroom. I set my trunk under the front window and went out and up to the large lounge where everyone was to meet. It was another hour before a professor called for us to quiet. The dirigible shifted and began moving as it started ascending.

First was the safety briefing from the ship's steward and then the briefing for when we reached the area the tombs had been found in. Guys and girls began leaving and I headed back to my cabin. I pulled a few ancient scrolls and tablets out before murmuring a spell. An illusion appeared in the small open area between the beds and the windows.

There was another trunk by the side window and I left it alone. The illusion was of the area we were heading towards. I began referring to a scroll and then the text as I looked at the illusion. It was awhile before the girl cleared her throat and I looked away from the illusion. She was a long haired brunette with a stunning figure.

She looked younger than eighteen but older then me. I blinked, "um..."

She smiled, "I waited but you were absorbed in what you were looking at."

I glanced at the illusion, "I believe it is an undiscovered tomb for a senior mage priest."

I sighed and looked at her, "I am Landon."

She nodded and gestured to the room, "I am Olivia and this is my room."

I blinked, "mine too."

She grinned and then giggled, "this is going to be a fun trip."

She stripped and set her clothes on the bed and came around to sit on the end, "want to show me what you found?"

I was hesitant before gesturing to the scrolls and tablets, "I followed descriptions a priest made for workers."

I touched a spot in the illusion, "it is here but I do not think it will be on or at ground level. The priest ordered very exact stones and ropes and ladders before they began the tomb so I was thinking it would be in the cliff."

She leaned forward and I stared at her pretty nipples until she giggled and I look up into her face, "want to fuck?"

I nodded and she scooted back on the bed and held out her arms. I stripped out of my robe and walked through the illusion and climbed onto the bed. I moved over her and settled between her legs. She shuddered as she held me and I felt the heat from her pussy. I slowly pushed and thrust against her and groaned as my cock sank into her warm, slick and wonderful pussy.

She shivered and hugged me tight as I buried my cock and pressed against the back of her pussy. She humped a few moments later and I shivered before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes. She thrust up and met each one as I pushed into her and moaned. I kept using long deep thrusts and she began to shudder harder.

A few minutes and she wailed and bucked as she wet me and her pussy rippled the length of my cock. She thrashed around and kept shaking as I fucked her with firm strokes. Several minutes and her eyes had rolled up as she clutched me. I fucked into her nice and deep and grunted and groaned as I buried my cock.

I kissed her before I began to gush sperm. She jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped cumming I relaxed with my cock still throbbing. She shivered as she tried to catch her breath and I humped and pulled back to start fucking her with long strokes again.

She rolled until she was on me and kissed me before sitting up, "my turn."

She rocked and rubbed her pussy on me as cum leaked around my cock and made a wet sound. She grinned and began bouncing as she caught my hands and put them on her breasts. We fucked for several hours, taking turns with each other until I was just holding her as she smiled and stared at the ceiling.

There was a chime and she looked at me, "that is for lunch."

I grinned and bent to suck on her nipple. She spasmed and jerked before pushing me away, "crazy boy."

I laughed and helped her out of bed. I slipped my robe on and waited for her to finish dressing. The dining room was up on the top level and in the back. We sat together and food began to appear. While we ate I told Olivia about the tomb I was hunting. It was one of the three mage priests that lived more then five thousand years ago.

She listened as I told her how I had found the information. I glanced at the tall woman that appeared and sat at the table. She smiled, "you found someone to talk with."

Olivia grinned, "we are sharing a cabin."

The woman paused as food appeared for her, "sharing?"

Olivia grinned as she looked at me, "we fucked each other silly."

The woman smiled and then grinned and giggled, "lucky girl."

I blushed as we started eating and found out Alissa was Olivia's mother and the other professor. She smiled when I explained my idea about the tomb but did not look to positive that I would find it. After dinner we went down to the lounge and sat together holding hands and watching the land far below us.

Olivia glanced around when several girls and the guys came in talking loud. She stood to pull me up, "lets go back to our cabin."

I grinned and held her hand while we walked and then I let her go as she headed into the bathroom. I looked at the illusion still floating and moved closer. I grinned as I had an idea and moved to get a book from my trunk. Normally tombs had wards against seer spells but I was thinking of something else.

I looked up the spells and parameters I wanted. I moved to the illusion and began murmuring and chanting. I did not even see Olivia until I finished and she caught my hand and pulled me to the bed. I sat and we watched the illusion as it settled and men walked to the cliff carrying lots of equipment.

I recognized one in a formal garb as a priest. Olivia took a breath but stayed quiet as they made ladders and a scaffold. The priest began some type of chant and the cliff face blurred and faded to reveal a tunnel. I sighed and turned to Olivia as the illusion vanished, "so I was right."

She grinned and kissed me before moving back onto the bed, "I washed my pussy. Want to try licking me?"

She said it shyly and I did not hesitate before stripping and crawling onto the bed and between her legs. I looked at her pussy and leaned closer to lick through it. I pushed my tongue into her as she shuddered and then licked her again. I nibbled on her small inner lips before moving to her clit.

I wiggled my tongue on it and sucked and she gasped and thrust up, "aaahhh!"

I grinned and licked her, "like that?"

She moaned, "yeah."

I licked her again before I pushed my tongue into her and then captured her clit. I sucked and squeezed it between my lips while humming. Olivia wailed and thrashed around as I continued to wiggle my tongue on her clit and suck. She jerked and spasmed before finally pushing me back.

I rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her hips and straddling her legs. I pushed and sank my cock all the way into her. She shoved back as her pussy tightened and clenched, "YES!"

I pulled back to fuck her with long deep thrusts and she was pushing back to meet each one. She wiggled and moaned as she kept trying to push back. I laughed as I leaning over her, kissing her shoulder and fucking her firmly with long, deep, jabbing thrusts. She kept shuddering and jerking as her moans turned to wails.

She began to spasm and convulse as I continued to fuck her. She howled and screamed each time she came. She struggled and writhed around while her pussy constantly grasped and squeezed to milk my cock. It was awhile before I pushed all the way into her and pressed as I began to pump spurts of cum.

She jerked as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock, "oooohhhh!"

I held her as she continued to shudder until I was done and reluctantly pulled out and laid beside her. She turned and put her head on my shoulder, "nice."

I grinned as I caressed her side and breast, "very nice."

She giggled, "give me a few minutes and it is my turn."

The days were filled with our time together watching the land pass below and the nights fucking each other for hours. I glanced at Olivia as I pulled my trunk after me. The hot sandy desert outside shimmered in waves as we made our way out. The main sites were close by so most of the people were setting up elaborate tents.

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