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Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: They were created during the war. They were stronger and faster and used in the hardest battles. Now the war was over and out of ten thousand only fifty were left. Times are changing and passing and finally Tiger has found a mate and more of his people.

We were designed forty years ago, engineered. They called us catseyes because of our cat slit eyes. Besides the eyes that let us see in almost total darkness our muscles were more than twice as dense and our reactions twice as fast. There were also retractable claws but other than that we looked like normal humans ... Except we tended to regenerate and maintained the look of youth.

Ten thousand of us were created and trained. We were the front line soldiers, the shock troops. They had many names for us but after the last batch was hatched a strike destroyed the lab and the DNA plans were lost. Out of ten thousand only a few handful survived. Our DNA was dominate so any girl we got pregnant would have a catseye child.

I was one of the first hatched and had earned a reputation long before the war ended. I had earned promotions the hard way and few senior officers in fleet doubted it. It has been over twenty years since the war ended. There were only three catseyes on the ship; me, Dillon and his mate Tasha. She was young, only twenty but held a pilot rating.

I went through the tube first with a blanket of fog designed to kill laser beams and distort thermal scans. I planted the override and hit the hatch access before tossing a stun grenade into the airlock. I slipped the slim tinted eyeglasses off and into an arm sheath before moving into the airlock. I opened the inner hatch as I pulled both elegant plasma pistols.

When I moved it was quick, much faster than a human. Both pistols roared as I moved into the ship corridor and killed those waiting. I headed towards the bridge as Dillon turned to head for the engineering section. Twenty men and women from the federation anti smuggling task group followed us onto the ship.

I stepped onto the bridge and shot the captain as he raised a pistol. The bridge went quiet as the six men and women looked at me with white faces. I gestured and two men moved around me to secure the ship's crew. I turned and began searching the ship. I overrode the access on a large cabin and let it open as I stood to the side.

Plasma bolts exploded against the corridor wall from shots fired through the opening hatch. I slid in fast and fired twice to kill the two guards standing with modern assault rifles. In one corner was another man and a girl in her teens. My sense of smell awoke something that almost screamed in my brain.

I moved towards the man and he shoved the girl towards me as he tried to pull a weapon. I caught her shoulder easily as my other weapon lifted and the merchant froze. I gestured and he dropped the weapon before going to his knees. I glanced at the girl and froze as my green eyes locked with her green catseyes.

I tore them away and growled at the merchant, "she is your slave?"

He looked up and his eyes locked with mine before he went pale, he swallowed and nodded slowly. I smiled slightly, "one thousand credits."

He blinked and looked at the girl before nodding quickly. I kept my weapon on him as I let the girl go and pulled out a small comp and tossed it, "sign her over."

I did not tell him that as soon as the task group took custody, his credits and all his property would be stripped from him. I took my comp back and gestured, "get up and walk in front of me."

I reached for the girl's arm and pulled her close as I followed him out, "stay behind me girl."

Several men were waiting and one grinned, "a merchant and his doss. We will have fun."

I shoved the merchant and growled, "she is mine."

The man looked at me quickly and then at the girl before swallowing and nodding quickly, "sure Tiger. I did not mean to insult you."

I nodded and turned to search the other rooms, keeping the girl behind me. I met Dillon at the next corridor and he looked at me and then the girl before reaching out and tilting her head to see her eyes. He hissed and I smiled, "now Tasha will have a girlfriend."

He snorted and then laughed as he turned and headed towards the airlock. I slipped my weapons back into their holsters and put my glasses on. I glanced at the girl, "what are you called?"

She kept looking down, "Ginger master."

I stopped in the airlock to look at her and tilt her head to look into my eyes, "my name is Tiger."

She looked at me and slowly nodded. I pushed her towards the tube, "use the side rails and pull yourself across."

She looked and took a breath before diving into the tube. I followed and watched as she swam the tube smoothly and flipped before dropping out into the converted assault transport. I landed softly beside her and headed towards the inner hatch, "come Ginger."

I followed Dillon to the large bridge and smiled at the tiny woman that was the captain. She turned and grinned, "great work you two. We are already getting a list of the cargo..."

She frowned, "what did you find Tiger?"

I turned, "this is Ginger. One of ours that was a slave."

I heard Tasha gasp but watched the captain. She walked to us swiftly and reached out to tilt Ginger's face down and stare into her eyes. She looked at me and sighed, "welcome to the crew Ginger. She is your dependent Tiger."

She turned, "right. The cargo was mostly contraband weapons headed to Melborne."

I nodded, "the merchant's two bodyguards were carrying the new Mark seven assault rifles."

She walked towards the holo in the center of the bridge, "go play with catnip."

I laughed as Dillon chuckled and turned to head out. I led Ginger out and down to officer country and stopped beside my door and placed my hand on the lock plate, "computer add a new occupant."

"Place hand on the access plate to be registered and state name."

I removed my hand and looked at Ginger. She moved closer and timidly put her hand on the plate, "Ginger."

A moment later the hatch slid open and I led her in. She stood by the door and I took the glasses off before putting them in the arm sheath, "welcome home."

I sighed and headed towards the refresher and glanced back and stopped, "well?"

She moved after me but I could smell her fear. I smiled, "did the merchant use you?"

She nodded and I held out my hand, "come."

I pulled her after me and stripped her before slowly undressing. I pulled her into the shower and turned the water on. I washed her body and gritted my teeth at the bruises I found. I knew they were fresh because she would have already been healed if they were not. When I finished I washed quickly and shut the water off.

I pulled her out through the warm air dryer. She looked at me with wide eyes as I tapped a foot to show her to spread her legs. A few moments later I pulled her out and across to a small kitchen area, "have you eaten?"

She shook her head and I turned to pull a meal pack out. I heated it and set it on the table, "sit and eat."

While she was eating I went to get my dirty clothing. I went through them for weapons and equipment. I set everything on the table beside my bed. I took my clothes with her bare ship suit to the ship clothing refresher. I dropped them in and went to my clothing locker to pull out a shirt and pair of shorts.

I slipped the shorts on and went back to Ginger. She was just sitting but the meal was gone. I smiled and pulled her up and caressed her body and the bruises, "this will not happen again."

She looked into my face and I smiled as I put the shirt on her. I buttoned it and turned at the door chime, "come!"

The hatch opened and Tasha stood there with Dillon behind her. She walked in, "you have not bedded her?"

I smiled and turned to Ginger, "when she asks me I will bed her and not before."

She looked at me in surprise and Tasha laughed and put her arm around my waist, "Dillon owes me twenty credits. I told him you would wait."

I glanced at Dillon and he shrugged, "you have been alone a long time."

I sighed and looked at Ginger, "this is Dillon and his mate Tasha."

I looked at Tasha, "her name is Ginger."

She grinned, "I heard."

She reached out and touched Ginger's cheek, "you and I will talk. We are the only female catseyes on the ship."

Ginger looked at me and I shrugged, "I have to wear nose plugs when Tasha is in season."

Tasha slapped my shoulder as Dillon chuckled and Ginger smiled slightly. We sat in the small kitchen talking and Tasha caught us up on the comm traffic or fleet gossip whichever you want to call it. When she yawned Dillon stood, "about time, I am tired."

Tasha grinned as she stood, "you better not be too tired you tom cat."

I grinned as they left holding each other and sighed before standing, "time for bed."

I cleaned up quickly and dimmed the light even more before pulling Ginger to my wide bed. I pulled her shirt off and set it beside the bed and pushed her into bed under the sheet. I stripped my shorts off and followed her before pulling her against me, "sleep, you are safe."

It took me a little while to fall asleep and Ginger was breathing slowly and softly. I twisted at the body pressing onto me and ended with Ginger under me as my eyes snapped open. Her eyes were wide as I slowly relaxed, "wake me carefully beautiful."

She smiled, "I was horny and was going to fuck you."

I lifted and looked between us at my hard cock before pushing forward and forcing it into her. Her pussy was warm, tight and silky as it squeezed my cock. I shuddered and groaned as I began to fuck her slowly. I kissed her and kept fucking her with slow, deep thrusts. She groaned and clutched me as her pussy spasmed, "so big!"

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