Craig's List

by Rafel010

Caution: This Cousins Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Cousins, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Prostitution, .

Desc: Cousins Incest Sex Story: Finding and fucking my cousin from Craig's list

I was browsing the services on Craig's list when I saw erotic services, of course being a horny man. This peek my interest, women for men or (w4m) as it's listed under erotic services. The women are lovely, various shapes, size, color, prices and services. I spent about forty minutes just looking at the women and services.

My mouth was watering with all the possibilities and combinations, when I came across a goddess. This woman has long flowing dark hair, caramel silky skin, luscious lips, firm ripe breast, small tiny waist, full round hips, thighs shapely, legs long and an onion ass. That's a butt that's so fine; it will bring tears to your eyes.

This woman was lovely, her ad read. I'm Cuban and African American mixed, I stand 5'9" 120 pounds, long hair and legs. Firm breast and backside, I will treat you like a King. For a time that will take you to the next level of pleasure, plus curl your toes. Call xox-xox-6969 for donations and appointment. (Donations are so the girls won't get in trouble for solicitation.) My cock throbbed as I read the ad and before I knew it I was dialing the number.

As the phone rang I had a strange feeling that I knew this woman. But, I blew it off, because I knew I didn't know any one this bold, as the message said, in a seductive voice. I'm sorry that I missed your call. But, if you leave your name and number, I'll get back to you soon. Hehehe- giggled the voice after the message.

Wow, she giggles like my Aunt, I thought, leaving my name and number while trying to get my cock to settle down. I went about my day, but, I couldn't get that ad out of my mind. Along with the fact that I felt I knew her and that giggle.

My day went a long then became sour. You know those days where nothing goes according to plan. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, my cell rang.

Giggle, giggle... "Did you call for a date with Jewel?" The sultry voice got my full attention. After I found my tongue, "yes," I hissed as she ran down her donation and rules. My dick was stiffening as she purred in my ear and the picture of her ad flashed through my head.

We made arrangements to meet the next evening and I explained to her my fantasy. "That would be extra," she informed me, but, as hard as my cock was. She could have asked for the moon and gotten it.

My fantasy was to blind folder her as soon as she entered the room. Strip her and dress her in the lingerie I bought, pose her and start taking pictures. After some very sexy pictures, her giving me head, me doing her and me fucking her pussy real good. She will have earned every dime.

So, call me a control freak. The terms were set and I had some things to shop for. Arriving at the hotel we agreed on, I paid for the room, than set things up. I set out my digital camera, laptop, blind fold, her lingerie and a condom.

I got ice for the Hennessey I bought, to liven up the moment. In fact, let me have a drink since I got thirty minutes to kill, I told my self. Two cubes in a glass, just enough Hennessey to cover the ice. A few swirls and tingling of the ice. Ahhhh, it goes down so smooth, the alcohol relaxes the nerves, remove inhibitions and gives me what we lack naturally.

Just as my mellow was moving into high gear, a knock was at the door. "Are you ready," I asked, before opening the door, which was the signal for her to close her eyes. I open the door and guided her in; I placed the blind fold over her eyes. She giggled and I got that feeling again. I know that giggle and it's something very familiar about this women.

None the less I continued with my fantasy, placing her in the center of the room. I removed her long coat and delightfully found she had nothing on under it. "Dam", I blurted out. She smiled and in a lusty voice asked, "If I like what I saw?" "Do you need to ask," I responded with a question? "I thought I would save you some time this way," she told me.

Her body was even more sensational up close. I stood there in shock until she asked, "Was I still there." "Yes" I said, softly, my eyes drinking in every drop of her beauty. This woman's hair is long, dark and curly, her lips red and pouty. Her breasts were perky and full with long erect nipples. Her waist small high lighting her round hips, her legs long and sexy. Her pussy neatly trimmed with fat pussy lips, walking around her I said, "Dam again."

"Like that ass, don't you," she asked proudly. "Most defiantly," I told her. Her breathing became hard; me dressing her must have caught her by surprise. Something new and a turn on for her, some thing she never experience before. Grabbing the pink booty panties and parting her sexy legs and using my shoulder's for support. She steps into the panties and I slide them up over her lovely hips. Nice, was my commit as I reached for the matching garter belt, snapping it in place. I reach for the pink stockings, I removed her do me heels and massage the stockings up her long legs, as I snapped the stocking into the garter, the whole while my dick is throbbing. At times while dressing her it would poke her or throb on her leg adding to the anticipation. I poked her in the thigh as I place the bra over her ripe breast, we both sucked in air.

I place her on the bed, prompt her up on pillows, and turn her on her side, pushing her hips back and cross her legs. Wow, finer than any magazine I ever seen. Her Carmel skin really set off that pink. She really is earning these dollars, patient, confident and dam sexy.

I finally give the word to remove the blind fold. "Cousin" ... we both said. "I knew I knew that giggle," as we both laughed. She committed on what nice taste I had as we got comfortable. I didn't even try to cover my prick that bounced in the air. I couldn't believe my cousin was that fine and a lady of the night. "Take your pictures silly and close your mouth," she said with a smirk.

Her confidence and style made her good to the camera, some would say sexy. As I clicked away with the camera my mind reeled. Here I am taking naughty pictures of my hot, sexy, young cousin. Dick hard and I want to fuck.

She's going along like I'm just a regular John, dam there went her bra. I can't lie if she takes off those panties and show me that kitty cat again. Well, we will become kissing cousins, my mind raced. As she seductively unhook her stocking from he garter belt then roll them down her sexy legs. "Do you like your fantasy so far, she purred?? Am I all you dreamed about she," she teased??

Then she turned on her belly, pulled her panties half way down, lifted her ass in the air and posed, dam, slipped from my lips. She slipped her panties all the way off with her ass still in the air. I saw an onion ass part to reveal a wet pussy. My cock really began to dance as she repositioned her self on her back and spread eagle. Wet, swollen, pussy lips with a budding clit, she was really getting into the camera.

She pulled back her pussy lips with her hands showing me her pulsating clit; she licked the finger of her free hand and stroked her clit. My camera caught every shiver and pleasure wave that shot through her. She was making love to the camera as she slipped one, than a second finger into her tight looking hole. "My cousin you sure know how to do a fantasy," I told her.

My lust for my cousin grew and grew; her fingers sank in and out of her cunt. She began to moan and it was like music that called me to do her. I couldn't take any more, putting the camera down. I literally dove face first in to her very wet pussy.

"Oooooooh, cousin your tongue feels so good," she said with a purr. The lapping sounds were crazy as her sweet nectar coated my tongue. She opened her thighs wider and wider, allowing me greater accesses to her succulent pussy. Her pussy lips folded out, revealing a budding clit. That my lips encircled and my tongue began to caress.

She screeched in pleasure as her eyes rolled up into her head. She pulled softly on my ears as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Her thighs began to shake and her juices ran freely as she pulled her thighs up. "So good, so good," she mumbled. My cock jumped as I lapped at her hot cunt and enjoyed her sweet taste.

"I-I-I'm cum ... cum ... coming," she yelled! While her hands and thighs locked my head into place. She humped my mouth and tongue with reckless abandonment. Her panting was shallow and the jerking was getting violent as the pleasure ran through her. She was well on her way to another powerful orgasm saying how good I was making her kitty feel.

At that moment I slipped in two long fingers. "YES, Yes, that's how you freak a pussy," she blurted! Pushing a third finger into her wet snatch sent her into her second orgasm as she squirted in my mouth. She went silent as her hands and thighs released me. My mustache, lips and chin were soaked sweet in pussy juice along with my three fingers.

I began cleaning my fingers when she took a deep breathe and opened her eyes. Her body jumped as she squealed, "saying how erotic to see a man licking her pussy juices off his face and fingers. That's such a turn on," she hissed as she join in, licking her warm juices from my chin. She was right; this was an unusual sex encounter, really erotic and naughty. I don't know if I was so turned on because, she is so fine or she's fine and my hot ass cousin.

My thought was interrupted when she moaned and told me, "how good her cum tasted on my chin." As she sat back and opened her sexy legs to stroke her wet clit. The sight made my prick jerk while I finished cleaning my fingers. With her sexy body language and a pure look of lust on her face, she expressed to me, "that she wanted my hard cock."

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