Being Noticed

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The new usher in church was gorgeous, or at least so Cindy McGraw thought, and told her buddy Susie, and they had a giggle about it. Cindy also pointed out how nice the usher's 'man butt' looked. They giggled about that too. She met the usher, Lieutenant of Detectives Warren Giles shortly after that and they began a romance. There were things that Cindy planned to do at night that might get her in trouble but she went ahead anyway.

Cindy McGraw hurried into the church, realizing that she was almost late -- almost, not quite. She got a smile from the usher in the back, a tall man that she didn't know but, she realized instantly, wished that she did. She gave him a fleeting but dazzling smile and headed for the pew that she always shared with her best friend, Susie Schultheis.

She sat out of breath and gave Susie a quick kiss on the cheek, receiving one in return from Susie.

"Susie, Susie," Cindy whispered breathlessly. "Who is that gorgeous new usher?"

Susie giggled softly and said: "I was wondering if you'd notice him, when you came streaming in!"

"Notice!" Cindy said, finally catching her breath, "Of course I noticed him. I almost fainted, when I saw him! But who is he? He's gorgeous!"

"That's the new lieutenant from police headquarters," Susie said with a smile and a suppressed giggle.

"Ohhhhhh," Cindy said, grinning, "A copper, a wonderful, beautiful, magnificent copper!"

"Cindy," Susie said, suppressing a laugh, "Stop it and remember where you are!"

"Yes," Cindy answered, "But if I'm going to have to confess in a few minutes, I want to have some nifty sins to confess!"

Susie put her hand over her mouth and barely held back a shriek. "I shouldn't even sit next to you," Susie said, "The lightning will get me too!"

Then Susie got a wicked look on her face and put her lips to Cindy's ear and said: "Girl you have to get done!"

Cindy grinned at her friend and said, in a quiet whisper: "That's exactly what I'm talking about! Just because you're married and active..."

The statement, as it always did, served to get Susie to smile.

"Stop now, Cindy McGraw!" Susie warned, "They're going to start!"

"Okay," Cindy said, "I'll be good now."

"I really doubt it," Susie began but then their voices, which 'til then were only for each other, were drowned out by the beginning of the organ prelude."

"Oh, how lovely," Cindy, who was really much more serious about worship that the previous little interlude with Susie suggested, said, as she listened to the glorious strains of the organ prelude.

During the service there was only one more time, when the two of them were active. During the reception of the offering, the tall, gorgeous lieutenant/usher came down the aisle to receive the plates.

Cindy poked Susie in the ribs, when she saw him moving down the aisle, and didn't have to say anything else. Susie broke into a smile, at Cindy's poke. They both knew that Cindy was calling attention to 'the lieutenant', and especially, Susie surmised, to the Lieutenant's butt. She was determined not to look at her friend Cindy, or she knew she'd lose it.

The usher/lieutenant was actually Lieutenant of Detectives Warren Giles. He was relatively new to the police department, having come from the force at the nearby state capital. He had a friend who was assistant chief locally and had actually recruited Warren for the job with the detectives.

Warren was, at that time, 35 years old and decided on the move to put behind him an unhappy love affair that he'd been involved in for the past year and a half. He had seriously thought that the affair was going to lead to marriage, until he was totally disabused of that idea by his 'lady friend', who told him in no uncertain terms, when she thought that he was 'pressing' her, that she wasn't interested in an on-going relationship, and she thought that their relationship had run its course.

It was precisely at that time that Warren had been approached by Assistant Chief Thomas about the detective job. Assistant Chief Thomas felt, and the chief agreed, that they needed more seasoned help with their detective squad and getting Warren to come to the force seemed to be exactly the right tactic.

The timing and the opportunity were both good for Warren and he took the assistant chief up on the offer.

He was enjoying the work and had undertaken to begin to mold the young detective department, with some fairly good results.

At about the same time that he'd moved to take over the new detective's job, Warren joined a local Lutheran Church, the kind of church in which he was raised and was heartily welcomed among the members of the congregation. He was, shortly after joining the church, recruited to join the group of ushers and was pleased to be able to contribute in that way as a member.

It's why he was 'on duty' that Sunday morning and was notice by Cindy McGraw.

He also, for his part, remembered her, having seen her at least a time before and was struck by the dazzling smile, which she gave him, as she came into the sanctuary that morning.

At that point in her life, Cindy was 33 and had spent all of her post high school years, during college and graduate school, playing the field. She had been really very careful about that issue of 'playing the field'. She realized how easily a girl/woman could get a reputation among the men for being 'friendly' on a date.

She tried to handle that by not dating men who were members of the same crowd. She also was very selective about how friendly she was and with whom. It seemed to have worked for her thus far.

But she was approaching that time in her life, when she was having second thoughts about that kind of style for her.

She shocked herself by thinking and dwelling on thoughts more and more about 'settling down'. It seemed to have become for her a kind of a growing yearning and she was looking at and thinking about men differently these days than before.

After college, she'd continued her studies until she'd gotten advanced degrees and an eventual PhD in economics and accounting. She was teaching at the local branch of the state university, where she was an extremely popular teacher and simply enjoyed her position.

Cindy was a lovely 5'6"with light brown hair and brown eyes; she carried her 125 lbs rather well. Susie was constantly talking about how jealous she was of Cindy's 'rack', as she called it and Cindy's lovely butt. It caused the two of them to giggle time time again.

She and Susie, as was their custom, went out for brunch, after the service. She did have another chance to give one of those dazzling smiles to Warren, as she was leaving the church.

"Did you see?" Cindy asked breathlessly, once they were seated at the local Bob Evans for their post church breakfast, a pleasant habit for them.

"See what?" Susie asked, playing dumb on purpose to goad Cindy on.

"Come on!" Cindy said. "Did you see the man ass on him?"

Susie covered her mouth with her hand and simply gave in to her tendency to giggle.

"Stunning, muscular, shapely!" Cindy rhapsodized.

"Stop!" Susie said, still giggling. "You'll make me pee myself!"

Cindy gave Susie a sly look and Susie held up her hand and said: "Don't you dare, Cynthia McGraw, don't you dare!"

Cindy just gave Susie another sly look and leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

"You are so bad!" Susie said.

"Yes, but I was truthful! Admit it!" Cindy came back.

"Yes, I admit it!" Susie said. "My Darren is going to get a workout tonight because of your rhapsodizing about the lieutenant's butt!"

Cindy giggled. "Yes, big, muscular and wonderful! Bitable!"

They both collapsed into giggles then.

Both Cindy and Susie had busy weeks that week, Susie with her nursing schedule and Cindy with her teaching commitments. They did have time for coffee about mid week but spent time talking to each other on the phone otherwise. Part of their every interaction at this point was Lieutenant Warren Giles.

"You're obsessed!" Susie charged, during one of their phone conversations.

"Am not," Cindy countered, "Just on the hunt!"

"Hmm, that so?" Susie came back.

"Yes, it's high time for me to find a man and I think that I've found one for myself, namely Lieutenant Warren Giles!" Cindy said with some satisfaction.

"Well, happy hunting," Susie said and they both, naturally were laughing right away.

The following Sunday Cindy was really careful about how she was dressed. She was turned out to impress. It was a new dark blue suit with a skirt that was both short and tight, extra tight across the butt.

She stood and gazed at herself in the mirror at home and asked her lovely cat, Mabel, how she looked.

Mabel gave an appreciative sound and Cindy bent down to give the pretty little tabby a kiss on the head. Mabel responded by rolling onto her back to have her belly scratched.

"Oh, Mabel," Cindy said, "That's exactly what I want to do, when I see the Lieutenant!" It made her laugh and caused Mabel to comment that much more.

"Too tight, honey?" Cindy asked, standing with her back to the mirror and assessing the way her butt looked.

"Can see panty lines, if you look carefully!" Cindy said, this time with a grin and Mabel added a 'yowel' of her own to the proceedings.

"I agree," Cindy said, "Man bait! Hope it's Lieutenant bait!"

She thought for a moment and then went on: "Need to find out some things about him. Is he taken -- hope not! Or is he available? Hope so!"

As a matter of fact, Warren Giles was not taken. He had indeed moved away from the attitude that he ultimately discovered in his lady friend, Wendy, back 'home'. He presently wasn't looking for romance or for an entanglement of any kind. But, of course, Warren Giles hadn't counted on Cynthia McGraw at all.

She got there early that Sunday, outside of 'All Saints' and waited. She greeted many people, as they went in. She'd been a member ever since moving to town to take the teaching position that she now held.

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