Frank Beth Anne and Glenda

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Frank finds out his wife is untrue.

I had been married to Beth Anne for eleven years when the event that started this tale took place. We had gotten together in the tenth grade, started going steady just before the start of summer vacation between eleventh and twelfth grades and were joined at the hip from then on.

We made plans to be married when we graduated from college and one month after that momentous event we tied the knot. Altogether we had been a couple for just a little over eighteen years.

We both wanted to succeed in our careers and we made the decision not to ever have children much to the despair of both sets of parents. To eliminate the need for condoms, birth control pills and the like I had myself snipped.

We both did well in our careers and after living in an apartment for nine years we finally saved up enough money for a sizeable down payment on a nice house in a good neighborhood. Our neighbors were a mix of young couples like ourselves and older more established couples. It wasn't long before we were part of the social fabric of the neighborhood. There were backyard barbecues, card nights, dinner parties and occasionally a group of us would go out for a night on the town.

Strangely, given the number of couples our own age, the couple we were closest to were in their mid-forties. Jason and Glenda were our next door neighbors and for all practical purposes you might as well have said that we somewhat lived together. There was no fence between us and our backyards blended together.

We had a six person hot tub on our patio and they had an in ground swimming pool. We both had barbecue grills and the four of us moved back and forth at will. It was not uncommon for me to come home from work and find Jase and Glennie in our hot tub or for them to look out their kitchen window and find me and Beth splashing around in their pool. Many were the times I would arrive home from a hard day at the office and find Beth, Glennie and Jase fixing dinner on our patio or theirs. It was pretty much like family.

Jason was about six two and one eighty-five and had a lean athletic body which he kept trim by using the gym he had set up in his basement. Glenda was a beautiful woman who at forty-four had a body that a woman ten years younger would have killed for. She also kept herself in shape using the gym in their basement. While Glenda was not an out and out exhibitionist she would regularly wear tight clothes, short skirts and dresses and skimpy bikinis. I would be lying if I said that being around Glenda didn't make me hard.

As usually happens in a close knit group there is a lot of joking around and harmless flirting, but to be honest here it was mostly Glennie flirting with me. When you are as close as we were to the Carlsons (Jase and Glennie) you learn things about them and they learn things about you. One of the things that Glennie learned about me was that I liked to see sexy lingerie on ladies and that high heels and stockings were a turn on for me. She also learned that Beth didn't care for either of those things. Beth thought sexy lingerie was frivolous and a waste of money and she didn't like high heels at all. She said anything more than a two inch heel made her ankles hurt and swell.

Often when Beth and Jason weren't around or watching she would say things like "If I were your woman I'd never wear anything other than sexy under things" or "Maybe I should buy a pair of six inch stilettos and wear them for you." On a couple of occasions she pulled up the hem of her skirt or dress and gave me a quick glimpse of a thong or a pair of lacy panties.

I enjoyed Glennie's flirting and attention, but I had never considered it to be serious. I assumed that she was happy in her marriage as I was in mine and that her flirting, risqué as it was, was harmless.

The event that prompted this little tale happened on a Saturday at a barbecue at Glenda's and Jason's. Half the neighborhood was there and about two hours into the party I had to take a leak. I went into the house and found that both bathrooms were already occupied. I needed to go so bad that I was holding my crotch and rocking back and forth on my feet. I suppose I could have run for home, but I didn't think I could hold it that long. As familiar as I was with the Carlson's house I knew there was a toilet just off the bathroom in their master bedroom and I made a beeline for it.

I was shaking the last drops off of it when I heard the bedroom door open and close. Then I heard Beth say:

"Just what is so important that you had to get me up hear to speak to me in private?"

"I'm horny as hell and I need some of your pussy" Jason said.

"For Christ's sake Jason; Frank and Glenda are just downstairs. Besides, I gave you two hours at lunch yesterday."

"Two hours on a long lunch isn't enough. I need it. Please?"

"Okay, but just a quickie. No blow job or ass. Just a quick fuck. Go lock the door while I get my panties off."

From where I was at the toilet I could see the large mirror above the counter with the two sinks and it showed me what was going on in the bedroom. Beth was wearing a skirt and she lifted it and took her panties off while Jason locked the door. Beth tossed her panties on the bed and leaned forward on her elbows and Jason unzipped, took out his cock and took Beth from behind.

I was stunned at first and then I shook it off and was just getting ready to storm into the bedroom when a voice in my head said, "Hold on. See what else happens. There might be stuff you need to know. I held myself back and then watched the action in the mirror. It was indeed a quickie as it was over in three or four minutes and then Jason pulled out. Beth stood up and grabbed her panties and at that point I figured that she would come into the bathroom and find out she was busted. That didn't happen. She wiped herself with the panties and put them on as Jason said:

"Can we get together tomorrow?"

"No. Frank and I are going to his parent's house for a birthday party."

"Monday then?"

"You know better. Monday's and Thursday s belong to Julius. You will have to wait until Tuesday" she said as she opened the door and looked to see if it was clear to leave and then the two of them left.

I stood there as things rolled around in my mind. Beth was regularly fucking Jason and from what I'd just heard she was also regularly fucking her boss? Julius Barko owned the company where Beth worked. I gave the two cheating fucks time to get clear and then rejoined the party.

As I walked out onto the patio I saw Beth talking to Glenda and I wondered if Glennie had any inkling that Jason was cheating on her and with the cunt she was talking to. No way of knowing without asking and I wasn't ready for that just yet.

Ever since leaving the bathroom my mind had been working overtime on what to do with my new found knowledge. One thing was sure. Beth and I were done. What I had to do was figure out how I wanted things to end...

Around ten the party began to wind down and Beth and I went home. When Beth was drinking, and she'd had more than a few at the barbecue, she got amorous and I expected that she was going to want to play when we went to bed.

Our love making usually started with me going down on Beth, but it wasn't going to happen on that night. It pissed me off greatly that the cunt cheated on me, but I was even more pissed that the cunt thought so little of me that she would feed me her lover's deposit. She hadn't cleaned up when she finished with Jason and she had immediately stripped, got on the bed, spread her legs and waited for me when we got to the bedroom.

Nosireebob!! Not gonna happen!

I knew that she had probably done it to me before and I hadn't noticed, but that was water over the dam and nothing I could do about it now. I'd fuck the cunt, but no fucking oral unless she wanted to try and get me up for a second time. I'd fuck the cunt because not to do so wouldn't be natural and might make her wonder why and I didn't want that. When what I was planning happened I didn't want her to see it coming.

I climbed on the bed and as I moved between the cunt's legs she reached down and pulled her cunt lips apart for my tongue, but I moved forward, pointed my cock at her hole and then shoved it home. I knew I was getting sloppy seconds, but it wasn't the first time. Not counting the times I'd followed Jason or Julius into her (unknowingly) I'd had plenty of sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths and even fifths in college at frat parties and I already knew that it wouldn't kill me. My attitude toward Beth from then on was going to be "Pussy is pussy and take it while you can get it."

I fucked her and when I finished I rolled off of her and onto my back. She sat up and said, "You aren't done yet lover" and she moved to take me in her mouth. As she sucked on my cock and tasted the mixture of mine and Jason's cum that was on it I wondered if she could differentiate tastes. Could she tell the difference between my sperm and Jason's? And how about what she got from Julius? Or for that matter a mixture of all three? I had that thought because I wouldn't have put it past her that she'd had all three on the same day a time or two.

Whatever! She did get me up again and I did fuck her a second time and then I rolled over and went to sleep.

I treated Sunday as any other Sunday and worked in the yard while Beth did laundry and cleaned the breakfast dishes. I was pulling weeds out of the flower beds when Beth came out in her bikini and went next door and jumped in the pool. About five minutes later Jason came out and jumped into the pool with her.

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