The Other Side of the Coin

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Shemale, Fiction, Group Sex, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Jordon thought he had put one over on his girlfriend when he used a two-headed coin to decide who they should invite to their ménage à trois. When she found out, Heather decided to show him that the coin had two sides after all.

"Oh baby, that was really great," Jordan Carter said as the nude brunette that had just ridden him to orgasm slid off his cock and dropped down next to him on the bed.

Heather White smiled as she snuggled against her lover. She agreed with him, but really didn't feel the need to actually say so.

Heather and Jordan had been a couple for almost two years. In that time, their sex life had become increasingly adventurous. From oral sex in public places to the introduction of toys into their sexplay.

Heather White was twenty-two years old and worked at a real estate office that her father owned. Five foot five with short dark brown hair that matched her eyes; she had a slim body that perfectly matched her small breasts.

Jordan Carter was two years older and a half-foot taller, with gray eyes and black hair. An account manager at a local bank, he had met Heather through his older sister, Connie, who also worked at the real estate office. She and Heather were best friends and the older girl was sure the two of them would hit it off.

And hit it off they had, both in and out of bed. Neither of them was looking to settle down at this point in their lives. Just to enjoy life and have some fun. It was a relationship that worked for both of them.

Laying naked in bed, the two of them picked up on a conversation that had been going on for over two weeks now. As good as their sex life was, it was beginning to become routine once more. Perhaps it was time, they said to each other, to spice it up once more.

At the top of the list of possible spices, had been the idea of adding a third party to their lovemaking. A suggestion Jordan had brought up more that a few times in their relationship, only to be rebuffed by Heather. Recently, the idea had returned with a vengeance since Heather confessed that back in high school she'd once done it with one of her girlfriends.

"It's not like it's something that you haven't done before," Jordan said as they debated the issue.

"I'm really beginning to regret ever telling you about me and Lisa," Heather replied, "you don't seem to be able to think about anything else."

"That's because it's such a hot idea," he said. "Just the image of you and another girl makes me so..."

"That's another thing," Heather cut him off. "Say we do decide to have a ménage à trois. Who said it had to be with another girl?"

"What else would it be?"

"Well," the short haired brunette said as she rolled over and got up out of bed. "Did you ever consider the idea that maybe I mind want to get it on with another guy?"

"Another guy?" Jordan said, the tone in his voice indicating that he'd never considered the idea before.

"Yes, another guy," Heather repeated as she glanced into the image of her lover reflected in the large bedroom mirror. "I've always wondered what it would be like to have two cocks at once."

"I didn't think of that," he answered as the prospect of another man fucking his girlfriend threw cold water on his desire for a three-way.

"Also, I think watching you play a little with another guy would be really hot too," she unexpectedly added.

"Me," Jordan said in shock, "play with another guy?"

"Oh I don't mean you have to bend over and let him do you or anything like that," Heather said with a mischievous grin, remembering the few occasions when she'd let him fuck her ass, "but I think I'd come just from watching you blow another guy."

Jordan was totally speechless. Never in his life had he ever considered such a thing.

"Oh I see," Heather said in a strong tone with just a touch of anger. "It's okay for me to be with another woman and suck her pussy, but not for you to do anything with a guy."

"Heather, baby," he said, realizing that he was in a little trouble here, "you just took me by surprise here, that's all."

"So if I do say we'll have a threesome, then you'll consider the idea of having it with another man." she said as she climbed back on the bed.

"I don't know," Jordan said, trying to think of a way out of it.

"Then I guess we should just forget the whole idea," Heather said as she picked her bra and panties off the floor and began to put them back on. Normally, she would take a quick shower first, possibly sharing it with her lover. Right now, she just wanted to get dressed and leave.

"No, wait a minute," Jordan said as he also got out of bed. "We just need to talk about it some more."

"What's there to talk about?" Heather said as she adjusted her bra. "We either do it or we don't."

"How about we try it first with another girl, then if that goes okay we'll try it later with a guy?" Jordan suggested, trying to keep the possibility of his fantasy alive.

"Or we could just as easily do it with another guy first, then a girl," she proposed.

Jordan watched Heather finish dressing as he tried to think of a third possibility. To buy time, he decided to ask a few questions while he thought.

"If we did do this, who would we ask to be the third?"

"Well, my first choice for a girl would be Connie," Heather answered, "but with you involved that wouldn't work. After all, she's your sister. I'd have to think about it a little, but I'm sure I could come up with someone. Do you think one of your buddies would be interested if we went with a guy?"

Jordan knew that most of his friends would definitely be interested in a chance to fuck Heather. But even if he went along with that, there was no way he was going to play with one of them as Heather said she expected.

"Maybe it should be with a stranger," Jordan finally said, "someone that we wouldn't have to see all the time afterwards."

"Well I wouldn't have a problem with that," she said as she finished dressing, "but if you do, then a stranger would be fine. I've seen plenty of ads online for people looking for a third."

"Okay," Jordan agreed.

"Then we just have to decide which it's going to be," Heather concluded.

"We don't have to do this right now," the dark-haired man said as he put on his underwear.

"Why not."

"Well we should talk about it some more and..."

"No," Heather interrupted. "No more talk. Either we do it or we don't."

"But we haven't decided on which way we're..."

"Then we'll cut cards or roll a dice or..."

" ... or toss a coin," Jordan finished her sentence.

"Or toss a coin," Heather repeated. "Whichever, but we're going to decide it right now."

Jordan knew she was quite serious about it. When the urge was upon her, as she liked to describe it, there was no arguing with her. Once she got an idea into her head, like the time she stuck her head under the blanket when they were taking the redeye flight back from New York and sucked him off, her hormones took over.

"Okay, we'll toss a coin then," he finally conceded.

"Whoever wins, we do it, agreed," Heather insisted. "No backing out if it doesn't come up the way you want."

"Agreed," Jordan said, "but let me get my grandfather's twenty dollar gold coin to toss. It's my good luck piece."

Heather agreed as Jordan rummaged through his top drawer for the coin. For something that was supposed to be so important to him, he didn't seem to keep in a very safe place. Tired of waiting, she was about to say that any coin would do when he came up with the heirloom.

"Heads it's a girl," he said as he stepped back to Heather and began to toss it into the air, "tails a guy."

"Alright," Heather agreed as she watched the bright coin spin in the air, then fall to the ground right by their feet.

"What is it?" Jordan said, his voice reflecting his nervousness.

"Looks like you win," Heather said with a shrug of her shoulders. "It's heads."

Jordan resisted the urge to jump for joy. Instead he just smiled as he bent down to retrieve his grandfather's coin. Now that the issue had been decided, he regretted his suggestion that they pick a stranger. Heather had some really hot girlfriends, any one of which he'd love to fuck.

The thought of her girlfriends and her statement that if she hadn't been his sister, that Connie would've been her first choice got him to thinking. Seeing that she had admitted to once being with one of her girlfriends, could she and Connie ever have... ?

Heather interrupted his train of thought and the image that accompanied it as she congratulated him once more. As she kissed him, she grabbed his cock and gave it a playful tug. It surprised her that it was again semi-hard.

"Guess you're already turned on by the idea, lover," she smiled as she broke their kiss. "I'll have to find a real hottie for you."

"You're not mad you lost?" he asked.

"Why would I be mad?" she lied badly. "I could just have easily have won. Either way, we're both going to have fun."

"Yeah, you're right," Jordan grinned.

"I'll use the computer at work to look up some ads tomorrow and see what we can find," she said as she kissed him one last time at the door. "If we're lucky, maybe we can set something up for next weekend."

"That would be great," Jordan said as he watched her board the elevator before closing his apartment door.

Stepping back into his bedroom, Jordan again tossed his lucky coin, this time, catching it in mid-air. He laughed as he looked down into his outstretched palm. The twenty-dollar piece had come up heads once again.

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