You've Got Mail

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Oral Sex, Big Breasts, older woman seduces young man,young man fucks older woman,woman has cyber sex,online sex.

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Noemi Velez was new to the online world and had no idea how interesting it could be. Especially when the thin line between reality and fantasy faded away.

The clock had just struck seven by the time Noemi Velez stepped into her small basement apartment and reached for the light switch by the door. No sooner had the room filled with light, the thirty-six-year-old Puerto Rican woman went right to her computer and booted it up.

Two months ago, the Assistant Store Manager at Food King didn't even own a home computer and if asked, had no intention of getting one. Her sister had given her this old PC when she had bought her son a newer model. It was a pretty basic machine and she had no idea what her nephew was talking about when he told her that it had a 33 MHz chip, 8 Megs of RAM and a 540 hard drive. Still, he had promised her, it was enough for her to use as a word processor, keep track of her bills and most importantly, in his opinion, go online.

Noemi had played with the computer for a while, and then let it sit idle for the next month. One day at work, the store had received a crate of free CD's for America On-Line and she took one home, deciding to see what all the fuss was about. The first month was free so she figured she had nothing to lose.

Picking the rather silly online name of Grocery Girl, Noemi logged on. To say that the chat rooms where an eye opener was an understatement. Eighty percent of them seemed to be about sex in one form or another. Men seeking women, men seeking men, women seeking women and dozens of variations in-between. No sooner had she visited the most innocent of rooms, she was inundated with messages. Messages that ranged from simple hellos to rather intimate suggestions. All of which she politely declined.

Noemi was far from an innocent. She had been married for five years and divorced for nine. Her marriage had fallen apart when her husband discovered she couldn't have children. Unable to bear the thought of never having a son to carry on his name, he had asked for a divorce. Not wanting to remain in a union where the love had faded, Noemi had agreed.

She'd had a few lovers in the years since, including her current boyfriend, but no further offers of marriage. Something that suited her as she was quite happy being a single, independent woman. She had a good job, a nice place to live, and a steady love life. In fact, steady was a word that could be applied to most aspects of her life. Steady as in uneventful.

One room caught her attention - "Young Men Seeking Older Women." Figuring it would be good for a few laughs, she entered the room.

As she expected, a barrage of rather graphic proposals filled her screen. This time she just ignored the worst of them. Noemi traded a few one-liners with others as one by one they lost interest as she made it clear that no, she had no nude pictures of herself and that she didn't want to try cyber-sex.

After an hour of this, Noemi decided she'd had all of the online experience that she was ever going to need. She was about to log off when one last message appeared on the screen.

JonD1982: Can we chat? My name is Jon.

Noemi sent him the same message she had sent the last dozen guys, figuring that he would then move on to more willing partners. To her surprise, he said that was okay and that he just wanted to chat. He then suggested they move to a private chat to avoid the more annoying people in the adult room.

Thinking it was still early; the redhead decided why not and moved to a private room. After all, she could always log off if the conversation turned in a direction she didn't like.

His name, as he had said, was Jon, short for Jonathan. He was eighteen years old and actually lived in the same state as Noemi. She thought it funny that with the online service covering half the world, she'd wind up chatting with someone only a few hundred miles away. A college student during the week, he worked weekends and some nights at one of the numerous Twenty-Four & Seven convience stores that lined the Interstate.

The conversation turned out to be very interesting, covering topics ranging from music to television and the movies. It'd been a long time since Noemi had talked to a teenager, at least one that didn't work for her at the Food King. Most conversations with them consisted of reminders that they were being paid to do a job and not just hang out. Before she knew it, the clock on the wall said it was after midnight.

Saying good night, she logged off and decided that maybe it hadn't been such a wasted night after all. If anything, it beat the reruns on television.

A few nights later, she was again a little bored and decided to give AOL another try. This time she avoided the chat rooms and concentrated on the content areas of the service. Noemi had been on about twenty minutes when a message flashed on her screen.

JonD1982: Hello :) I hope you don't mind but I put you on my Friends List.

Noemi typed back a greeting, not quite sure what a Friends List was. Jon said he enjoyed their chat last week and he hoped she did too.

Grocery Girl: Actually yes I did. It was very interesting.

JonD1982: Would you like to chat again?

Thinking that she really hadn't found anything else interesting on the service, Noemi said why not.

They had been talking for a while when the older woman remembered the room they had been in the first time. She began to wonder what he had been doing there in the first place.

Grocery Girl: Would you mind if I asked a question?

JonD1982: Of course not.

Grocery Girl: Why were you in that room the other night? The one where you first saw me.

JonD1982: I was just playing around.

Grocery Girl: Oh I understand that part of it. I mean that room in particular. Are you actually interested in older women?

JonD1982: Sometimes.

Grocery Girl: Interested sexually?

JonD1982: Yes ... I hope that doesn't bother you?

Noemi thought about it for a few seconds. In some ways, she thought that maybe it should. Yet overall, she found that it didn't. If anything, it made her more curious.

Grocery Girl: No, it doesn't. Would you mind if I ask a few more questions? I'll understand if they are too personal.

JonD1982: Not at all. Ask anything you want.

Grocery Girl: What is it about older women that you find so interesting.

JonD1982: I'm not sure how to exactly explain it. I guess it's because they are more experienced and know what they want.

Grocery Girl: Have you ever been with an older woman?

JonD1982: No, only in my imagination.

Grocery Girl: Have you ever been with any woman?

JonD1982: I've been with two girls from school. Both were my age.

Noemi was tempted to inquire just how far Jon's experiences with those girls from school had gone, then decided against it. She did, however, get the impression that the young man might still be a virgin. Despite his offer to answer any question, she didn't want to embarrass him.

Grocery Girl: Have you talked to other older women on here?

JonD1982: A couple.

Grocery Girl: Do you have cyber-sex with them?

JonD1982: Sometimes.

Grocery Girl: Is that what you wanted from me last week? To have cyber-sex with you?

JonD1982: If you wanted to. But I liked just talking to you about other things too.

Noemi paused again for a minute to think about what he had said. Before this moment, she never really understood this fascination with cyber-sex that all these people online seemed to have. She always imagined it a little strange writing sexy words on a screen while someone on the other side most likely played with themselves. Still, she was finding a certain thrill in just having this personal conversation with Jon.

Grocery Girl: Do you want to have cyber-sex with me?

JonD1982: I'd love it!

Noemi could almost see the excitement in his words. To her surprise she also felt a part of it as well. It wasn't that she didn't have a warm body in her bed when she wanted it. There was just something in the idea of getting of this young man with just her imagination. The chance to do something new.

Grocery Girl: Well I've never done anything like this before, but why not? You're going to have to help me get started. What do I do first?

JonD1982: You could tell me what you are wearing.

Noemi thought about it. The baggy gray sweatshirt she was wearing was hardly sexy. Well, that was the advantage of cyber-sex she said to herself, you could be almost anything you wanted to be.

Grocery Girl: I'm wearing just a bra and lace panties.

JonD1982: Do you have big breasts?

Grocery Girl: Actually I do - 38D. But I want to be honest and say that I'm also a little on the heavy side, five foot five and a hundred and sixty pounds. My hair is pretty short, cut just above my neck and it's a sort of reddish brown. Oh and I'm thirty-six.

JonD1982: You sound very pretty. Most people make themselves sound like models right out of Playboy.

Grocery Girl: Well no one's going to pay to see me in the nude. :)

JonD1982: I would. :)

Noemi was almost blushing when she read that. They had just gotten started and already her nipples were hard and she felt a definite moistness between her legs. Keeping one hand on the keyboard, she slid the other beneath the waistband of her sweatpants.

Grocery Girl: What do you look like?

JonD1982: I'm five seven and a hundred and forty pounds. Short black hair and clean shaven. Not a jock but like to think I'm in pretty good shape. I'll be nineteen next month.

"Sounds nicer than Jim," the redhead said to herself as she imagined her sometimes lover's naked body. "Since this is supposed to be sex talk, I might as well ask the big question."

Grocery Girl: How big is your cock?

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