A Late Thanksgiving Visit

by Baron Munchausen

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Desc: Fiction Sex Story: My sister in law visits my bed late on Thanksgiving.

Ever since I was a child I have loved the holidays. I love the food, the drink, the presents and all of the frivolity that goes with them. It has always been a time of family and togetherness. I came from a rather small family and now that there are only two of us left for years it was usually only one holiday every few years that I had with my family.

However, since I have got married three years ago, we celebrate the holidays with my wife's family; each holiday is hosted by a different relative.

This year Thanksgiving fell to Janice and I. As Janice had given birth to our first child about five months ago I thought that we should take up her sister's offer to hold it this year. But, Janice wouldn't hear of it. "I don't want to look like I'm too delicate and pampered. I can and will do it ... with some help of course," she said as she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

I pulled her into my arms and held her tight. "I think that you could use a little help and pampering right now," I whispered, my hands running down her back to her ass and my hips pushing into hers.

"Oh, yea I could definitely use some of your pampering," Janice giggled as she exposed her neck to my kisses.

My dick was rock hard and I knew that she could feel it pressing up against her stomach. She wiggled her ass as she turned and we walked toward our bedroom. We didn't get far when our little Matthew started to cry.

Janice laughed, "Foiled again ... I better get him. He is going to be hungry and probably needs to be changed and I should give him a bath."

As Janice went to get the baby, I went down to my office and continued to work on a brief that I had started earlier.

I have a small office on the ground floor of our split-level home. There is also a family room and a laundry room between the office and family room. The office has a desk, my file cabinet and a small day bed, that I use more as a place to put my papers on than a bed.

I turned on my laptop and was thinking about pulling up some porn and whacking my meat. But decided against it. Janice and I haven't made love in over two weeks. It's me working, the baby crying or the fact that both of us were too damn tired.

I had finished a trial, yesterday and although I won, I now had all of the post-trial motions and papers to submit to the judge. And there were also all of the reports to the client that had to be out "yesterday."

Janice had been doing preparation for the Thanksgiving feast all week long. She wanted everything to be perfect for tomorrow. Between that and changing, breast feeding and just taking care of the baby, she was usually exhausted when I got home. That was if she was still awake.

But, starting tomorrow, I was not going to work for the next four days (maybe). I was going to take four whole days off. That was something I hadn't done in ages. Hell, I was working toward a partnership and I really wanted it.

I stayed at the computer all evening and I finally finished the last of the reports a little after three in the morning. Janice had been asleep for hours. I was horny and I wanted sex, but I just couldn't wake her. So once again I went to sleep with a hard on.

I woke up at well after noon, Janice had been up for hours getting ready for the invasion of her family. They would come bearing gifts of food, wine and liquor. Janice's family loved the holidays, and that meant a lot of food, wine and liquor.

We had one rule, no one went home after dinner. No matter how small the house everyone would stay. So, Janice's mother and father, two sisters their husbands and two children were here for the night. It really was enjoyable and it kept us all alive.

Janice has two older sisters and her parents, I on the other hand only have a cousin, and she lives in Alaska with her family, somewhere in the northern forests about a hundred and fifty miles north of Fairbanks. I had visited her a couple of times, in that frozen country, a number of years ago. The first time, was just after I got out of the Army, I spent the summer with her. Had a wonderful time, but that's another story.

Janice and her mother, Bridget were in the kitchen having a cup of coffee, at the table. They had been preparing for dinner. Now that the turkey was in the oven and most of the side dishes were ready, they were sitting, having coffee and talking.

As I walked in, Janice came over to me with a cup of coffee. She smiled and said, "Good Morning ... I mean good afternoon, my love. Did you sleep well?" She kissed me and gave me the coffee

My Mother-in-law (Mom) smiled at me and said, "Good afternoon, sleepy head. It's about time you got up. We have been slaving away in this hot kitchen for hours."

I returned her smile and in a phony sympathetic voice said, "Yea, I can see how hard you're working. You're just slaving away, lifting that coffee cup to your lips and eating those muffins. If you want I will chew that one up for you."

"I'm sure you will. And swallow it and digest it for me too, right?"

"If you want, sure. But I was thinking that I would just chew it up and spit onto your plate, this way you could just fork it in and swallow."

"JACK, THAT'S DISGUSTING. Now stop," Janice yelled laughingly.

Then she went on, "Jack says that they would do that when he was over-seas, to see if they could get the new guys sick."

I held my hands out and said, "I'm just trying to be helpful to my over worked Mother-in-Law."

Mom was laughing and said, "Jack, that was disgusting."

I gave them my sweetest smile and answered, "That's why you love me."

"I guess so. I can't think of any other reason why we would love you," Mom giggled.

I gave them with a questioning look and then said, "I'm going to take that as a complement."

We all laughed. I get along with my in-laws wonderfully. We tease and argue all of the time. Looking at my mother-in-law it is easy to see where Janice gets her beauty from. Mom is lovely. If that's what Janice is going to look like in 25 years, I am truly a lucky man.

Janice sipped her coffee and said, "If you're looking for Dad and Matty, they went out for a walk."

"Once again Walt is showing off his grandson to the neighborhood, Mom said smiling. "You are the favorite son-in-law now that you've given him a grandson."

"Well, I think Janice had something to do with that too. You did, didn't you, honey?" I asked.

Janice just shook her head and said, "Yea, I think that I might have."

"Like nine months of carrying Matty and fourteen hours of labor," I continued.

"Fourteen hours, thirty-seven minutes and fifty-two seconds ... but then who's counting?" Janice laughed.

Just then the front door slammed open and two screaming little girls came running in. "GRANMA WE'RE HERE ... ANNIE JAN ... UNCLE SILLY ... WE'RE HERE."

Then we heard my father-in-law, "Look what I found while I was walking Matty. They followed me home. Can I keep them?"

"NO WE DON'T WANT THEM ... SEND THEM BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM," I yelled back as two little blond girls ran into me like two charging linebackers.

"OH Uncle Silly, you can't send us back ... can you?" seven year Lizzy, old asked.

Mom said in a very stern voice, "No one is going to send my babies anywhere, did you hear that JACK?"

"Well if Grandma says that you stay, I guess you gotta stay," I said with a big smile.

Five year old, Gerri stuck her tongue out at me and said in a singsong voice, "Ha ha, Granma said we can stay."

Lizzy blew a raspberry at me.

I grabbed the two of then in my arms and started to kiss them. They screamed, but threw their arms around me. That's when Matty started crying.

Nancy, Janice's oldest sister and the girls' mother came in and after looking around said, "Look, Kevin and I forgot something. We have to go home and get it. We'll be right back on Sunday night."

Kevin looked at his wife and said, "Yea Nanc, but that's only if we really hurry."

Gerri twisted out of my arms and ran crying to her mother. "MOMMY, you can't go home without us."

Nancy laughed and said in a very gentle voice, "Don't worry, my love I won't leave you. I was only teasing Uncle Jack."

We all went into the living room and after about a half an hour things quieted down. Matty had been fed, washed up and changed. He was in his mother's arms starting to fall asleep. Lizzy and Gerri were in Grandma's lap and things were quiet. The only sound was the muted conversation of the adults. Once again the front door opened and Abbie, the middle sister and her husband, Dennis came in.

The girls were off Grandma's lap and ran screaming to Annie Abbie. That of course woke Matty up and he started to cry. Once again pandemonium reigned. But, for as noisy and crazy as it was, I loved it. This is the holidays.

Walt and Bridget have been married about twenty-eight years. Nancy, their oldest just turned twenty seven. She is married to Kevin, a real salt of the earth type of guy. He is a carpenter and will do anything for any one, especially family.

They have two children, Lizzy and Gerri. They call me Uncle Silly, I guess because I am. I will do things that the other adults won't do, like sing and dance with them, put on plays for the grown-ups and just be all around silly with them. I wear it like a badge of honor.

Abbie is the middle daughter, she is twenty-five, married to Dennis an accountant, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). You'll know that within ten seconds of meeting him. He is very meticulous about everything, and will only eat organic.

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