Royal Exchange

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Sci-fi sex story, sci-fi adult story.

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: When his older brother became the emperor Leo had his chance. His clan was a mix of many species and even though he was Kaire he wanted a human female. Being the representative for his people was not starting off as well as he thought but things were going to get better.

My name is Leopold Sar Urr Nas Liious sar Istaban and I am eighteen. I guess I am like my father in a lot of ways. Samuel sar Istaban is human though and I am Kaire. My mother is Caris Sar Nas Urr Liious and one of the few in the Liious clan still alive. When the assassins came for the emperor they took almost the whole clan.

All except those fathered by prince Roger Sar Urr Nas Liious and mother Sasha and some cousins. That was why my older sib Serg was chosen to become the new emperor by distant cousins. It was also and why some of his sibs were asked to be exchanged with other race nobles or their equal.

I asked Serg to send me to the humans on Central, I had always desired mother Jess. I even had the med bay grow human testicles from one of her younger sons. Unlike my older sibs I was silver with greyish black spots like an old earth snow leopard. I walked off the courier with the two Kaire guards that kept chuckling.

I glanced at them before gesturing, "I believe that will be the ambassador."

I had made a bet with the ship pilot that I could pilot and land his ship without asking for help. It seems most of my people did not realized where my sibs and I had grown up or who had taught us. I sighed as the ambassador straightened and started towards me, "lord..."

I cleared my throat, "excuse me but if dad or any of my mothers hear that I would spend a few days cleaning the life support system or doing grunt work for the cargo master."

He paused and blushed, "Um..."

I held out my hand, "call me Leopold."

He smiled and took my hand, "Albert Jenkins."

I nodded, "nice to meet you sir."

I glanced back, "I believe the pilot may need to depart soon."

One of my guards chuckled, "after he carries your bag out."

I grinned and gestured to Albert, "I am afraid he lost the wager."

He led the way down and one guard stayed and the other followed at my shoulder. I glanced at Albert as we rode in his vehicle, "so where are we going and what do you want me to do?"

He blinked and glanced at the guard, "we are heading out to the last royal Kaire ambassador's reserve and residence."

I nodded and relaxed, "and what do I do?"

He leaned back, "well normally we consult you on matters that concerns your people or where our people interact."

I sighed, "great, remind me to thank Jonathan for his problem solving classes."

The guard grinned, "I believe he is waiting for one or two of your children so he has brighter students."

I snorted, "Jonathan enjoys teaching no matter how smart."

Albert cleared his throat, "I am sorry we do not have any of your people to serve you on the estate. Your brother said you would not mind and would find someone."

I smiled, "that is his way of saying this is my ship and I better find a crew."

Hours later I stripped and stretched before replacing the belt around my waist. The guards were setting up their security while I explored. I looked at the forest to the north and started running. My feet seemed to find their way and I leaped and moved through brush and around trees. I stopped beside a stream and knelt to cup the water and feel how cold it was.

I heard the shifting to one side and the slight gasp. I stood and turned, "lost?"

The human female was staring at me over a bush. She was in her mid teens and wore a forest patterned dress with a bow. She took a breath, "I did not mean to trespass."

I looked around, "not much to hunt here is there?"

She nodded, "feral pigs and red deer that were brought in and turned loose."

I blinked, "really? Can I hunt with you?"

She grinned, "you kind of stand out."

I looked down at my body before grinning at her, "I can stay behind you..."

She smiled, "sure."

I lifted my head and sniffed, "there is something with a very musky smell up wind."

She looked, "pig."

She started moving and I waited before following. I watched the way she carried the bow with an arrow nocked and ready. I reached out to touch her as I looked to the right at the sound of something moving. She followed my look before bringing the bow up and pulling the string back. A few seconds later a large bristling animal moved between bushes.

She released and there was a solid sound as I watched the arrow strike the pig behind the shoulder and sink in. It screamed and ran and my heart was racing, "you got it!"

I leaped after the pig as she gasped, "do not!"

I stopped running and turned to look at her, "but ... it is getting away."

She shook her head, "are you sure you are Kaire?"

I frowned, "well I have not hunted before."

She walked towards me and pulled on my tail when it swept around, "patients tom."

I grinned, "dad used to do that."

She pointed, "see the tracks?"

I turned and nodded and she smiled, "the arrow hit solid. The pig will travel a hundred meters or so and then lay down. They will bleed out so when I track it down it will not get up and run away or attack."

I looked at her, "so you are going to track it now?"

She set her bow aside, "I will wait awhile and then track it."

She started stripping and I blinked at her naked body when she finally turned to rub my chest. I smiled, "what are you doing?"

She caressed my cheek, "have you ever fucked a human?"

My heart started beating faster, "I have not mated before at all."

She rubbed my cock sheath, "I heard your people fuck fast, hard and deep."

I grinned as I cupped one of her breasts, "my people may but my father taught us toms to take our time and our mothers made sure we listened."

She pressed against me and I felt her hips before laying her down. I laid beside her and started caressing and feeling her. I slipped a hand between her legs as her breathing changed. She spread her legs and humped as one of my fingers slipped into her, "mmmm!"

I turned and moved over her before sliding down. I was not going to miss the chance to look at and taste a human female. I opened her pussy and smelled and growled as the scent almost pulled me into rut. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue into her as she squirmed and bucked, "ooohhhh!"

I kept licking her and captured her clit before sucking and using my tongue to tease it. She jerked and twisted as she wailed and shuddered, "YES!"

I kept licking her and teasing her clit until she screamed and twisted away. I looked up before removing my belt as I crawled up her body and pushed her onto her back. I settled between her legs and felt the heat of her pussy against my cock sheath. I looked at her and realized I was purring harder than ever and humped.

She grunted as my thick cock stretched her pussy. The rest slipped out of the sheath as I kept humping and she put her arms around me and gasped, "damn!"

I rubbed cheeks, "my father said my cock must have come from him because it is large."

She shuddered and thrust up, "fuck me."

I started slow with deep thrusts and enjoyed the way her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. It was not long before she was wailing and thrashing around. Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock repeatedly as she struggled, "yyyeeeeessssss!"

I loved the way her body felt against mine and the way her pussy felt each time I buried my cock. She was completely incoherent within minutes as she squirted and screamed. She squirmed and writhed and bucked as I kept fucking her and she was constantly clutching me. I finally had to cum and thrust into her and licked her jaw before I gushed cum.

She jerked and lifted her hips while her pussy kept squeezing, "mmmm!"

When I stopped cumming she was panting and I rubbed her cheek before humping. She groaned and turned her head to look at me before grinning and shaking me, "we need to find the pig."

I was reluctant but pulled out before moving off her and then pulling her up, "thank you."

She shuddered and bent to look at my sperm running down one leg. She grinned when she looked at me and turned to get dressed. I put my belt on and followed as she started following the pig. We found it about seventy meters away and I got a class in gutting and cleaning a pig. I went to find a couple of straight branches so we could carry or pull the heavy pig after us.

I caught her hand before I bent to grab the branches, "your name?"

She smiled, "Jayne."

I nodded, "I am Leopold."

She gasped, "the prince!"

I looked around, "where?"

She giggled when I looked at her and then smiled, "I am just Leopold."

She nodded and I picked up the branches and followed as she led the way, "we have been hoping one of your people would return."

I looked up from watching her hips, "why? Kaire are arrogant, stubborn and foolish."

She looked back with a shake of her head, "because most of the people in the village used to work on the estate and in the manor."

I grinned, "now I know you were sent to me by the gods."

She laughed, "why?"

I hopped over a tiny brook as I followed her, "because it is only my cousins and I and they do not know ... anything about cleaning or cooking."

We came to a tall fence and she gestured to a narrow trench that went under it. I let her crawl through before following and dragging the pig after me. I stood on the other side, "so what are you going to do with the pig?"

Jayne smiled, "feed the village."

I nodded and then cleared my throat, "Kaire do not normally have casual relations or sex."

She turned and put her hand on my chest to stop me, "what are you saying?"

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