Fighter Pilot

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Space Sci-fi sex story.

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A young man loses his family in an asteroid they were mining. His ability to fight using a modified runner gives him the chance to become a fighter pilot. When two teenage girls with special abilities join him they become unstoppable.

Crystal was a disputed system which meant a lot of fighting. Beside the six combat stations at the mid point going into the system there were four other stations. One in orbit around Crystal IV and three in the metal rich asteroid belts. The problem for the prospectors and miners was when Kregal fighters came in they searched the belts and destroyed anything they found.

My name is Darren and my family has been in Crystal since before the war started. I was sixteen and working in a external hard suit. I was in the cave we had just finished pulling several tons of raw ore from when the asteroid shuddered. I turned and carried the twin mining lasers as I headed towards the opening.

I froze when I saw the barge ripped apart. I took a step just as two Kregal fighters swept over and two missiles impacted and exploded in the barge, "NO!"

I stared as the bridge and living area was exposed to space. I spun and looked around desperately before focusing on the runner. It was used to move through the belt, only it was mine and I had modified it. I moved to it and looked at the twin lasers in my hand. I knelt in front and carefully fitted the laser mounts to the mounts I normally used for a sample laser.

I moved a panel and plugged in one and shifted the second to connect it to the alternate. I locked the mount to the laser bracket and stood to move around and climb in. Instead of an engine and reactor in back I had put a micro reactor. It was where the second set of seats used to be with twin tanks. I added two enhanced engines and threw in a micro skip engine where the reactor and engine should have gone.

I closed the canopy, not that I could use the oxygen, I had the hard suit for that. I flipped the switch to bring the reactor online and maxed the feed. I lifted slightly and moved forward just as another pair of fighters flew over. I snarled and slammed the throttle forward and accelerated as I lifted and rolled before turning to go after them.

They bridged the gap to another asteroid and I flicked all the scans on as well as dumped power to the twin mining lasers. I turned with the fighters as I closed with them and rolled when I fired the lasers. The one on the left exploded when a laser sliced through the reactor. I pulled back while I was sideways and fired again.

The second fighter had started to pull up but the laser ripped through the cockpit and killed the pilot. I rolled back and pulled up and rotated as I climbed away from the asteroid. I pulled back and rolled onto the runner's back. I saw two more fighters coming up between the asteroids.

I rolled and accelerated down at them as they turned. I fired a laser straight through the one on the right. I turned slightly as the second fighter banked to flee. He did not make it as I put another laser shot through the fighter and into the reactor. I checked behind me as I headed straight up.

The three fighters coming towards me were surprised when I did not turn away and fired into the center one to kill the pilot. The other two banked away from each other and I rolled right and pulled back as I fell in behind the fighter as it spun to turn again. I fired and ripped the fighter apart before rolling to go after the other ship.

I glanced back to see four fighters after me and accelerate towards the fleeing fighter and the distant capital ships. I hit the activation switch for the skip engine and hit the skip button as the a fighter behind me fired a kinetic missile. The world around me swirled and shrank. I was suddenly out of skip and accelerating into the rear of the Kregal carrier.

I started to pull up and slammed the throttle back to slow instead. I fired a steady burst straight through one of the huge engine vents. I kept it up as the laser heated up and the power from the reactor drained away. I stopped when there was an explosion followed by several more. I rolled and shoved the throttle forward.

I accelerated straight down when two fighters flashed past. I pulled up behind them and fired into one before the other rolled and turned away. I tried to follow but the fighter was faster so I started a wild swiveling turn. I rolled and flipped the runner to change direction as another fighter screamed past me.

I turned and fired straight through the back before turning away as it exploded. The carrier had more explosions that were spreading until one of the huge reactors went and it blew itself in half. I twisted and turned as two fighters appeared behind me and hit the skip engine button.

When I came out of skip I was heading straight for a Kregal destroyer. I shifted and fired into the bridge screen before pulling up and then rolling inverted as I flashed over the ship. I yanked back to drop down and headed below the ship and after two fighters. I ripped one in half as it turned and rolled and turned to follow the other before firing and destroying the engine.

I pulled up and turned into a dozen more heading back to the doomed carrier. I fired and held it as I shifted to the left and then rolled. Three fighters exploded and the others split into groups as fleet fighters finally arrived. I turned and aimed for the asteroid belt and pushed the skip engine button.

I came out short but no fighters were near as I turned to head home. It was a day later when the fleet commander found me. I was cremating my parents and my brothers. I had managed to rig up an emergency shelter in the mine entrance. I watched as the lasers swept back and forth and turned my family to ash.

I did not even glance at the commander and the two ratings as they left the shuttle airlock and crossed to me. I continued to watch until the laser shut down and looked at the commander before heading to the portable airlock, "what do you want?"

They followed me through the airlock and took their helmets off. The commander cleared his throat as I started to pack the few things I had salvaged, "you used a runner against Kregal fighters. We confirmed thirteen kills plus we believe it was you that managed to destroy the carrier. There was also a destroyer that you rendered inoperative."

I carried a small crate to the other side of the runner, "what do you want?"

He followed me, "we want you."

I set the crate on the floor of the passenger side and turned to go get another, "the republic does not take pilots my age."

He put a hand on the crate when I turned, "we do now."

I looked at him and he gestured, "we want you to come with us. After the basic fighter school we will put you in a fighter."

I bit my lip because I knew I did not have anything else I could do. A couple of days later I was slowly parking in a wide shuttle bay. I glanced at the strange girl that had ridden with me and she smiled, "not to bad. The engines are a little rough and the reactor could be improved."

I cleared my throat, "but can you design the fighter with everything I have in the runner?"

She climbed out and I stared at her bare butt as the tiny skirt she wore rode up, "that will be easy."

I climbed out and followed her towards a side hatch, "and the lasers?"

She grinned back at me as we walked through the bay, "I will add a second mirco reactor but I was thinking of one of the core laser drills."

She turned in at the shop bay that was our living space and work area, "you want to put a core laser on a fighter?"

She absently pulled her blouse off as she headed towards the corner fresher and the clear shower stall, "your small mining lasers gave me the idea."

I stared at her body as she pushed her skirt off before rubbing her fuzzy pussy, "with the Kregal fighters using lighter armor, a core laser would rip it apart easily."

I shook myself as she climbed into the shower. Myra was fourteen and a genius, while the commander and fleet tried to sort out using me or her we had been thrown together. She had short ginger colored hair and a tanned body. She also thought that we should live and enjoy life, or fuck as she put it.

She turned the water on and looked at me before shaking her head, "if you want to fuck than just say so."

I grinned, "with the way you keep tempting me we would be at it for hours."

She tilted her head and smiled before fingering her slit, "so?"

I had resisted for over a day but if she was going to be like this ... I started undressing, "you are getting so much sperm."

She grinned and turned away before bending over and spreading her legs. I climbed into the shower and moved behind her to rub and finger her warm pussy as she shivered and pushed back. I spread my legs and bent my cock and fitted the head to her hole. I held her as she slowly pushed back and started pushing in.

We both groaned as my cock stretched her tight pussy and sank all the way into her. I was pushing against her cervix as she shuddered and I pulled back to start fucking her. Her pussy clenched and squeezed as I used deep thrusts and started rubbing her asshole. She giggled and held some liquid soap back, "use this."

I took it and poured some on my thumb as I kept fucking her and started pushing my thumb in and out of her ass. Myra jerked and shuddered hard as her ass and pussy both squeezed, "ooohhhh!"

It was a couple of minutes before I was burying my cock and my thumb both. Myra was holding onto the wall as she kept shoving and thrusting back. I was using harder thrusts and felt my balls churning before pulling out suddenly and removing my thumb. I pushed and my cock slid into her ass as I grunted and started spewing cum.

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