A Walk on the Wild Side

by Ann Douglas

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Desc: Amateur Porn Sex Story: Welcome to the world of talk radio, where you meet the most interesting people.

" ... and for those just joining us, you're listening to the Arnie Crew Show here on WKTX Talk Radio," the twenty-five-year-old woman said into the microphone. "I'm Stormy Knight, sitting in for the ailing Arnie Crew. Our guest tonight has been Crystal McKay, known to many of you as the First Lady of Adult Video."

Stormy smiled at the tall fortyish redhead sitting across from her at the console. Almost twice her age, Crystal was dressed in jeans and a low cut white T-shirt. A shirt that barely concealed the 40-inch breasts beneath it. Written in bright red across her mammoth mounds was the name of her video company, Velvet Nights.

"We'll be right back for the call in portion of our show after a break for News and Weather," she ended as she looked up at the 'On The Air' sign over the control booth and watched in flicker off.

"And we're clear..." called a voice from the control booth.

"Well I think it's gone well so far," Stormy said as she took off her headphones. "I hope you're enjoying yourself, Ms. McKay."

"Honey, I'm having a ball," the former porn star grinned, "but what's with this Ms. McKay crap, the name is Crystal."

"Okay, Crystal it is," Stormy said. "That's a beautiful name by the way. I think it suits you very well."

"And I have to say you have an interesting name as well," Crystal commented. "Is that just an on air persona or did your parents actually name you that?"

"Well my mother actually named me Rachel," Stormy explained. "It was my dad who gave me the Stormy tag. Seems the night I was born happened to coincide with the granddaddy of all storms, at least in the five counties. As I grew older, my personality seemed to be more in line with Stormy than Rachel and the name just sort of stuck."

"Well I'm going to use this little break to powder my nose," Crystal said as she took off her own headphones and stood up.

Stormy didn't have to look up to know that every guy in the studio had just turned to look at Crystal as she walked out of the booth. A man would have to be blind not to notice her as she walked by. Still, they didn't have to go about it like a bunch of high school sophomores.

As she took a sip of her coffee, she kept a careful eye on the wall clock that showed that they were back on in eight minutes. She had to admit, so far, the show was going pretty good. A lot better than she ever thought it would be when she came in this afternoon and learned who tonight's guest was going to be.

"Afternoon guys," Stormy called out as she walked into the bullpen and dropped her carry bag on the break table.

As usual, she got little response from the half dozen members of Arnie's Crew, as the inner staff of the radio show was known. They were all crowded around the television set in the corner, totally involved in what they were watching.

"It's either the cartoon network, or some trailer park talk show trash," Stormy thought as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

No matter, not even the juvenile antics of this bunch were going to bother her today. Not when Jack Russell, the show's executive producer had called her early this morning and told her that Arnie was sick and would she like to host his show tonight. Arnie Crew had one of the top rated radio shows in the tri-state area, and although he was known to go over the edge more than not, his fans felt he could do no wrong.

Stormy was speechless. She had been after Jack to give her a chance on air for months, and each time he had put her off with vague promises. The short haired blonde was even more shocked when Jack had told her that Arnie himself had suggested that rather than round up one of the usual guest hosts, they give her a chance.

Given Arnie's reputation, Stormy would've thought that he would have suggested that the way for her to get in front of the mike would be for her to first take care of his mike. At least those were the signals she was getting from him.

Stormy had started at WKTX fourteen months ago after three years at a small radio station back in Ohio, working as a sort of Jill of all trades. With that experience under her belt, coupled with her degree in communications, she'd hoped to get a chance to show what she could do.

The twenty-four-year-old hadn't been at the station a month when Arnie had laid down the law. This was the big leagues here in New York, he had told her. No matter how good she had been with the hog reports or whatever it was she had reported back in the sticks, it wasn't going to cut it here.

Of course if she wanted a little help, well then Arnie was always willing to help. It was the price of that help that she objected to. Maybe he wasn't the prick she thought he was after all.

So excited had she been, Stormy had hung up after saying yes. She'd done it so fast that she had forgotten to ask who tonight's guest was. No matter, she would find out soon enough.

"What's so interesting guys," Stormy asked as she carried her coffee over to the other side of the room, "the Coyote finally catch up to the Roadrunner, or is it mothers who sleep with their teenage daughters' boyfriends again?"

Realizing that she was standing just behind them, two of the Crew moved out of the way to let her see the television screen.

"Oh gross," Stormy exclaimed as she took in the image on the screen. "This is a low even for you guys."

On the 19-inch screen, a twenty-something-year-old strawberry blonde was sucking off a very well endowed black man. Standing behind her, an equally equipped older white man was driving his cock in and out of her shaved pussy.

"I can't believe you people would run something like this in the workplace," Stormy said in an angry voice. "I've been a good sport about a lot of the things that go on around here, but this time I'm going to have to say something to Jack."

"Hold on a second," Tim Hill, the head writer said as he stepped in front of the small crowd. "Before you fly off the handle, I have to tell you that this is work-related."

"This is work-related?" Stormy said unbelievingly. "I can't wait to hear this one. And I don't want to hear any of that crap about morale building or anything like that."

"You don't know, do you?" Tim asked.

"Know what?" Stormy replied.

"She doesn't know," he turned and said to the rest of The Crew, who all seemed to be sharing a secret joke.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Stormy said, now getting more than a little angry.

"Stormy," Tim said with a shit-eating grin on his face, "I'd like you to meet tonight's guest."

At that, all of The Crew moved out of the way, giving the five foot four young woman an unrestricted view of the screen. On which was a close-up of the black man coming all over the girl's face.

"Stormy Knight, I'd like you to meet Crystal McKay," Tim continued, barely managing to keep a straight face.

"You've got to be kidding!" Stormy said exasperated as she watched Crystal lick the come off her lips with a nimble tongue.

A quick trip to Jack Russell's office proved that Tim hadn't been kidding. Arnie had personally booked Crystal McKay on his show. Evidently she was appearing at some local strip club this weekend and he had promised her an appearance to publicize it.

"Well if you'd rather not do the show after all," Jack had said, "there's still time for me to make a few calls and get another host."

"No, I'll do it," Stormy said, not wanting to give them the satisfaction of seeing her turn it down.

Once down the hall and out of sight, she felt so angry that she wanted to slam the wall with Arnie's head. He had set her up. It was his way of getting even with her for not responding to his come ons. Better yet, if she had backed out of it, she could never bother him and Jack about getting some on airtime again.

Well she would show them she promised herself. She didn't care if this Crystal McKay, or whatever her name was, stripped and started blowing the studio audience. She would remain a professional all the way. Then, the next time there was an opening in one of the radio spots; they'd be hard pressed not to give her a chance.

"We're back in 30 seconds."

Stormy took a deep breath and cleared her throat. "Welcome back to the Arnie Crew Show," she began in her best radio voice. "I'm Stormy Knight, sitting in for an under the weather Arnie Crew. Our guest tonight has been Crystal McKay, former adult actress and now CEO of Velvet Nights Video. Welcome back Crystal."

"Thank you, Stormy," Crystal smiled.

"And since I know so many of you have been waiting, we're going to open the phone lines and take some questions for our guest. One thing to keep in mind folks. This is the Arnie Crew Show and we know from time to time callers have been know to get a little out of hand. Especially when we have such a lovely guest as the lady sitting across from me. So we're going to be running tonight on a five second delay. That way, the little man in the control booth with his finger on the button can keep the FCC happy and us on the air."

Stormy had to think that the finger on the button was going to be very busy over the next half-hour. Arnie's fans had never been bashful about saying the first thing that popped into their empty little heads.

"Well now that we've made the lawyers happy, let's take our first call."

As Stormy looked at the monitor screen and read the information the booth was flashing on the callers, she hoped that Arnie was listening to the show tonight and choking as his little joke backfired. Not only was she doing a great job, but she was actually finding herself liking Crystal.

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