Bounty Hunter

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A former soldier turned bounty hunter heads to a colony world considered grey. He has a list of fugitives to catch but ends up with two girls along the way.

All my life I trained to be a Scout and the five years in the Scouts was everything I expected. At least until I broke an admiral's arms and legs for killing all the civilians in a town. That was when I was asked to resign my commission. My name is Devlin Saint and I am twenty three.

I got off the port transport vehicle and walked through the port gates and headed into the large town. A guard cleared his throat and I turned to look at him, "yes?"

He nodded to the large bore plasma pistol on my right thigh, "no weapons allowed in town."

I smiled, "I have a Republic permit to carry it."

I turned and he cleared his throat again and I turned back, "yes?"

He shook his head, "Haven does not recognize Republic permits."

I looked at him for a moment, "Haven is still a Republic colony."

He sneered, "that is to bad. We still do not recognized the permit."

I faced him, "take it."

His face changed and went pale as I continued to look into his eyes. He finally shrugged and I turned and walked away. I walked into a corner stim shop and sat as I used the planetary net and began my search. It was not long before I saw the three city marshals enter, two stayed by the door and the third walked towards me.

I recognized the third and saved the information and stood, "can I help you?"

He was a mean looking man wearing a dirty stained uniform, "I am the head marshal, turn over your weapon."

I smiled, "I have a permit."

His eyes narrowed, "I did not ask if you have a permit. I said turn over the weapon."

I looked him over and shook my head, "no."

He took a step closer, "do you know who I am?"

I pulled my pistol and fired into his chest. The fourteen millimeter plasma round exploded through his body and he fell straight back. I looked at the two stunned marshals before stepping forward and kneeling.

I pulled the gold and silver badge from the dead man's chest, "you were the bastard named Edward Trent Pollis. A mass murderer convicted on Delf and wanted by the Republic."

I stood and looked at the two marshals, "who is next in charge?"

One cleared his throat and I tossed the badge, "congratulation on your promotion."

I bent as I holstered my pistol and sat the body up. I knelt and shifted the body before standing as I pulled it onto my shoulder and started for the door, "I will be around marshals. My name is Devlin Saint and I am here to collect a few bounties."

I carried the body back to the port and the guard watched with wide eyes and a pale face. I used a port transport vehicle out to my small yacht. I guess you could say it had been loaned to me. I used the lift up and carried the body back to the hold. I opened a stasis crate and dumped the body in before plugging it in and activating it.

I headed out and secured the ship before heading back to town. This time the guard did not even speak to me when I walked out the port gate. Haven is a fringe world ... a pirate world, it was also a place fugitives came to hide. I went to a large diner and ate before leaving. It was beginning to grow dark as I walked down the main street.

I went through the front doors at a loud drinking establishment. I glanced around as it went quiet and walked across to the bar. The tender moved away as I approached and a heavy set man stood, "we do not allow your kind in here."

I turned to face him, "Kimball Harris, wanted for rape, petty theft and arson."

He shifted as the room went still. I snorted, "your bounty would not pay me enough to buy a drink let alone kill you."

Several men laughed and he shrugged before grinning, "in that case the first round is on me."

I bowed slightly and turned as the tender moved back. As I drank I watched the room and the men that came or went. One of the men I wanted walked in pulling a teenager on a leash. I turned to face him as he started towards a table with four other men, "Jessep Griffin."

He stopped moving and looked at me before looking around as the room went silent. I saw his eyes drop to my weapon before coming back to my face, "leave snitch."

I shook my head, "dead or alive scum, your choice."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the men at the table he was going to shifting. Jessep turned slightly and I saw his off hand move. I pulled my pistol as he turned back and fired across the room and through his chest. I turned to point the pistol at the table, "you can try it."

Slowly hands emerged from below the table and flattened on the top. I nodded and started walking towards the body. I tossed a large credit chit and Harris caught it, "drinks on me."

He hissed before looking at me, "his bounty was that much?"

I smiled as I bent to lift the body to my shoulder, "he is wanted by ten different worlds and yes the bounty is a lot."

I glanced at the girl crouching beside me, "who are you girl?"

The room murmured and Kimball chuckled, "she was his doss slave. Now she is yours."

I looked around as the room laughed and reached down to pull her up, "come with me."

I left and she followed as I started for the port. A new guard was on at the gate and stepped out and held up a hand, "papers."

I looked at him and he blushed, "Republic regulations."

I gestured and he walked closer before I touched my bracelet to his comp, "Devlin Saint."

There was a beep and he nodded before looking at the girl, "and her?"

I sighed, "my property."

He looked at her before grinning and turning away. I used a port transport again and when it stopped I nodded to the lift, "in."

The girl nodded before getting in the lift and I followed. In the airlock I closed and sealed the ship before heading towards the hold. I opened another stasis crate and dumped the body in before plugging it in and activating it. I looked at the girl, "hungry?"

She nodded and I turned to head to the ship's galley. I pulled out a couple of first class meal packs and heated them as I opened two flavored waters. I pushed one pack and bottle of water across the table, "sit and eat."

I ate and glanced at her as she wolfed the food down and then sat waiting. I finished and took everything to the recyler. I pulled the girl up and after me to the small med cabin. I stripped her and sat her on the narrow bed before starting a complete automated exam. I looked at the results before giving her a couple of pills for certain mineral deficiencies.

I led her out and to the large ship owner's cabin. I stripped and pulled her into the fresher and the shower. I washed her as she shivered and waited. After we were done I dried her and myself before pulling her to the bed, "in and over."

She crawled into bed and I dimmed the lights before laying down. I sighed and relaxed, "night."

It was a couple of moments before she whispered, "night."

I woke when the girl started struggling in her sleep. I shook her shoulder and she froze, I turned and reached out to turn her head, "I have those sometimes too. Just take a deep breath and relax and try to sleep."

She looked at me before nodding and turning to snuggle against me. I let her and closed my eyes as I relaxed. I woke to the soft beep of my timekeeper and the girl shifted against me. I caressed her bare hip and her eyes snapped open. I smiled, "good morning."

She looked around before nodding. I moved off the bed and waited for her before heading into the fresher. After we were done I went to find a shirt and handed one to her, "relax in the common area today. There are more than enough vids to keep you occupied."

She smiled as she looked down, "thank you."

Breakfast was good and girl actually slowed down when she ate. I touched her arm after cleaning up, "your name?"

She looked down, "Ember master."

I lifted her chin so she was looking at me, "my name is Devlin."

She looked into my eyes searching before nodding. I turned to leave, "enjoy the vids."

This time I went to a large shop on the other side of town. I walked in a door and a giant of a man walked towards me, "no visitors."

I smiled politely, "Peter Johanson?"

He stopped walking and looked around, "no..."

I started towards him, "I think so."

He started to turn but I cleared my throat, "the bounty is dead or alive, you run or fight and I will just kill you."

He licked his lips, "you have the wrong person."

I started walking around him, "the face has been altered but not the body and not your occupation."

He sighed, "fine."

I pulled my pistol and touched it to the back of his head, "hands behind your back."

I used grav restraints and pushed him towards the door, "a planetary senator I could understand but you killed fifty innocents with him."

He shook his head, "yeah, that was real dumb."

A lot of people watched as I walked him back to the port. When I led him into my ship he was looking around with bright eyes. The stasis crate made him stop and look at me. I gestured, "in."

He reluctantly climbed into a long crate and I waited until he settled before plugging it in and activating the stasis. I closed the lid and went to find Ember. She was watching a funny vid when I looked into the common room. I slipped in and sat behind her and several minutes later she glanced back.

She froze as I grinned, "I like this one too."

She stood and walked to me and pulled me up before starting to undress me. I smiled as she pushed me back into the chair before straddling me. She slowly impaled her tight pussy and sighed before looking at me. I caressed her hips and waited and she frowned before slowly thrusting back and forth.

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