Adopted by Kaire

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Sci-fi Sex story.

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A human joins a Kaire cargo ship and starts a new life. When his friends join him to help bring new life back into the Kaire clan he really does become something else.

I was eighteen and on my own. The huge space station Gramirror was a commerce center for cargo to or from the planet. Most of my life I have studied or done engineering. I was looking for a way off the station and out into the wide galaxy beyond. I watched every ship that came into the system and saw one that I thought I could help.

The large armed cargo ship was an old Kaire ship which meant clan. I waited until they began off loading to find and approach the captain. He was a large Kaire with broad black strips on a grey body. The female across from him was spotted and his first officer and mate.

I stopped next to the table and took a breath, "captain Killgore. I am Kimber Ser Hunter and an engineer. I have a offer."

He looked at me from feet to head and leaned back, "your offer human?"

I saw the amusement in the female's eyes and the captain's tail, "your engines are very old and I could increase their efficiency by at least twenty percent, saving you time and fuel."

He looked at the female as she sat up and I could see his tail moving more. He nodded, "and the price?"

I looked at the female and took another breath, "a birth in your ship."

He blinked and the female laughed, "old Simpson could use the help."

He grinned which meant baring his teeth, "true."

He looked at me, "we are going to be in the station for a week. If you can do as you promise you can have a birth."

I smiled, "thank you captain. I will get my tools and go to your ship."

He gestured and I turned to walk away. I had everything ready to go in a small rental locker not far from the ship. When I walked into the huge cargo bay the Kaire were unloading crates and a merchant checked each one. I stopped at the ship cargo hatch and an old Kaire looked me over, "human?"

I cleared my throat, "I'm here to work on the engines."

He grinned, "so the captain warned me."

He gestured, "follow me."

He led me through the huge ship and back to one of the engine compartments. I glanced at the huge engine and knew I had my work cut out for me. I set up and ignored the old Kaire as I shut feed lines off and started disconnecting the lines to the engine. I was buried in my work when I heard giggling and felt someone tug on my foot.

I crawled back to see several Kaire girls, "yes?"

One that looked like she was a teenager held up a tray, "the first officer sent us with dinner."

I looked at the half cooked food and smiled, "thank you."

I set the tray to one side and took a bite of warm spiced meat. I nodded and smiled as I looked at the spotted girl, "very good."

She grinned, "she said to tell you we do not burn our food."

I reached out to rub her cheek, "you are a pretty girl. Thank you for dinner."

They giggled and I grabbed another bite before crawling back into the engine. That set a pattern, I worked sixteen to twenty hours a day for four days. The engine had a lot of build up that had to be cleaned and in a couple of cases, milled off. I made the adjustments I needed to and put the engine together.

I turned from the feed line and found the captain, the first officer, the old engineer and several others standing there. The captain gestured and the old engineer started checking the engine as I stepped back and watched nervously. The old Kaire finally turned to everyone else, "almost thirty percent increase in power and twenty five percent drop in the fuel use."

The captain grinned and looked at the others. Each nodded and he looked at me, "very well done human."

I cleared my throat, "call me Kimber or Hunter sir."

He grinned, "Hunter it is."

He gestured, "show him his quarters Myra."

I looked at the girl that had been bringing me my meals. She grinned and took my hand before pulling me towards the hatch. I followed and could not help looking down at her cute butt. She was wearing a loose shirt like all Kaire with a long skirt that had a slit for her tail. The set of rooms seemed large after living on the station in a cramped cubicle.

Even the wide bed seemed very large and I looked around and grinned at Myra, "perfect thank you."

She grinned as she looked at me, "do you have a mate?"

I shook my head, "not even one promised to me."

I reached out to rub her cheek, "careful kitten, sex with a human is addictive to your kind."

She grinned and turned to walk out with a strut and a sway to her hips. I left and went to bring my few belongings back. I washed and went to see the old Kaire who told me to be back in twelve hours. I woke to an extremely tight pussy forced down my cock. I humped and reached up to hold the girl as my eyes opened.

I looked at Myra and then down at my thick cock stretching her obscenely. I let her go and she wiggled and pushed while shuddering and purring, "this is not good kitten."

She leaned down to look into my eyes, "Kimber Ser Hunter I claim you."

I caressed her hips as her tail rubbed on my legs before pulling her all the way down and rolling. I pushed her legs open as I humped into her and looked into her wide eyes. I began to fuck her and she mewed and started shaking. I finally managed to sink my cock all the way into her. Her tail wrapped around my hips and held me tight.

I began to hump and jab with short thrusts. She started bucking and yawling a minute later as her pussy worked to milk my cock. I heard giggling and a chuckle but ignored it to keep fucking the wild cat under me. It was awhile before I thrust into her and pushed as I gushed cum. Myra clutched me and her claws dug in.

She shuddered and her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I was done I took a breath and looked at her, "Myra I ... accept your claim."

I pulled out and reached for the sheet she had pulled aside. The captain and at least a dozen girls Myra's age or older were standing just inside the hatch. Captain Killgore shook his head, "my mate said she would do it. Fuck her as much as you want."

He looked at the other girls who looked surprised, "any of the others that want it too."

The girls grinned as he left and Myra rubbed my chest, "only three."

I looked at her and she reached for my cock, "I will choose."

I grinned and rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her hips as I moved behind her. I stroked her tail before pushing my cock into her tight slimy pussy. I held her as she shuddered and pushed back before I began to fuck her with deep thrusts, "listen to me Kitten. I will approve any girl or woman."

She mewed and spasmed as her pussy gripped my cock. I ignored the girls as I continued to fuck her and it was not long before she was convulsing and yawling again. I fucked her six times while the other girls watched and whispered. When I stopped and lay holding her after we were finished she was very slimy and cum was still leaking out.

I slept soundly with her in my arms and woke to the ship chime. I lifted my head to look at the time keeper on the wall before caressing Myra's body beside me. She shifted and turned her head as she purred, "mmm?"

I rubbed her butt, "the ship is leaving the station."

She smiled as she moved to lay half on me, "my pussy wants more."

I grinned and hugged her, "I thought you were going to find and choose another girl?"

She rubbed her face against mine, "yes."

She rolled away and out of bed before walking towards the hatch naked with a sway to her walk that made me want to follow. I grinned before getting up and going into the fresher to shower and then dress. I found the old engineer in the reactor room. He nodded as he finished making adjustments, "this is also something that needs working on."

I grinned, "that would take a couple of weeks and someone to help me."

He grinned, "after the engines we talk to the captain."

I nodded and he started showing me normal ship activity for the engineer. I glanced at the two older teenage females that came to start a shift and he said they were just learning. He left and I looked at the two girls before going to my tool kits against a bulkhead. I came back and waved the girls closer.

I held out a comp screen, "start with the introduction and work through it."

The comp screen was old and had the basic engineering course as well as a few new subjects. While they leaned together and started watching I began making checks including the gravity systems and the anti gravs. I had to shake my head at the state they were in and knew I had a lot of work to do.

I made a list of what needed to be done and checked on the girls to see four more crowded around watching. I shook my head and called the bridge, "captain?"

"He is down this shift. This is the first officer."

I smiled, "it seems we have a few girls that wish to learn more about engineering. I was wondering if there was an empty set of quarters I could turn into a classroom."

"You wish to teach?"

I looked at the girls, "I do not see a lot of qualified engineers and they are interested. If you have any males that wish to learn I would be glad to teach them."

I heard her sigh, "we have not had good luck with males. The clan only has five left and three are ... older."

I waited and heard her take a deep breath, "use the empty quarters Blue five."

She ended the call and I looked at the six girls that were looking at me now, "after my shift I will need help in Blue five. I will need any that wishes to learn ship engineering to come."

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