Sharon Does the Swing Club

by Friskee_cpl

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Fisting, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sharon is invited by her friend Lisa to a swingers club where Sharon shows everyone how much cock she can take.

When my wife wants something, I can sometimes find it impossible to refuse her.

We'd just got back from a weekend away where we'd met some friends and swapped partners. I'd always suspected that my wife, and mother of two children, was a whole lot hornier than most women.

She was kneeling on the bed wearing nothing but a smile and casually stroking my cock to hardness when she asked me the question.

"Do you know Lisa from work?" I had never met Lisa but had heard all about her break up with her husband. I just nodded.

"We were talking the other day about sex and stuff and I told her how we had an open relationship."

"Did you now," I said intrigued, "What did you tell her?"

"How we go and meet friends every month or so and fuck ourselves senseless."

"Does she want to join?"

"Not really," she said, "She's invited us to join her at a club in the city."

"What sort of club?"

"Some sort of swinger's club in Surry Hills."

"Do you want to go?"

She was sucking my cock when I asked her that question and in order to answer, she drew back from my swelling and appreciative knob, stretching a drawbridge of precum to her bottom lip.

"Judging by the girth and hardness of your cock," she rubbed her thumb over my oozing piss hole, "I think that you'd love to go."

She hadn't answered the question but I continued on. "What's Lisa like?" I asked with a pronounced lift to my voice as she licked her tongue back over my knob.

"Short black hair, very petite, almost Asian like."

I have to admit, I liked the sound of her.

"Why haven't I met her before?" I asked, "And why did her hubby leave?"

"I'll answer the last question first," she said, "They both used to swing but like a lot of couples it was seen as a way of putting a bit of a spark back into a relationship that was dying."

"Let me guess," I said, "One of them played up outside of the arrangement and the other found out."

"Amazing!" she threw her hands back in mock surprise, "How did you guess?"

"Dunno," I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed the blowjob, "Must be a genius."

"So who do you think played up?" Annoyingly she stopped stroking.

"I'll say it was him and a workmate."

"Correct again," she said, "but it wasn't what you'd expect."

"Try me," I said, "I reckon she came home and he was balls deep in a thin, and much more attractive, young lady."


"Ok she went to his work place and found him with two girls,"


"A dirty drug addicted prostitute."


"Someone really fat," I was getting desperate, "That would do it for me."

She looked at me in mock horror before shaking her head.


"I give up," I said, "There's nothing else."

"Are you sure?" she said teasingly, "Are you giving up so easily?"

"Wait," I lifted my right hand for dramatic purposes.

"A nun."


"A fat nun," I'd given up, "A fat drug addicted nun who used to be a prostitute."

"She went to see him at work one Thursday night..."

"Ok so do I get any points for getting the 'at work' bit?"

She just shook her head and continued.

"He was with two guys."

"No way."

She just nodded slowly.

"Just three guys," I said, "No lady."

She nodded and my dick became instantly flaccid.

"Shit hey," I said, "I bet she was terrified about getting Aids."

"Yep she went and had all the usual tests like we do, but thankfully she came up clean."

"Thank Christ for that."

"Surely if he wanted to fuck an arse he could have had yours."

She slapped me.

"He told her that all that close contact with other naked men switched something on he couldn't turn off." She went back to sucking my cock, renewing its previous vigour.

"Yep," I pulled out and flipped her over onto all fours. "Men are bizarre creatures sometimes."

I looped a length of her long black curly hair around my fingers and pulled her head gently back before I spat on her arsehole and slid my cock in. The irony wasn't missed.

She fingered her pussy as I pumped into her. Moments later, as she shook in orgasm and I emptied my scrotum over her freshly fucked arse and pussy, she asked me again if I wanted to attend.

"I'll think about it," I said, but I'd already decided yes.

During the following week our fucking intensified to the point where we both came to the realisation that even though we swung routinely with another couple, it had become just that, routine.

On the Thursday night before our adventure Sharon was lying back on the bed rubbing her pussy with her latest rubber, vibrating toy when she threw me another curve ball.

"About Saturday night," she said, "Lisa doesn't want to turn up with another man."

"Why not?" I asked, somewhat put off.

"She said that it will add to the impact if we show up as single women," she slipped the fat impostor cock past her trimmed pubic hair and slowly inserted its girth into her glistening wetness.

"So you'll both end up looking single," I opened my dressing gown and pulled out my swelling cock. "How will I get in then?"

"We'll have to get our usual tests done as this is going to be a special franger free event."

"Really?" I said, "No condoms?"


I was impressed. Usually we were always rolling one on when with others outside our group. This reminded me of our obligation to the other swingers we met with.

"Have you told everyone else?"

She nodded her head.

"They want us to have a check before we meet again, just to be on the safe side."

I remembered how a few of the others had all gone on trips overseas and the same conditions existed. I knew that our drug and disease status was going to remain pure.

"Lisa has organised it so that all you have to do is mention to Olivia that you're with us," I wandered over next to her head and shook my cock at her. "Give her your medical certificate and away you go."

"Who's Olivia?" I had to ask.

"One of the owners."

She lay back and hung her head over the side of the bed.

"So you're on a first name basis now with the owners of a swingers club," I said.

"Lisa's organising it all," she licked the underside of my cock as I lowered it down. "This is all for her benefit, not mine."

"So you'll just sit innocently back and watch then," I said knowing full well the answer was no.

"That will depend on the quality of people at the event," she said.

"What people exactly are going to be there?" I slapped her face with my cock.

"As I said," she grabbed my cock and sucked on the pre-cum that was oozing out, "You'll find out on Saturday night."

"I can't help but think that there will be a distinct gender imbalance."

She bent her knees up and the rubber cock disappeared into her pussy.

"I fucking hope so," she moaned as a very rapid orgasm racked her body.

All day Sharon was out at the beauty factory getting herself primed and trimmed for the night's action. I last saw her at ten in the morning. After the treatment she was going to Lisa's before leaving to meet me at the club. I did the standard Saturday morning thing, sport and shopping, prior to taking the kids around to my mum and dad's.

I gave my parent's the usual reason, that I'd booked a live show and hotel package, and we were having a night away. Little did they know what kind of live show.

Before I went into the club I decided to sneak in a few beers at the pub just down the road.

Sharon said that she and Lisa would show up at around nine o'clock and that she wanted me to get there about half an hour or so earlier. Lisa wanted to try to work out who I was.

A few beers later, and a viagra, and I was ready for the night's activities. I sauntered back up the road to where the dirty red light hung down from above the doorway.

With my knuckle I pressed the doorbell and gave my cheesiest smile up to the camera.

Moments later the door opened slightly as a tall brunette in a short black skirt and lacy top opened the door.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Marcus, I'm Sharon's far better half."

I handed her my medical documents and she just gave me a wry grin and nodded me in.

Right near the entrance was the bar where some blokes were having a beer, a wrought iron staircase split the room in two separating the bar from what looked like any normal lounge room, except this one had a spa in the corner. A leather lounge curved around the corner and a large footrest, about five foot long and covered in a large red oriental style cushion, lay parallel to it.

My concerns about a gender imbalance had come true, but not overly so. Around the bar were twelve men, yes I counted them, all with their towels tightly wrapped around their waists. They were nothing to get too excited by, they were just a standard assortment of guys. Some looked as young as twenty, others near and over the fifty mark.

Fortunately there were also a few ladies mingling with the other men in the lounge area. There were of four of them in total and they didn't look too bad. There was a rather plain looking lady with shoulder length hair and rather large boobs in her mid-30's sitting on what was most likely her boyfriend's lap.

An older elegant lady, in her late forties anyway with short cropped blonde hair, was circling the room with glasses of beer and a box of Viagra. I wished I hadn't wasted money taking my own.

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