Meeting Tessa

by LazyAssJack

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I met Tessa through her Q-of-spades ear ring. She lives down the road from me. I think Meating Tessa would have been an appropriate title as well.

I have always admired Tessa, who lives across the street, has a body that I've always admired. She is physically active and maintains herself. She is 5ft 6 inches tall with big bottom, 36DD breasts and slim waist. I always see her biking around the neighbourhood with her 15 year old daughter Joy. She got married to Bob, who is 6 years older than her while she was working as a secretary for him. Bob owns his company which provides transportation services for large chain stores across North America.

One day, she was wearing hot pants and a halter top while riding her bicycle with Joy, who was dressed in similar fashion. When she stopped to have a quick chat with me, I noticed that she was wearing queen of spades earrings, while her daughter Joy continued on to their house. "That is an interesting earring you are wearing," I said pointing to it with my eyes. She chuckled and said thanks. I looked at her and said, "I am looking forward for more interactions between us to ensure you live up to that earring." She gave a hearty laugh, she has a very sweet tingling laugh, came close to me and said that she is looking forward to it while surreptitiously running her forefinger along the length of my cock through my shorts. She felt my pre cum oozing out of my shorts when her finger came in contact with my cock head, smiled at me as she squeezed my cock and told me how wonderful I feel down there, then brought her hand to her mouth and sucked on her finger, "Hmm nice" she said, then got on her bicycle and went to her home.

The next day, I was working in the yard, and saw that both Tessa and Joy were riding their bicycles in the neighbourhood. Tessa was wearing a short skirt that came down to just above her knees with a tee which had a broad neck as wide as her shoulders, with the neckline plunging down exposing her cleavage. Backside of the tee was cut very low. She is definitely not wearing her bra today. Joy was wearing a halter top with her apple sized tits poking against the material, finished off with hot pants.

Joy had a natural tan complexion and wavy dirty brown hair, even though both Bob and Tessa have bleached white skin complexion with natural blond hair. Later I found out that Joy was conceived at their company party to which her husband Bob could not attend, and Tessa got fucked by the truck drivers before being driven home. Her 11 year old son who was out on a week long camp with the scouts, has curly black hair. He was conceived when Tessa became the centre of an orgy at a night club, after her husband Bob passed out after having too many drinks. Thus the reason for Joy's and Rob's skin complexions and hair colors being different from their parents.

Later in the day, as I was re-arranging my garage, I heard someone coming along on my driveway. I finished what I was doing, and looked up to see Tessa walking towards me, after leaving her bicycle on the driveway. She looked angelic, with a little button of a nose, nice inviting moist lips, and was crossing her long legs like models do on fashion shows as she walked towards me. Her breasts were swinging inside her tee with her nipples poking through the shirt.

"Joy, is talking with her friend, so I decided to drop by and see how you are doing," Said Tessa. "Wonderful," I replied, "It is a great day for a bike ride." "Oh yes it is, I really love this weather," said Tessa. I walked over to her as she entered the garage, we were hidden from the road once inside my garage as I have a side entrance garage, and stood very close to her without touching her and looked directly into her eyes. She locked her eyes with me and parted her lips to wet it with her tongue. I leaned forward and gave her a peck of a kiss on her lips.

Then I pulled her to me, with my left hand around her waist, tipped her head backwards with my right hand and started kissing her. She parted her lips when I poked with my tongue and we started exchanging our tongues and saliva. As I was kissing her I took my right hand, lifted her tee exposing her boobs, and started mauling it. She moaned into my mouth and said "Joy will be here soon, when she sees my bike on your driveway." I asked "Will Joy be surprised to see her mother getting mauled by another man while being half naked?" and Tessa looked into my eyes paused and said "No she won't be surprised."

I said "Then there is nothing to worry about," and proceeded to lift her skirt above her waist with my right hand while feeding my spit into her mouth and tucked it into the waistband completely exposing her cunt. I then started mauling her breasts while kissing her. Just then we heard someone dropping their bike on the ground outside the garage. "That must be Joy" I said, and Tessa said "Yes, I think so," then I dropped my hand from her breast, leaving it exposed, and I inserted both my middle finger and forefinger into her sopping wet cunt. When Joy walked into the scene with her mom moaning and grunting against my mouth, as I was gloriously finger fucking her cunt, with her boobs exposed. I continued fucking her cunt for about a minute, then opened my eyes said "Hi Joy, Did you enjoy your bike ride?" she said "Yes uncle Jack, our bike ride was fun," while her eyes were glued onto my fingers which were rapidly going in and out of her mother's cunt.

Soon I had Tessa cuming on my fingers. I gave her some time to recover from her orgasm before pulling my fingers out, and started cleaning them by sucking on them. Tessa never readjusted her clothing while I was sucking my fingers clean. Once done, "You taste lovely Tessa" I said and she said thank you. Joy was looking with wide eyes and open mouth the whole time. Then Tessa came over, hugged me, and kissed me on both cheeks, before adjusting her clothing and went back to her house with her daughter in tow.

A week later, I walked over to tell Tessa about a neighbourhood get-together in the afternoon. It was school summer break. There were a lot of gardeners who were working around their property. As I walked in, I heard splashing noises coming from the back of their house. I walked around and saw Joy swimming up and down in their pool, wearing a two piece string bikini. She looked like a slut in that suit. She was doing backstrokes along the length of the pool, and her pert tits were above the waterline, pointing toward the sky, paddling with her slender legs and swinging her arms in alternating cycles. Four workers tending the garden around the pool, had a hard time controlling their cocks, and were constantly adjusting their crotches to remain comfortable while leering at Joy.

As I got closer to her, she saw me and said "Hi uncle Jack", and I said "Hello Joy, Where is your mom?" As I looked closer, I could clearly see her olive-like nipples as well as her precious cunt through the swimsuit she is wearing. This slut is purposely doing this to excite the workers, I said to myself.

"Mom is inside talking with a gardner to finalize the backyard plan."

"Thank you Joy," and I turned around and walked towards their backdoor, leading into the kitchen.

There was no one in the kitchen when I opened the door and walked in. I heard someone talking from the laundry room, which is attached to the kitchen. As I approached it, I could hear some muffled noise as if someone is struggling. The door to the laundry room was open. When I got closer, I saw Tessa sitting on the countertop naked, while the gardener had his arms wrapped around her long legs, and slowly driving his cock in and out of her cunt. The gardener was fucking her rhythmically. He will do two short strokes, and then pull his cock out leaving just the head in her cunt, and then ram it all the way into her cunt. Tessa lets out a loud grunt, when he hits the bottom on the long stroke, and had her eyes locked onto the gardeners while he was fucking her.

I squeezed my cock through my shorts and watched it for next few minutes. I could easily see the gardeners 9 inch long thick mexican cock sliding in and out of Tessa's cunt, and it was wet with their combined juices. Gradually the gardener increased his thrusting pace, and Tessa's grunting volume went up with it. Then suddenly, gardener shoved his cock all the way in her, and momentarily froze while deeply buried in her before starting to buck as he came inside her.

Tessa noticed me standing at the doorway, as they recovered from their combined orgasm, and said "Hello Jack." I said "Hello Tessa, I see you are having a relaxing day." She pulled herself away from the gardener, whose cock popped out of her cunt, and he tucked it into his shorts, shook my hand and walked outside to supervise the workers. She grabbed the robe which was on the floor, put it on and tied the belt around her waist. I told her about the neighbourhood get-together which will be held at the golf course nearby. She thanked me for the information.

She then walked out of the laundry room into the kitchen, as we were discussing the upcoming neighbourhood gathering, she saw her 15 year old daughter at the pool. Joy has stopped swimming and was lying down at the steps leading into the pool, with her slender legs spread wide open, eyes closed, as she was enjoying the sun rays. She had both her arms above her, which pushed her tits out further, providing entertainment to the gardeners around. Tessa smiled at her daughter's antics, looked around and saw how all four gardeners were adjusting their crotch without making any attempt to hide it, gave a little chuckle and said "She is such a tease, isn't she." I laughed and said "She sure is, just like her mom."

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