The Black Bow

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: A lad shapes a limb for a bow and finally leaves home to be a mercenary. The strength of the bow proves itself at the start of a siege.

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It took me years to shape the black iron wood limb while it grew. I started when I was thirteen and have been practicing with a bow since I was five. After I cut the limb it took me another year to slowly carve the bow. By the time it was ready I was to and took my father's short sword and long knife. He also gave me a letter to a mercenary regiment.

The regiment I was headed for was already moving to a walled town and Keep. I strode through the open gate and glanced around as people flowed around me, most hurrying in. I headed across the inner bailey to the pennant with a black wolfhead. I ignored the men and waited for one with a gold thread embroidered crest on his chest.

He finally turned and glanced at me, "well?"

I held out my father's letter, "I am seeking a job as an archer."

He opened and read the letter before smiling, "this says you are the best archer we will ever see."

He looked at me and I smiled faintly, "I am good."

He laughed and turned, "sergeant Dale!"

A short slim man walked towards us quickly, "aye commander?"

The commander gestured to me, "this is a new archer. Put him with the other one, the girl. Assign them a spot on the wall."

He nodded and the commander looked at me, "you got here in time. Duke Tarence and his dark mages are almost here with a small army to place the town under siege."

I nodded and shifted my pack, "mages?"

The commander nodded, "dark priests of Strife."

I looked at the sergeant and he turned and gestured, "this way lad."

I followed after him along the wall to a stonewalled tavern. He ignored the tavern and walked into the stable, "Steph!"

I glanced up when a red haired girl looked down from the loft, "sergeant?"

The sergeant gestured to me, "this is a new man. He is your partner so show him to your bedroll and then show him around."

She nodded, "aye sergeant."

He gestured, "see you in a few hours to post you on the wall."

I nodded as I headed towards the ladder up to the loft. The girl gestured and I followed her and watched her figure. Her bedroll was in a corner with an old curtain blocking her bedroll from the other men laying back on the loft. I shrugged my pack off and set my bow aside as I knelt to roll out my bedroll right beside hers.

I set my pack to the side against the curtain before standing. She was looking at me as I turned to her and she blushed. I gestured, "show me where we eat."

She nodded and turned to head back to the ladder. She took us into the tavern common room and I glanced around at the men crowding the room. I gestured and she went back out and I followed her around the stable to a set of stairs against the wall. She led me up and then back towards the towers guarding the gate before stopping, "this is our spot."

I glanced at the barrel of arrows at each slit in the wall and nodded. I looked at her, "I need ash, salt and holy water."

She blinked before turning, "we can get salt from the tavern kitchen and ash from the pile from the fire pit."

Once we were down she started walking fast, "we will need to go to the church to get the holy water."

She hesitated when we reached the church but I continue to the door. I lifted my water bag and poured it out on the steps. I walked in and through the milling people to find the priest. I gave him two coppers before he would let me fill my water bag and blessed it. I found Steph waiting and slipped an arm around her waist, "salt and ash now."

She nodded and we headed back. She did not try to pull away as we walked and if anything she seemed to stay closer. I used a large rag to make a pouch and half filled it with ash. I had to pay another copper before the cook would let me have a small pouch of salt. I poured the salt in with the ash and started to mix it throughly.

I led Steph back to the stable and up into the loft. Back beside our bedrolls I knelt to untie the quiver of arrows tied to my pack. While she laid on her bedroll and watched I dumped the arrows. I started using the holy water and then rubbing the ash and salt onto each arrow. I replaced the arrows in the quiver before looking at her as I washed my hands in the holy water.

I hesitated before starting to undress, "undress."

Her eyes widened and she licked her lips before slowing doing as I told her. I folded my clothes and put them away in my pack. I moved over and onto her before looking into her eyes as she trembled. I gave her a kiss before moving down. I sucked on each of her nipples before continuing down between her legs.

I smelled her pussy before reaching out to open her slit and licking through it. I pushed my tongue into her very tight pussy and nibbled on her inner lips. I covered her clit and began wiggling my tongue and sucking. She gasped and humped as she spread her legs, "mmmm!"

She wiggled and kept humping as she shuddered. I continued to lick her pussy and started using one hand to rub the sides. She jerked and tried to cover her pussy as she twisted. I grinned and moved over her and gave her a kiss as she panted. I pushed into her and kept pushing as I felt her naked body against mine.

I humped and jabbed before pulling back to fuck her. She humped up and put her arms around me as I fucked her with long deep thrusts. She wrapped her legs around my waist as her pussy became slicker. She began to buck and writhe around while she clung to me and pressed her mouth to my shoulder as she wailed.

I buried my cock to grind as it throbbed and I grunted before gushing cum. Steph jerked and thrust her hips up as I kept spurting my seed into her. When I was done I humped as she shuddered, "we should eat before we have to go to the wall."

She nodded and I pulled out of her before helping her stand. I kept glancing at her body as I dressed and then attached the quiver. I picked up my bow and pulled out the string and carefully strung the bow. She looked at the long bow and grinned, "I do not think I could pull that very many times."

I smiled, "not many can."

I followed her down and into the tavern. After we ate we sat outside waiting and I heard drums. I looked at Steph as the sergeant walked to the stable, "archers!"

I stood and pulled Steph up and we walked to the sergeant. He waited until we were crowded around before turning to head around the stable and towards the stairs. Several minutes later I was standing with Steph beside a crenel. We were looking out as an army spread out and began encircling the town.

I glanced at the commander and a noble when they stopped beside us to look out another crenel. I glanced at Steph and she shook her head. I looked out to watch the army making camp just beyond what would be normal bow range. Six black cloaked and hooded men rode forward to look at the walled town.

The noble growled, "I would give a pouch of gold to see those six smug bastards dead."

I looked at the noble, "a full pouch?"

The commander gestured as the noble looked at me and then grinned, "yeah."

I pulled an arrow and stepped in front of the crenel. I looked at the distance and the grass to check the wind. I took a deep breath and let it out before pulling the arrow back as I aimed and released. I was already reaching for another arrow and nocking it. I had four in the air before the first struck.

There was a shimmer and a rainbow of fire in the air in front of him as the arrow went past. His head snapped back as the arrow went through his face. I released a fifth arrow as the second took another in the throat, the rest would be body shots. After I released the sixth arrow I kept watching as the other mages or priests or whatever they were died.

When the last one fell as he turned I looked at the noble, "anything harder?"

He was looking across the field at the men I had killed and then at me. He grinned and then laughed, "I will keep watch for you."

He pulled his purse from his belt and tossed it to me before looking at the commander, "now we just need to worry about the other ten thousand men around us."

The commander grinned as they turned to walk around the wall, "one at a time my lord."

I looked at Steph and stepped close and kissed her, "to bad we can noot take another moment."

She laughed and shook me, "for that I am tempted to spread my legs right here."

I grinned as I looked out the crenel, "I will remind you of that later."

The army around the six men I had killed was moving around as if they expected more arrows. They were pulled away and then I saw the small party of short pale men. Steph hissed, "Drow."

I looked at her and she gestured as men hurriedly set up a huge tent behind the others, "dark elves."

I nodded and glanced at the setting sun, "they are the ones that will come over the wall after it gets dark."

She nodded, "assassins."

Several hours later it was dark, Steph was sitting with her back against the wall. A few clouds kept covering the moon. I was letting my eyes wander over the darkness beyond the army and their many fires. I straightened when I saw the shadows moving away from the army and towards the walls.

I waited until they were halfway across and pulled an arrow, "Steph."

I put the first arrow into the chest of the first drow and the others froze. That was a mistake as I killed another and they turned. I killed a third before they began to run and then a fourth and fifth before they reached the army. I smiled at Steph as she looked out, "that is five assassins we do not have to worry about."

She nodded and the sergeant appeared, "see something?"

I glanced at him, "just five dead assassins."

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