The Honeymoon of Sarah and Greg: Days 2-3: Somewhereover Party

by GR

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Shemale, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This story covers days 2 and 3 of Sarah and Greg's Honeymoon. For those new to the series, know that Sarah is a woman in all respects except for one - she has a penis. Also note that the SomewhereOver Club is modeled after my understanding of Rainbow Group Hawaii, which is an actual swinger's group in Honolulu. My club is based on what I read about the Rainbow Group with some artistic license mixed in.

When Sarah and Greg woke up to his alarm at 7:30 Monday morning, they found themselves comfortably entwined with each other with their faces about a foot apart, and with such a glorious "in love" feeling that they didn't mind the others morning breath. Sarah leaned across the pillow and kissed her beloved to start the day. Greg couldn't help but smile.

Not wanting to lose the close contact, but realizing that they needed to get ready for the day, they slowly pulled back their arms and legs. Eventually, they were separated and sitting on the edge of their respective sides of the bed, feet on the floor.

The tour bus would leave at 9, so they moved through their morning ritual with plenty of breaks to run a hand across the others ass or to steal a kiss. They had been together for close to a year and a half, but something as simple as a touch still thrilled them.

A little after 8, they were in the elevator heading down to the complimentary breakfast provided. It wasn't much, but it was enough to sustain them until lunch. By 8:30, they were back in the room, brushing their teeth. By 8:35, they were topless beside the bed, with the intent to spread the sunscreen on. Seeing his wife's beautiful breasts and tits impelled Greg to skip the sunscreen and move in for some good old fashioned necking and fondling. Soon they were sitting on the bed together, lips pressed against each other while their hands explored the others sensitive areas.

They each fought against the urge to strip completely; Greg was losing his battle, but Sarah, on the other hand, was able to refocus on the day and pulled away from Greg's embrace. Before Greg could bring her back into his lustful realm, she cautioned, "As much as staying in the room is appealing, and the thought of fucking you all day makes my blood rush to my cock, we really should save our energy for tonight."

Greg accepted it begrudgingly, and she continued, "How about we put our hands to something more productive and spread some sunscreen?" She didn't really wait for an answer, as she stood up and handed the bottle of sunscreen to him. He pouted a little (in an adorable, not childish, way), but he knew she was right. He stood, put some sunscreen on his hands, and applied it all over her back and shoulders. When he was facing her, he grinned, muttered something about "just in case", and applied some to her chest, taking a little extra time at her nipples.

Sarah was about to give him "the look", but soon her eyes were closed, and she was taking in big breaths of air. He was so tempted to push it further, but logic trumped lust (for now), and he finished with her arms, calves, and ankles. Everything else would be covered up.

Next, he stood, and she applied some to his face, arms, neck, and just a little on his nipple – to get back at him. He suddenly felt the urge to throw her onto the bed and fuck her, but she preempted his actions by declaring him done and finishing getting dressed.

As they both put on the finishing touches, Greg brought up their plan for tonight. "I've been thinking about tonight," he started.

"So have I," she replied.

Greg continued, "More specifically, I think our ground rules from the 'day of exploration' are still in effect."

Sarah recalled them, "We reserve our cum exclusively for ourselves, and if either of us say the safety word, we stop without question." She looked at him. "I completely agree."

Greg nodded and said, "I want to add two more, since this potentially involves more than just us and our being exhibitionists. We are free talk to each other at any time during the party, no matter what is going on at that time, and afterward we will talk to make sure we're okay."

"I assume that rule 3 is different from rule 2 in that if one of says the safety word, we are leaving, and with rule 3, we talk about it at the party." Greg nodded, and Sarah agreed to the additional rules.

He added, "I don't want us to regret anything we do, because I would be lost without you."

She to the few steps over him, kissed him on the lips, and hugged him. "You can't get rid of me that easily; I'm here to stay." Then she promised, "We will talk through any issues no matter how uncomfortable."

They hugged again, and then took a few moments to unstick the bits of clothing which stuck to the sunscreen which hadn't dried yet. A little before 9, the young couple was in the lobby waiting to board the bus.

Shortly after the tour bus arrived, they boarded and found seats which happened to be across the aisle from Robert and Nancy from New York, also on their honeymoon. With this initial common bond, the four of them ended up hanging out together for the day, enjoying the company.

When the bus arrived back at the hotel, and the group had disembarked, Robert stood there with his arm around Nancy. He looked at Greg and Sarah and said, "Would you two like to join us for dinner?"

Greg responded, "Thank you for the invitation, but we have other plans."

Sarah chimed in, "How about tomorrow night?"

"Sounds like fun," Nancy replied.

The two couples parted ways. When Greg and Sarah got back to their room, they were still feeling apprehensive. Sarah broke the ice, "Greg, do we want to check out the SomewhereOver Group gathering?"

"I keep going back and forth on it," he said. "But my current thinking is that we go. Since we have a car, we can drive there. If we're uncomfortable, we'll use the safety word, we leave, and we talk about it, so it's not hanging over us." He knew that once his libido flared up, he would not be able to make a rational decision. He was trying to approach the decision with logic hoping that would be able to spare himself angst later, but he knew in his heart he was using "logic" as an excuse to rationalize his desire to go.

Sarah, trying to convince herself, added, "It would be like watching live porn, I guess. I can handle that." They did not watch porn regularly, but occasionally over the past year or so, both would have the urge to watch. (They did pick up new things to try, some of which they did more than once, some of which they would never do again, and some of which they were not athletic enough to accomplish even once.)

So they decided to go. Since they had eaten a heavy snack about an hour and a half earlier, and they still had sunscreen all over their bodies, they cleaned themselves inside and outside, dried off, and got dressed – slightly better than they had earlier that day. She wore her traditional blouse and skirt, and he wore a shirt with a collar and khaki slacks. Greg pulled the address out of his wallet and checked Google maps on how to get there. They left feeling excited and nervous, but knew that since they weren't prisoners, they could leave whenever they wanted.

About twenty minutes later, they arrived at the hotel where the party was located. Greg and Sarah looked at each other silently with a "do we really want to do this" look. They answered by getting out of the car, locking it, and walking toward the lobby. Soon they were entering the hotel and looking for the elevators to take them to the top floor, where the party was being held.

When they arrived at the suite, they were welcomed warmly by the host, Xavier, and hostess, Violet, who went over the ground rules with the new couple, like they do for all newcomers.

Violet started off, "Welcome to our party. We really hope you have fun and are safe." She was so warm and genuine when she said this. "First off, the safety: 'No!' means 'No!' No one should ever be forced to do anything he or she does not want to do. This is a relaxed and friendly group of people, but if you want to see that change, then try to bully someone into doing something she's uncomfortable with." Violet looked very stern.

"Has this been a problem before?" asked Greg.

Xavier answered, "Once, early on. In the end, everyone was safe, but we emphasize it because it could have easily gone the other way. We also have a safeguard in place – I hire a bouncer who is in the suite across the hall, on-call until the last person leaves. In case of trouble, he's here in 10 seconds; we timed it." Then Xavier smiled, "But tonight, you two are the only new couple. Since we have played with everyone else before, I would be shocked if anything spoiled our fun."

Sarah asked quietly, "You know about me?"

Violet turned to her and assured her, "Oh yes. Honey, tonight, you are among the most accepting group of people I have ever known. With this group, if anyone has a problem with it, they will just ignore you and continue having their own fun." She put her hand on Sarah's arm. "You are among friends." Sarah could not help but relax with Violet's assurance.

Violet continued going over the rules, "Although we want everyone to participate, no one is obligated to do anything. However, if anyone leaves the suite, then that person can not return for the night." She paused to let it sink in. "Lastly, all doors, other than the one to the hotel hallway, are to remain unlocked at all times. If people are in a bedroom, no one is held against his or her will, and anyone may enter to join in if the engaged parties agree, to help if requested, and / or just to watch. The door to the hotel hallway will be locked only to people outside the room, other than the bouncer in an emergency; it would never be chained or bolted. If anyone seems out of control, we will make sure that person and his or her partner leave the party and can get home safely."

Xavier finished up the opening rules, "Bottom line, everyone should have fun, and everyone should be safe."

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