Never Too Old to Dream
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Light Bond,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - old farts dreams

Now I'm an old fart, 58 crippled up and broken to the point that I'm physically a waste of good air but my mind is still 25. I can't have kids, I can't achieve an erection on my own and when I squeeze the button to get it up manually it's a joke.

Yes, I have a penile implant. The doctors all said it would be as close to real as possible but they lied. Maybe 4 inches and the head don't even swell and what's worse is I can't even feel it. I was a normal sized guy before, probably 6-7 inches. Big enough to be able to use it in any position and now this little thing was supposed to make me happy? Now in the doctor's defense the not being able to feel it was because of a broke back not the surgery.

Prostate cancer killed the erection 10 years back and then about the time I was coming to terms with living without my little friend to hold I broke my back along with everything else in a motorcycle wreck. I had gotten a divorce right after the cancer episode so I'm single, over 50, impotent which is bad enough when trying to date but then I go and bust up my back.

So now that you understand a little bit about my issue let me tell you I still want sex. Can't have it, can't even feel it and no amount of porn or fantasy seems to get me there but I never once stopped thinking about it.

I can walk but I'm stooped over and I can't walk far or fast. I've lost most of my muscle tone after laying in the hospital for 7 months and no amount of rehab will ever make me buff again. I play golf a few times a week as long as it's dry enough for me to drive the cart all the way to the ball. Can't hit it far, maybe 180 or 190 yards off the tee on a really great hit but I somehow manage to shoot 90 from time to time. That's about all the exercise I get so I'm not expecting to win any hard body competitions.

I own my own business and make a good living and live a very boring life. My business does well enough to run without me thank goodness or it would have failed with my hospital stay but I still liked going in and at least acting like I'm needed. Without work I would go crazy sitting home but still I decided I need to either shit or get off the pot so I put an ad on a few web sites for a companion. Not an escort but a full time "live in", friend with benefits.

So I just put it out there. "30 to 40 year old attractive down on her luck woman needed to be my room mate. I will support you while you get on your feet and you will support me on my quest for a fantasy life in spite of my handicap."

Now as you would assume I didn't get a lot of responses but I did get a few. Some were funny and some where just down right sad but one young lady just blew me away.

Now she was younger than I really wanted to deal with, mid to late 20's. I would have preferred someone who at least knew something about life in the 70's other than some stupid TV show but none the less she convinced me. Medium height, slim but not skinny and nice tits just the right size to not need a bra but would fill out my hand real nice but most of all, the clincher was her ass. I just wanted to eat that ass all up.

She had an idiot for a boyfriend who destroyed whatever self esteem she had and due to his slapping her around she couldn't seem to keep a job much less build a career and with no family to fall back on she was desperate. My heart went out to her even as my mind was kissing all over her cute little ass.

Yes I'm a perv. Sorry, no matter what my heart and brain may have felt my eyes were on that ass and the thought of burying my face between those cheeks and tasting that sweet ... ah sorry, I'll save that for the story.

Trying to let my big head do the thinking I explained how things were going to be or at least aspire to be. She would get a job, I would help her find one if need be then she would save her money and learn to be responsible. She would have no bills as I would be taking care of all that so it shouldn't take her too long to get going on her own and in the meantime she would help me.

Help me you wonder? I have no idea what that would entail and I told her so. This was a fishing trip without a boat or tackle and maybe a few miles from the nearest body of water. Hopeless but I wanted to try. I explained to her that I have no idea what my kinks were. Wasn't sure I even had any but surely there was something I could try that would tickle my fancy.

She was desperate but I didn't want to scare her away or disgust her but I had to stay in control so I explained the rules. "No" was not a word she could use, she could let me know something really turned her off or even flat out disgusted her but if I insisted she had to do it.

She was to put all her trust in me or go on down the road. Not very fair of me but I knew what she didn't, I was too soft hearted to ever hurt anyone and the idea of doing something to someone knowing they were turned off by it just wasn't in the cards but I needed to know I could push her to try new things.

I could see the fear and desperation both fighting each other to see who would win so I decided to help. I told her to sit down and not speak, I wasn't going to hurt her or even touch her but I was going to show her what she was dealing with. So I stripped down and showed her my problem. Now I've got large balls, when it's warm they hang lower then my friend even when he was healthy so there I am lying back on the couch.

Hairy old fart with my junk all out on display in front of a pretty young thing all dressed and scared to death. So in a very matter of fact way I showed her my dead friend. I showed her my problem up close and personal. Showed her my broken busted body and all of its scars and in doing so I opened my soul to her.

I was asking her to put her trust in me and show her she had nothing to fear from me. I could never rape her. I was harmless in that regard and where I didn't hope to ever turn her on I hope that I would never disgust her.

I needed her and she needed me. I showed her how I squeezed the button in my ball sack and brought my friend up to speed more or less. Showed her how small and wasted it was and started crying. Just broke and lost it.

Here I was trying to take control and be the boss and I just flat out blew it. By baring my soul to her I opened the door and everything just rushed out. I told her how lost I was with no hope of ever finding my way.

I wanted to feel. Anything, any kind of emotion, anything other than just breathing. Anger, fear, joy, excitement, all things that make you knows you're alive. I don't get mad at anything and fear? I don't fear pain, I live with more than most people ever imagine and death just seems to maybe be relief. Joy? Excitement? I can't fathom how to find those emotions.

So here I am naked on the couch with a hard little friend sticking up crying my heart out and she reaches out and touches me. Now I'm not talking about my arm here. She reaches out and touches my dick. I don't feel the touch but I felt the movement so I look and here she is lightly touching my dick. The look on her face is not disgust but curiosity.

She caught my eye and smiled, then said "Close your eyes and tell me what you feel." I explained to her that I could feel pressure but not a light touch and how I could feel heat or cold but not touch.

She laughed and said "Prove it." It wasn't a cruel laugh, she wasn't lauging at me but with a innocent laugh that reminded me of a child.

I asked "How" and she just said "Close your eyes and don't peek." She then took a drink of the ice tea I had given her and then she wrapped her lips around my dick and moved her tongue around and then sat back and waited for her mouth to warm up and did it some more. She would ask me each time she tried something new if I felt this or that.

She just played with me like a new toy to explore. Here was a dick to play with that didn't scare her. When pumped up it would stay that way for hours or even days, it wouldn't go down till you pushed the down button. Like having your own small dildo attached to a living man.

And so it started, this strange relationship. She said "Yes, I'll do whatever you ask." "I'll trust you and I will help you find what you're looking for".

I was overcome with relief and fear both. I felt something, I was alive after all. I stood up and got dressed, I was not ready to try anything else at this stage.

I helped her get moved in and over the next few days managed to get her a job and we settled into a normal routine. I left for work most mornings around 5 and didn't get home till 6 and then I would settle on the porch with a book and read for a while then I would settle in bed and watch whatever show I had recorded and go to sleep. Hearing her move around and talking on the phone to her various friends was comforting in a way. I wasn't alone.

One day I'm on the porch reading and she comes outside dressed the way kids dress today. Short shorts and some sort of tank top. I could tell without really even looking that she didn't have a bra on.

It was warm out yet her nipples were poking out. I was trying not to stare but we she turned to stare out over the water (I have a 2 acre pond in front of the house) I took a good look at her ass. Now I'm an ass man all the way and this was a fine ass.

So here I am just drooling over this sweet child's ass when all the sudden she just grabbed the shorts and pulled them down and stepped out of them. Now my house is on the middle of over a 100 acres and I have no neighbors within a mile of the house. You can't see the road or any house and even if some neighbor kid was playing with a telescope you couldn't see my house because of all the trees so I wasn't worried about anyone watching all this.

She turned to me and said "I know your staring at my ass so I thought I'd make it easier for you."

I'm speechless. My tongue was probably hanging out.

She said "I thought you were going to want me to help you in your needs and yet the last few weeks I barely see you. I assume you like what you see and yet you haven't so much as hinted any interest."

"Crap girl," I said, "If you want to talk then get dressed, somehow I don't think my brain will have enough oxygen to operate with you standing there half neked."

She laughed and proceeded to take off her shirt. "Ok", she said "Now I'm not half naked!"

Smiling I replied that all though we both knew I wasn't capable of rape and she could probably outrun me without much effort I was strong enough to hold her if I ever got my hands on her so she better keep out of my reach or she was in trouble.

Laughing back at me she said with this very teasing voice, "Well so what, you grab me and then what would you do?"

Willing to play her game I replied, "Girl, my little friend may not be able to dive into you but my tongue can. I'd eat you till you screamed for mercy and then I'd do it some more."

Laughing and grinning she just said "What's the use of living this far out if you can't run around naked" and then proceded to walk around, always just out of my reach mind you and pick flowers and anything else she could do that required her to bend over and flash me. Her cute little pussy winked at me over and over.

I admitted that prior to her being there I normally stripped the minute I got home and unless I was working in the yard or on the tractor I never wore clothes.

Well she replied, "Get them clothes off! Don't let me be the only one showing skin out here."

Well prior to my accidents I would have been glad to strip and although I know she saw me and all my imperfections the first day here that was indoors and out here on the porch I was all the sudden a bit self conscious.

I could see it in her expression that she saw the fun go out of my eyes and the self doubt kick in. She then asked "Is that why you don't strip when you get home? Is that why you have basically ignored me since I moved in? You showed me all your scars and showed me your little friend as you call it but never asked to see me naked. You told me up front that I couldn't say no and yet so far you've never asked me to do anything. Don't I interest you? Don't answer that, I can see in your eyes you want me.

"Well mister old fart, if you won't make a move I will. I'm gonna strip the minute I get home and come out on the porch when you do and if you go in your room and close the door and turn on the TV then I'll come in there and watch it with you. I need a friend and I want to feel desired. I don't need to fuck, sure if might feel good but that's not what I need. I need somebody to hold. Now if holding my naked body makes you feel bad then just say so and I'll go put on 4 layers of clothes. Just pretend if you have to but make me feel wanted."

I had trouble listening to her words I was so mesmerized watching her body move around as she spoke. You know those people who talk with their hands? Well she used her hands and her hips and her cute little mouth and just watching her talk with her whole body had me floating 10 feet off the ground. This darling little adorable girl wanted my attention?

Wow! My little friend may not stand tall but my heart was beating a mile a minute.

I didn't say a word; I just got up and stripped. Then I stepped over to her and slowly started running my fingers all over her, starting at her neck and chin then worked my way down.

Those cute little titties perked right up but I just lightly circled around the nipples and teased the sides and bottoms of her globes. Then I started down both sides following the curved of her waist and hip and as far down her legs as I could reach while standing up. Then I started back up again. I squeezed her cute little butt and worked my fingers over her back all the way back up to her neck and then I lightly touched her neck and cupped her face in my hands and kissed her.

I let my kiss tell her how much I wanted her. I slowly sucked her lips, first the bottom one and then the top one. I devoured her face with kisses. Her arms came up and around my neck and her whole body melted into mine.

To naked bodies standing in the sunlight and the heat radiated out from us and I swear steam was coming out of my ears.

But I couldn't do it. When I was a normal man I would have lifted her ass up and just lowered her down on my dick and fucked her silly standing up but now even if I were to reach down and hit the pump it wouldn't work.

My little friend wasn't big enough for any position other than missionary or cowgirl and those don't work well on the porch so I just gave her one more kiss. One more kiss with lots of softness and tenderness but not a lot of passion. I think she understood so she calmed down and didn't push the issue.

I told her "I want you so bad it hurts; my heart is about to burst but this isn't the way. I'm not sure what the right way is and I thank you for trying" and then I grabbed my smokes and sat down and lit one up and closed my eyes. I was scared to death of what or how she would react.

Well she may have been young but she had wisdom because she just laughed and said "Your loss" and then she sat in one of the other chairs. After a minute of silence I glanced her way and smiled, she had thrown her leg up over the arm of the chair and was just slowly playing with herself.

It wasn't a in your face or revenge thing or at least I didn't take it that way, no, she was just horny and took matters into her own hands.

I watched a bit and then got up and took the pad off my chair and walked over to her and put the pad down on the porch and knelt down without taking my eyes off her face.

She had a twinkle in her eye and her lips were slowly turning up into a big shit eating grin.

She wasn't mad at me, I think she understood it wasn't her or my lack of desire it was my own insecurities that made me stop. But although I may not have the confidence to try to fuck her that didn't mean I didn't want some of that pussy. If she was all hot and bothered and needed to come then I was more than willing to help.

I wanted to bury my face in her lips more than anything at that very moment but I was waiting for her. So I just laid my face against her inner thigh and watched her face.

She continued to rub her fingers slowly over her lips slipping her fingers in the folds and then pulling them out and spreading the juice all around the outer lips. I could see this even with my eyes on her face.

She smiled and said "So you want a front row seat for the show? This is an audience participation program, if you sit on the front row you'll be expected to play your part."

I just smiled and said "I'll wait till I get my cue and then I'll do what ever you want."

"Oh, this is all adlib, you just dive right in whenever you think the time is right" she replied.

So I moved my eyes down and paid better attention to what her fingers were doing. I moved my face closer and put a few soft wet kisses on her inner thigh, then moved and did the same on the other leg.

Her fingers were starting to move a little faster and I glanced and saw her eyes had closed and her expression was now nothing but relaxed pleasure.

I tried to get close to her sexy little pussy but I didn't want to replace her fingers till I felt she was ready. So I went from leg to leg placing soft wet kisses up and down her thigh trailing my tongue over her soft skin while leaving a wet trail up and down her legs. One trip up her leg her fingers moved higher playing with her clit so I slid my face all the way up so close I could smell her scent.

I flicked my tongue out and got a small taste and she moaned and her legs splayed out even farther so I flicked again.

Her fingers came off her clit and she reached down and spread her lips apart and her hips tilted up offering her self to me.

I knew what to do; I have played this part so many times I think I might get a Grammy someday. My mouth slowly moved over her pussy and I started licking first, getting a taste of her. I would then pull her lips into my mouth and suck them inch by inch. Side to side and slowly worked my way up to the top.

I could feel her hips twisting down trying to get her clit in my mouth but I wasn't ready to let her go that easy. I teased her, I kissed and licked all the way down. Lifted her legs up and worked my way down to her ass and nipped her ass cheeks. Licked her taint area and finally took a tentative flick of her asshole just to see how she would react. She moaned some more and pushed against my face so I knew I was going to have to explore a bit more there in the very near future.

I continued in my kissing pattern, kissing and nibbling all the way up letting my tongue reach as far inside her as it would go and then back to nibbling and teasing. I worked around her clit never quite touching it, teasing and just flat having a ball. I wanted her so worked up she would beg me to finish her.

I have no idea how long this went on, it felt like hours but I got what I wanted, she begged. She pulled my hair and dragged her pussy all over my face, grabbing my head with both hands panting and moaning, "Please, please!" so I did.

I pleased by taking 2 fingers and worked them slowly into her wet hole and palm up moved my fingers in that come here motion and wiggled them up and down and then placing my chin in my palm like a cup I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it and twirled it around in my mouth and played till I found the pattern she seemed to like the most and went after her with all I had.

She tensed up, I could see her mouth pucker out trying to say ooohh and yet not having the breath to make a sound and her belly tightened up and her legs quivered and she blew. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!" Then she bowed up like a bow and still I sucked and for a second I thought she was gonna go again but then she pulled my face away and squeezed her legs together to keep me away.

So I just licked her thigh and she screamed "No! No! Please, no more ... let me breathe a minute."

A look of rapture on her face and with her eyes on mine she said "Seriously back away, if you touch me again I'm gonna throw you off the porch. You played your part, played it so well you stole the show so now take a seat and let the main attraction take a bow and a short intermission."

Smiling I sat back and tried to get up. My legs were dead, they do that if I get down long but this was worse than normal. Maybe I'd been down longer than I realized but I was having a big problem getting up. Seeing my problem she reached down and put her arms under mine and helped me get up. Holding onto the porch rail we managed to get me back to my chair and I laid back and grinning reached for a smoke.

She sat back down, a glazed look in her eyes and looking at me she smiled and said, "After that performance you are going to have to come back and play that part again, I may just have to make you a permanent part of the show. You're a natural talent, you knew right when to play your part and you hit every cue. This play performs every night and twice on weekends so I hope you can handle it!"

With a gleam in my eye and a smile on my face I replied, "It just so happens that I'm free every most every night and weekends so I will gladly do what I can. Maybe we can try it next time in the bedroom where I can stretch my legs and improvise with some different positions, the idea of you sitting on my face comes to mind. In fact if you want, here in a minute we could go practice for the next show!"

For the time being this old fart had a smile on his face. For a short time he held a beautiful woman in his arms and made her scream with pleasure. that was more than I ever dreamed possible.

I wonder ... close my eyes and smile.

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