J Is for Jealousy

by BIC

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Desc: : Vengeance is a dish best served cold. But when the object of your vengeance gets hotter, then it's not so sweet. That's what Janet found out when she tried to wreck the life of her schoolmate, prissy Penny who was as pure as the driven snow. At least she was until she was driven to something less pure.

Some people equate jealousy with envy. The two words are close relations, indeed. But the former is the evil step-sister of the latter. Envy is when you want something you lack but which someone else has. Jealousy is when you want that very thing that someone else has for the sheer joy of depriving them as much as gaining it for yourself. When that 'something' is a 'someone', jealousy becomes bitter and dark. You can't spell jealousy without 'lousy'; and that's how a jealous person feels until they can make the subject / object of that bitter jealousy feel it too.

Janet Green was the second most popular girl at New Vista High School. She had everything: looks, sex appeal, brains, friends, pleasant manners, social graces, affluence, influence and confidence. The eleventh grader was sweet sixteen, sexy and bit sassy. Everyone loved and admired the girl with the golden glow.

If they only knew! Her glow hid a glower; her smiles masked a sinister smirk; and under her demur demeanour dwelt a desperate desire to destroy and disgrace her arch rival, Penelope Mite. Penelope, Penny to all her friends which meant just about everyone, was not as cute, not nearly as sexy, certainly not as smart and neither as confident nor as well off as Janet. But she was more popular for all that.

All the guys wanted to be with Janet in some way or other: be her date, be her dance partner, be in bed with her, maybe even be her fiancé some day. All the boys in her class fantasized about Janet and, given half a chance, would gladly fulfil those fantasies which usually formed in their wet dreams at night. Guys jerked off thinking of Janet. She was a useful dream.

Janet they wanted but of Penny, they were in awe. Guys never even considered approaching her in a physical, sexual way; she was too good for them. They would befriend her and spend 'quality time' with her in class or on school projects. They eagerly supported her many social and cultural causes. In a word, they respected her.

If boys hounding you for dates or girls imitating your every style move was how you gauged popularity, then Janet was most popular. But if you looked deeper, if you gauged genuine admiration by the look in others' eyes, then Penny beat Janet hands down. And, no matter how hard she tried, Janet was unable to rise in their estimation on that level. She could flirt with boys, wow them with sexual nuance, even submit and deliver their greatest, hottest sex fantasies; still she could not earn their respect the way Penny had.

Janet knew she could not climb that high, but should could still bring Penny down to a lower level, lower than ground level. Penny needed to be dragged through the sewer, her reputation flushed down the toilet and into a cesspool. But how does one tarnish the unblemished reputation of one so pure of heart? By outright lying, of course.

"What is it about Penny that people respect?" Janet asked herself. "Innocence." She answered. I must find a way to turn her innocent nature into a guilty shame. Perhaps by undermining her credibility in all those do-gooder projects of hers.

The problem Janet faced was that all of Penny's projects were pure as the driven snow. Janet would have to come up with a new one. In fact, she spent several months and a lot of money coming up with not one, but two very different projects.

Janet had some allies, friends of her brother who was in college. These guys were whizzes at web site design and also spent a lot of their free time surfing porn sites on the web. Together with Janet they designed mirror sites, two web sites which, with the click of a file tranfer command, could duplicate or substitute URLs. In effect, bingo-presto and what had been one site became the other. Internet magic, a net meant to catch Penny.

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