Dirty Talk

by Belinda LaPage

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Belinda and Rupali have big plans for Spike later in the evening, but meanwhile they need to pass the rest of the afternoon at the beach. The temperature is rising and they can't keep their hands off each other; perhaps some sexy stories will help to settle tensions. or perhaps they will just make things worse!

Earlier Today...

This is a continuation of my previous story: Ingenious Toys. Briefly, this is what has happened so far:

Mr Gallows, headmaster of my boarding school and also my secret boyfriend, turns out to be a mad inventor of sex toys. He modified a pair of vaginal plugs with radio controllers so that they turn on and off together. Rupali and I (Rupali is my sexy room-mate and secret girlfriend; she named the plugs Ike and Mike) wore them this morning on a shopping trip and – to cut a long story short – she conspired to have me alone in a store dressing room with Spike the hot shop assistant trying to free me from a faulty knotted bikini while she switched on the vibrator remotely, bringing me to an embarrassing but silent orgasm in Spike's arms. I forgave her; aren't I a great friend?

Although we were planning to take the bus to Bondi Beach, Spike has offered to drive us to Coogee in his Kombi van. Rupali and I agreed immediately and spent lunchtime working out how to lure Spike into a three-way.

The 'Kombi' of course was a VW Transporter, but not one of the 1960's chartreuse microbuses you might be imagining. The only similarity that it bore to one of those countless hippie/surfer vans circling the country was an airbrush mural on the side; a surfer shooting through a pipeline and running his fingers through the wall of water that threatened to crash down on top of him. Far from being a "fried out Kombi" like in the Men At Work song, this one was a current model van with leather seats, air conditioning, and about a dozen surfboards of all shapes and sizes in the back.

I saw that it had only one set of doors and as soon as I worked out that there was no back seat, I called "middle" so that I could sit next to Spike ... only to discover that the driver had a separate bucket seat and the twin passenger seat was on the other side of the handbrake. My sexy visions of squashing up against his leg and having his elbow brush my breast every time he changed gear were dashed.

Oblivious of my little competitive streak, Rupali had other ideas; she was stage managing this whole affair to culminate in a three-way; and to that end she cuddled up close to me in an effort to establish our girl-on-girl credentials. Sitting so that our legs touched, she unsuccessfully tried to close the split up the leg of her sarong and then, giving up, she placed a slim brown hand on my knee. I saw a momentary flick of Spike's head and knew that he was watching in his peripheral vision, so I parted my legs a few inches and smiled as Rupali's fingers predictably slithered into the gap. As Spike turned a corner, she slid it further up – bringing my dress along for the ride – and began stroking my inner thigh in a circular motion with the tip of her middle finger, the sexy look of her long, curved, pink nails between my legs giving me a little shiver.

Spike wasn't watching us directly but he was shifting in his seat and adjusting his board shorts a fair bit, so I was pretty sure he knew exactly where Rupali's hand was and he had also probably figured out where it was headed. When we stopped at a traffic light and Spike was in no danger of crashing the van, I took a big deep breath, puffing out my breasts and then released it again with just a touch of a moan, opening my legs a little wider at the same time. Rupali's hand worked to the top of my thigh, hiking up my dress even further until her little finger made contact with my crotch, then she flicked it back and forth over my bikini bottom, titillating my pussy lips.

It was all for show, of course, and not really getting me hot ... well, not very hot ... but I loved the effect it was having on Spike as he missed the light turning green and was honked by the car behind. I turned to Rupali as he got the Kombi under way again and gave her a "cool it" look, so she moved her hand back down to my knee but left the dress pulled up to my crotch so that Spike would have something to look at if he decided to sneak a peek. I don't know whether he did or not, but I didn't catch him.

We found a good park right near the beach and hopped out into the searing Sydney heat while Spike spent a few extra seconds in the privacy outside the driver's door adjusting his erection before grabbing his towel and a bag from the back.

"Are you surfing," I asked.

"No, the surf's rubbish today," he complained. "It's too still. I might get a board out later, but if you girls want company... ?"

"What do you think, Belinda?" Rupali asked, winking at me. "He's pretty cute. Will you get mad if I'm flirting with him instead of you?"

"But you'll still flirt with me a bit, right," I pouted.

"Of course sweetie," she leaned down and kissed me on the lips.

"And I can flirt with him, too?" I asked.

"Sure sweetie," she reassured me. "Just keep a lid on it; he's already seen you naked and I don't want him thinking you're easy."

"OK, then," I smiled.

Poor Spike, he was following us back and forth like a tennis match; his eyes getting wider with each exchange.

Rupali turned to him. "Good news, Spike: you've got two hotties competing for your attention today."

We each took an arm and walked him down to the beach. I pulled the arm I was holding and pressed it to my breast; this was going to be a good day.

We found a patch of sand to ourselves and Rupali immediately dropped her beach bag, peeled off her sarong and ran for the water, calling back "Last one in is rubbing Reef Oil into me when we get out." Spike pulled his singlet over his head, revealing a lean waist that was tanned and muscled to match his chest and arms. He looked at me, wondering whether he should conspire to be last in the water.

"Go on," I told him. "I need to screen up or I'll be a lobster in ten minutes flat." At times like these I envied Rupali's brown skin; my milky complexion required SPF30+ even in winter sunshine. I watched Spike ran after Rupali and then screened my face, shoulders, arms, and the tops of my breasts; the rest could wait until I got out of the water.

I ran down the beach and found them just out beyond the breaking waves, bobbing with each swell as it passed. The tide was in and it got deep quickly; I was still several metres away from them when I got out of my depth and had to swim, ducking under the waves as they broke over me. When I got out to them I couldn't touch the bottom at all; Spike was up to his neck, but at 6'1" the water came only just past the top of Rupali's pink bikini. With each trough that preceded a wave, her full breasts bobbed tantalizingly on top of the water.

"Are we going to stay out this deep?" I asked. "Cos I'll last about two more minutes treading water and getting dunked by the swells."

Spike looked concerned. "If we go closer in we'll be under the break," he said. "I can take it, but I don't think Rupali's bikini top can." He smiled. "Just so we're clear, I'm all in favour of moving closer in."

"That's OK," I said, reaching up and holding Rupali's shoulder. "You'll hold me up, won't you babe? Duck down so I don't have to reach, will you."

"I don't want your drowning corpse taking me down too. Hold onto Spike; he's getting flirty and needs a distraction."

I paddled over to Spike and put one hand on the slope of his muscular shoulder. "OK?" I asked.

"Very OK," he said, and I felt a warm tingle even through the cold water.

As the next swell passed through, Spike had to jump to stay above it. I pushed down on his shoulder to keep my head above water and ended up pushing him back under. He came back up spluttering but laughing. "Don't worry," I smiled. "I didn't get dunked."

"What a relief," he said ironically, spitting out water. "How about you hold on a bit tighter so that when I jump, you come with me?"

That sounded like an invitation; I didn't need a second one. I pulled in close and clung to him like a baby on her mother's hip; my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist. I was slightly front-on with a breast either side of his pectoral muscle and my vagina settled onto the point of his hip bone. Happy, happy girl. I smiled at him, our faces now just a few inches apart.

I looked over at Rupali. She was still smiling – not jealous – all was going to plan as far as she was concerned. "Missing me?" I asked.

"On the contrary," she said, walking over to us. "Now whenever I want you I have you right here." She leaned in placed a hand on Spike's chest as she kissed me, passionately and open mouthed. "You don't mind, do you Spike?"

He shook his head. "All good."

"Excellent!" said Rupali, planting a short, sweet kiss on Spike's lips.

He looked at me, confused and wondering what sort of jealous fight he might have got in the middle of. I leaned in and gave him a little kiss too. "Just roll with it, Spike." Another swell was right on top of us. "Wave!" I said, giving Spike a squeeze.

He jumped a bit late but kept our heads above water, his hip grinding painfully into my labia. I had to wriggle against him to open up my pussy under my bikini so that my entrance settled on his hip rather than my labia. Comfortable again, I looked back at his face, but he had his eyes closed and was taking a deep breath. Poor Spike. I gave him a cuddle to make him feel better.

We stayed out for nearly two hours, playing, splashing and chatting. Rupali wanted to go and lie in the sun and if I wasn't there she was going to oil that long gorgeous body on her own. I gave Spike another little kiss and hopped off his hip. "You coming in?"

"Soon," he said. "I'm going to body-surf a few waves." And maybe wait for that that bludgeon in your shorts to go down, I thought.

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