Wedding Dance

by Ann Douglas

Caution: This Bridesmaid Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Virgin fucks the bridesmaid, bridesmaid takes an usher's virginity, older woman teaches virgin all about sex story.

Desc: Bridesmaid Erotic Sex Story: It was bad enough that Jack Buckman's date for his sister's wedding cancelled at the last minute, but having to escort an older guest in her place was more than he could stand.

"Oh baby, your cock feels so nice." the blond haired eighteen-year-old girl called out as she rode up and down on the young man's cock." "I can't believe how hard it is."

The dark haired teen beneath her smiled as he held onto her creamy breasts, playing with her small, pert nipples. The seventeen-year-old was stripped to his shorts, pulled down to expose his cock and balls. The girl was still wearing a blue bridesmaid's dress, hiked up to allow access to her pussy. The top of the dress was down around her waist, her bra hanging open and loose.

"Oh Connie," Jack Buckman called out as he pumped his cock in and out of her as hard as he could. "Oh God, Connie!"

"Fuck me, oh Jack, please fuck me!" Connie Austin cried out as she offered up her virginity to her love.

"I'm going to come!" Jack yelled as he felt the familiar sensation building up inside him. "I'm going to come!"

Moments later he did, sending bursts of whiteness exploding from his cock, deep into Connie's pussy. In that single moment, she became a woman, and he a man.

"Oh, yes!" Connie moaned as she felt him fill her with his juices. "Oh yes, baby, fill me up. Give it all to me!"

"Oh Connie!" Jack gasped as he felt his cock drain, his body riding the cascading waves that accompanied his ejaculation.

"Oh Jack!" Connie echoed as she collapsed back into his arms, his cock still buried deep inside her.

Jack held the half-naked girl in his arms, holding her tightly. He gently stroked her long hair, kissing her cheek softly.

"I love you Connie," he whispered. "I wanted to do this for so..."

The words ringing in his head were cut off abruptly by the loud banging on Jack's bedroom door. Startled, the young man jerked his head in that direction.

"Rise and shine Jack," Bill Buckman called out as he pounded once again on the door. "Time to kick off the sheets and hit the showers. It's not every day your sister gets married."

"I'm awake, Dad." Jack called out somewhat reluctantly. "I'm awake."

"Breakfast in fifteen minutes." the elder Buckman yelled as he stepped away from the door.

Lying in bed, Jack looked down at the now soft cock in his hand. A hand filled with a thick white stickiness. He reached over to the night table and grabbed a handful of tissues. Carefully, he wiped his fingers and the area around his cock.

"Oh Dad," he said with regret. "Couldn't you have waited just a few more minutes."

Finally admitting that his wet dream was indeed over, Jack crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Dropping his now soiled underwear into the hamper, Jack turned on the water in the small homemade shower. Originally this room had been a walk in closet. When Jack had turned 10 and his sister 14, it became quickly apparent to his father that one bathroom was not going to be enough for his two children. Not with June spending longer and longer in there every morning.

So, faced with the prospect of either sharing the master bathroom with his kids, or enduring a daily shouting match between them, he decided instead to build another bath. It lacked the smooth finish of the others, but it was all Jack's and that was all he cared about.

The hot water felt good against his skin as he soaped up his body. He paid special attention to his cock and balls, making sure he washed away the last traces of his climax. As he moved his wet and soapy hands back and forth the length of his cock, it once again grew erect. His shower was always one of his favorite parts of the day. More so when he stroked himself and imagined that he wasn't alone. He knew that he wasn't going to come again so soon, even a seventeen-year-old needed a little recharge time, but it still felt good just to play a little more.

He was going to miss his sister, he thought, a lot more than he would ever want to admit. Unlike a lot of his friends, he had a pretty good relationship with his older sibling. June was cool, at least in his eyes. She didn't go nuts over a lot of things like some of his friends' sisters.

Even that time he had walked into her room without knocking and saw her stark naked. June had just yelled and thrown a pillow at him. Of course he didn't think she would've been so forgiving if she'd know about the time he'd seen a lot more of her.

One day last winter, Jack had gotten home from school two hours early when a water pipe broke. He was on his way to his room when he saw that June's door was partly open. Since both his parents were still at work, he decided to take a peek. Instead of the quick flash of bare tit or ass he had hoped for, Jack hit the jackpot. June was stretched out totally nude on her bed, her eyes were closed and she had her hand between her legs. He knew that girls masturbated too, but had never seen exactly how. Jack watched June for almost five minutes, right up to and including her orgasm. Then he practically ran to his own room, afraid she'd find out he was there.

His friends would say that you weren't supposed to get a hard on from your sister, but Jack had a first class one after that. It wasn't the first one she had ever given him, but it was the first one he had jacked off with. It didn't seem to want to go down any other way.

All his buddies said that June had a hot body, and really great tits. Although he would never agree with them out loud, after all this was his sister they were talking about, he knew it was true. Jack even though June had better tits than Connie. Of course that was just a guess since he had never really gotten as good a look at Connie's boobs. The few times he had seen them, the few times he had actually gotten to put his hands on them, had been in the dim light of the back seat of his old Ford.

Of course all of that would change tonight after June's wedding, or so he hoped. His best friend, Tommy Young had sworn to him that he had gotten into Judy Marx's panties after taking her to his older brother's wedding last month. There was something about weddings, Tommy had said, that got women all worked up. Something about how they all wanted to be the bride or something like that. And since the bride was giving it up to the groom, they could be just like her with their dates.

The best decision June made about her wedding, at least from Jack's perspective, was to include Connie as one of her bridesmaids. Connie's sister Debbie was one of June's best friends. In fact June had been in her bridal party last year.

Unfortunately this time around, Debbie was over eight months pregnant and as she put it, not in any shape to walk down the aisle. Waddle maybe, she'd laughed, but not walk. To make Debbie happy, June had asked Connie to be a bridesmaid instead. And since Mike Morgan, June's husband to be, had already asked Jack to be one of his ushers, Jack made sure he was matched up with Connie. If anyone was going to score with Connie after the wedding, it was going to be Jack Buckman.

The other really great thing about this wedding, Jack thought as he washed his smooth, almost hairless chest, was that Mike Morgan was going to be his brother-in-law. In the two years since June had started going with Mike, the twenty-five-year-old had become the big brother Jack never had. They'd gone to a few ball games together, hung out Saturday afternoons when June was working and just had long, interesting talks. Mike had even made sure that Jack had been invited to his bachelor party last Friday night. Of course they couldn't let him drink, after all he was way underage, but Jack didn't care. Nothing in the world was going to beat seeing the show those two dancers the best man had hired for the party had put on.

The teen had read about some of the things two women could do together, but seeing it was something totally different. Then, after the show, the two women gave the groom and best man blowjobs. Jack almost passed out when Mike made sure his little brother to be got one too. It had been his first.

Jack stepped out of the shower and stood in front of the full length mirror his father had hung on the back of the door. At 17, he was already a high school graduate. He wouldn't turn 18 until just before the start of college in the fall. He stood five nine and weighted in at one fifty four. While not a jock, he had a well-toned body, smooth but for some light patches of hair. His cock had finally returned to its normal state, but Jack knew that when aroused, it stood a good seven inches. A lot taller than some of his classmates.

Drying himself off, Jack wondered if he could ever convince Connie to give him a blowjob. So far the most they had done was some heavy petting, although lately Connie had been willing to put her hand on his cock. Just a few weeks ago, on the night of the Prom, she had jerked him off in the back of his car. But when he had come all over her hand, she had thought it was gross and hadn't repeated it since.

That was why he was so worked up over the wedding. If anything was going to make Connie change her mind, it was going to be a wedding. Or so went the hormone-fueled logic of a seventeen-year-old. If she weren't going to let him pop their mutual cherries, then maybe she would at least be horny enough to try and suck him off.

Done with the shower, Jack dressed quickly in a sweatshirt and jeans. After breakfast he had a few errands to run for his Mom before getting dressed for the late afternoon ceremony.

"Good morning, Sis." he said as he dropped down at the kitchen table. "Today's the big day."

"Morning, Jack." the twenty-one-year-old replied. "Only a few more hours and I'll be Mrs. June Morgan."

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