The Mirror of Your Actions


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Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A night with a beautiful woman does not end the way it started

The door slammed behind us just as I got pushed up against the wall and kissed. Hard. Which I didn't mind at all. As a matter of fact, I encouraged him, biting his lower lip when he tried to pull away. He kissed me again, this time my head tagged the wall.

He used his large hands to maul my breasts through the thin silk of my top and I moaned.

"Gods woman you have me on fire," he growled into my ear.

"I like a hot man," I replied, "I like it better when the hot man is naked."

I really don't remember the trip from the foyer to the first floor playroom. I do remember being picked up and tossed literally across the room to land on the oversized bed.

"Oh, baby isn't only hot, but strong too," I teased. "I like."

He stripped off his shirt and goddess was he built. A hard well-built torso covered with chocolate skin and veins that covered him like a road map.

I got off the bed and popped open the four buttons that held my top closed, then let the light colored silk slide off my arms.

Like most men, his gaze dropped to my breasts, and I closed the distance between us. I pressed them against his chest, and didn't stretch much to kiss him again. I slipped my hand between us and up between his thighs.

"You must like what you see, baby." I cooed into his ear while slowly running my hand along that fabulously large bulge hiding inside his slacks.

Kissing his chest, I played with his nipples and made my way down his oh so hard body. Opening his pants was a snap and with a careful zip, they dropped to the ground leaving me with an 'oh so perfect' cock staring me in the face.

"Goddess, I must living right," I teased, just before drawing the foreskin back all the way and licking the underside of the large flared head.

The groan that reached my ears sounded very needful. I continued giving the man my full attention as his words of pleasure and encouragement dissolved into animalistic, incoherent growls. As they grew louder, I slowed my pace, letting him return from the edge.

"Woman you are a witch," his voice a growl.

I made sure that his full attention was on me, then slowly took him, and continued taking until there was nothing left, then just as slowly, released him. The combination of lust and amazement was one that I had seen in other men's eyes. Again I took him, ensuring that I kept eye contact with him. I worked his entire length, teasing, cajoling his essence from his cock.

The third time I swallowed his shaft, I gave no quarter, as I savaged his cock, swallowing his essence as he bellowed, his hands fisted unnecessarily in my hair. I wasn't going anywhere, and neither was he, not until I had wrung every little bit of my pleasure from him. I was going to leave him as empty as a wineskin at a Roman bacchanalia.

He barely made it to the bed before his legs gave out. While he recovered I went to the bathroom and rinsed the taste of him out of my mouth. When I got back, he was in the middle of the bed wearing only his socks. I slid out of my top and skirt and joined him wearing only garters and silk stockings. I slid against his side and enjoyed the heat coming from him. I was going to enjoy this for a long, long time.

Slipping my leg over him, I straddled his hips and nestled his semi-hard cock against the fur between my thighs.

"Ummm," I moaned, leaning forward, draping myself over his chest so I could look down into his face. "Still want me, baby?" I asked, sliding up slightly and pressing my sex against his shaft.

My lover groaned as I slid up and back, slicking him up with my natural lube. It didn't take long before he was ready to go again. I slid far enough up so I captured the uncircumcised head between my nethers and linked us together.

It was my turn to groan, with need. It had been so long since I'd found someone who could fill me like he would. I ground my sex against his, round and round, then up and down. Each small thrust capturing a bit more of him within my pussy. I groaned, I smiled, I laughed as I devoured him, completely, reveling in the feel of his maleness lodged fully inside me.

I rode him, slowly, enjoying the exquisite feel of him. I was going to drag every moment of enjoyment I could from him.

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