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Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Harem, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: After being nothing more than an experiment for ten years Adam was thrown away. Life helped him find a place and finally a away to strike back. Of course when he stole Jen she only made things better and brought others to join them.

I was an engineered baby, created in a lab. Only the war ended and I was traded back and forth as an experiment. I was supposed to be a super soldier, well the prototype. At the age of ten I was kicked out onto the streets. I was lucky in that everything they put me through taught me a lot about engineering as well as computers. Specifically AI systems and computer codes.

I was accepted as an apprentice engineer on a asteroid belt ore barge. I was twelve when we found the Talone wreck. There were a hundred alien ships destroyed in the system. They were part of a fleet that fought the Talone. The Talone were a race that considered other races as a food source. Their ships were medium sized with advanced weapons and systems.

While the others went to the bridge and the engineering section I went looking for the brain, the computer. I found the room and used a small laser to cut open the door. Inside I found the two foot crystal core and started checking the connections. I was in a small survival suit so I had to be careful as I used the laser.

I was careful when I cut the brackets that held the core and the interface console. I pulled out what looked like a holographic display and took it and the console back to our ship. I went back and started disconnecting the power cable to the computer core. The captain called a minute later, "I have a bad feeling. Everyone back to the ship."

I used the small laser and cut the optic cable before grabbing the core and moving back to our ship. The engineer had only shaken his head and said it was useless because no one had ever cracked the computer code. Ten minutes after we left the ship exploded. Six years later I bought a small system runner.

With my knowledge I was able to add a jump engine and started making small fast runs between systems. Two years later when I was twenty I cracked the Talone core. I had linked two dozen small computers and was running them using a chaotic random program. I always made sure the core was isolated and after it came alive I was glad I had.

The code was amazing and totally capably of ghosting through modern systems, rewriting them or destroying them. That was when I decided to get a little payback. It took me three months to completely understand the program language. I set up a subprogram using the language and planted it in a small comp screen.

It was buried in the middle of a separate account program. When I landed on Delta it was to the usually snide remarks and crude comments. I off loaded the small cargo, refueled and filled the water tank. I locked up before taking a public transport into port city. I ate at a small café and stopped at a street vender to buy a pack of sweet gum.

Only this time I used the small comp screen. I returned to my ship in time for my client merchant to arrive with a new cargo, this one bound for Temir. Temir had been one of the rogue worlds that had tried to destroy the federation. I loaded the cargo and accepted the half payment before climbing back into my ship.

I spent the next two days designing reactors, power plants, engines, shields and even a stealth system, all designed to fit into my ship and all designed using Talone technology found in the core. When I checked the account balance I stared in amazement at what had been siphoned from Delta's accounts.

I finally transferred some credit into my regular account and contacted a automated yard on Temir. I downloaded the specs and as a precaution added a subprogram to erase and prevent anyone from copying the plans. I paid for everything and then went shopping for a complete ship refit.

When I set down on Temir the merchant was waiting and so was some snotty noble blowing dope smoke in my face. I finished unloading the cargo and handed the comp screen for the noble to pay me the credits that was owed. That was when the asshole got in my face. He was startled and his bodyguard pulled him back.

I had snatched his dope stick and snapped it in half and he snarled, "you will pay for that."

I smiled calmly, "jump coward."

His eyes darted around and the guard snorted, "he is not worth it lord."

I shook my head and took my comp back from the merchant, "leave before you get hurt."

As my ship was moved and then stripped I received a port notice of a fine for insulting a noble. They also added twenty percent to the cost of the work they were doing to my ship. I was pissed but waited and started doing a little homework. The young noble turned out to be the governor's son.

The governor was the one to levy the fine and rise the cost of the work being done. I smiled when I saw the governor's teenage daughter and an idea came to me. I checked the work being done on the ship by the robots and then created another couple of sub programs. For a week I waited and then it was time to act.

No merchant would contract with me for a cargo so I filed for a departure. I went into port city for a late dinner. I stopped to buy a pack of dope sticks using the small comp screen that siphoned the major accounts on the planet. After dinner I started walking and slipped into the shadows of the city.

The huge mansion on the edge of the city was easy to enter. There were no guards or alarm systems so entering the house was simple. I found the governor's private office and listened to a large party in the back of the estate. I slipped the program into the computer system and then went looking for Jennifer.

The program rewrote into the system and changed his daughter's status as a paid consort. It also showed a transfer of funds for her purchase to me before taking every credit he had. The best part was that it also drained the government budget into the son's account using the governor's authorization.

I left the office and went looking for the daughter. I found her room and slipped in quietly. I moved to the bed and used a med suppressant to keep her asleep before lifting her over my shoulder. I hesitated and then grabbed her private comp screen and left. A public auto transport dropped us at the port and I carried her to my ship and into my cabin.

The huge bed had the sheets turned back and I set her down. I stripped her naked before moving her under the sheet and leaving. On the small bridge I brought everything online and updated my departure. The controllers were snide and sarcastic as they gave me clearance to lift. I brought the anti grav up and the ship rose gracefully.

Unlike the old systems, all the new systems were better and the ship was three or four times faster. I brought up the shield as I turned the ship and started moving. Next was the internal systems, oxygen recycling systems and generators as well as artificial gravity. Short and long range scan systems came online before we left the atmosphere.

I turned us onto our course and took us to sixty percent and sat back. I glanced at the small comp screen from Jennifer's room and started scanning through it as the runner began to skip. What I found made me glad I was not still on the planet. I set it aside to jump us out of the system. I put the ship into stealth and set the auto pilot for Gregor and before standing.

I walked into my cabin and undressed before slipping into bed. I pulled the naked girl half onto me and relaxed. I woke to see her eyes looking into mine, I hugged her before moving and letting her move off me. I glanced at my wall timekeeper and then smiled at her, "good morning."

She frowned, "who are you and where am I?"

I smiled, "my name is Adam and you are on my ship."

She looked around, "my father..."

I snorted, "you belong to me. You are listed by your father as a consort."

She opened her mouth and I touched her lips, "do you really want to be there?"

She looked into my eyes and I shrugged, "I read your journal."

She looked down and I caressed her face, "I will ask."

She looked at me quickly and I shrugged, "I know what it is like."

I looked at her body and softly caressed her breasts. She shivered and then grinned, "want something?"

I rubbed her nipple, "yes. I have never done it though."

She opened her eyes wide, "really?"

I shrugged and she grinned before pushing me onto my back, "in that case you just got yourself a consort."

She stroked my cock and then straddled me. When she sat on my cock I groaned as I pushed into her warm, tight pussy. She shuddered and smiled as I held her waist wide eyed, "good?"

I nodded and she laughed and began rocking and thrusting. I shuddered as my thick cock pressed against the back of her pussy and then something gave and I was completely inside her. She spasmed and jerked as her pussy tightened, "OH FUCK!"

I grunted as my cock throbbed and then began spewing huge gushing streams of cum. Jennifer jerked and thrashed around as she was filled. Cum began leaking around my cock as she finally slumped onto me, "fuck."

I caressed her, "does it feel like that every time?"

She laughed, "I never felt that before."

I looked at her unsure and she smiled, "dad and my brother always used protection."

I frowned, "protection?"

She looked at me closely and then grinned and hugged me. She lifted her hips and laid beside me, "to keep a woman from getting pregnant."

I shook my head, "but women use inhibitors or implants to prevent pregnancy."

Jennifer caressed my chest, "not on Temir."

I cupped her breast, "so it is not safe for me to fuck you again?"

She laughed, "I am your consort. If you do not mind knocking me up you can fuck me as much as you want."

I rubbed her slightly bulging pelvis, "I want to fuck you again."

Jennifer grinned, "I was hoping you would say that."

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