Tina's Daddy Substitute
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Father, Daughter,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My desires for my dad grew so strong that last year I started finding substitutes...guys around his age who would let me call them "Daddy" in bed. This is the story of my first substitute daddy.

Here's how I started my first story, Tina Wants Daddy: "I'm Tina and I'm a major Daddy's girl. I'm 20 years old. My dad and I are very close, like best friends. And he doesn't know it (I don't think), but I've been in love him since I was around 15, maybe younger. He's a super upstanding guy and I'm pretty convinced that he would never do anything with his daughter (meaning me). I've teased and flirted in every way I know how. But I don't think he has ever taken me seriously."

That first story was about one of my many "Daddy" fantasies. This isn't actually a story. It's mostly true, although some details are changed to protect the perverts involved ... mainly me (LOL).

I'm so in love with my dad, it makes me ache, in my heart and in my whole body. I masturbate a few times every day thinking about him. When I'm at school I masturbate in my dorm room, in the bathroom, in the shower after volleyball practice, in movie theaters (always while I'm alone, btw). When I'm at home for the summer and visits (I live pretty close to school so I come home pretty often) I masturbate in my bed of course, in the shower, in various other parts of the house, when I'm driving ... most anywhere when the desire gets so strong I can't help it.

About a year ago I did something I never thought I would do. I hooked up with one of my coaches during a volleyball camp, because he reminded me of my dad. There's a little age difference between him and my dad. My dad is in his early 40s and Coach Jim is in his late 30s. Close enough for me. But just the way he looked at me and talked to me, and the attention he gave me totally made me think of my dad. And also just the way he looked. He looked kind of like my dad too.

Jim is a coach of one of the traveling volleyball teams I play with. I thought it was safe enough to try since he doesn't live in the same town as my school, or near where I live with my parents. When we're playing with a traveling team the coaches and girls are from a bunch of different places. Since then I've hooked up with one of the coaches from my regular college team, but that's another story. lol.

The thing that got me completely hooked on Coach Jim was that I could tell he was attracted to me. So not only did he already remind me of my dad, but he looked at me ... like a woman he wanted to be with ... the way I've always dreamed of my dad looking at me. I'm not saying Coach Jim was trying to get in my pants or anything. I don't think he was thinking anything like that. I could just tell he was into me. Like maybe after an afternoon of coaching, he would go back to his room and picture me naked and jerk off. I have no problem with that!

But feeling like he was attracted to me made me bold. So one afternoon after a game I asked him if later at the hotel he would meet me to talk about my serving. (He spends most of his time coaching girls on serving.) He said he would be happy to and we met in the hotel atrium.

We never even got to talk about serving ... lol. We just started talking. And it was as easy to talk to him as it is to my dad. He was just totally interested in what I had to say. He listened to me, he shared about himself, he was totally cool about everything. And before he knew it, rather than giving me pointers on my volleyball skills, he was talking to me about this "older man" I wanted to have a relationship with.

"I hope you don't mind me asking about this, Coach," I said.

"No problem, Tina," he replied. "Part of our job at these camps is just to be helpful to the girls in any way we can. We know what goes on off the court effects your play just as much as what happens on the court. So, tell me what's going on."

"Thanks. I just thought you might have some thoughts about this thing I'm dealing with. There's this guy I'm really into, like, really into. And he's older than me."

"How much older is he?"

"Well," I tried to sound like it was hard for me to tell him, even though it totally wasn't, "kind of a lot older."

"Really? It's not like, one of your professors, is it? Because that can be very complicated."

"No, he's not a professor. That's about the right age difference, though. He's in his 40s, actually."

"Wow, Tina. That is a huge difference in age. Well, does he know how you feel? I mean, does he feel the same about you?" He paused for a few seconds. "Uh-oh. I should ask this. Is he ... married?"

I looked down and nodded my head.


"Oh, Tina. That makes it infinitely more complicated."

"I know, Coach. I totally get it. It's so completely impossible and wrong. And I think he has a sense of how I feel, but he doesn't really understand. And I know he really cares a lot about me. But he doesn't share my feelings, that way."

"And by that way, you mean..."

"I mean that I'm completely in love with him and I want to sleep with him ... really bad."

The last part clearly embarrassed Coach Jim. He wasn't expecting me to imply sex so openly. It made me smile.

"Oh ... um ... well, Tina I..."

"I'm sorry to make you feel awkward, Coach. It's just how I feel."

"I um ... I understand, Tina. Just took me by surprise a little. But seriously, it sounds like what you're getting into is pretty risky. And I'm not sure what you're hoping to get out of it. I mean, are you imagining this man will leave his wife? That's a pretty big assumption to make, especially if you're not even sure how he feels about you."

"Like I said, I know he really cares about me. I feel totally safe with him." I then paused for a moment. "It's actually kind of how I feel right now, Coach ... with you."

That made him nervous again. His face got kind of flushed. I could tell I was getting to him. And I couldn't believe how excited it was making me!

"Oh ... well ... thank you, Tina. I'm ... I'm glad you feel comfortable ... that you..."

"It's OK, Coach. Like I said, I don't mean to make you feel weird or anything. It's just like, I've been with enough guys my own age and a little older. And it's all fine. But there's something about the way older men make me feel. I guess it's because I've always been so super close with my dad. Nothing ever feels that good. It's like, I just want to take those amazing, strong, emotional feelings, and add sweaty sex to it."

He stared at me kind of open-mouthed for a minute, until I cracked a smile. Then we both laughed a little.

"You had me going for a minute, there, Tina."

I wasn't quite sure what he meant by his comment, but I liked the results I was getting, so I continued.

"Do you think that's the worst thing in the world, Coach? I mean, don't you think some girls like that feeling of total safety and comfort. Isn't that why some girls are just drawn to older men, like I am? Don't you think it's because they had such amazing feelings for their fathers?"

"I ... I really don't know, Tina."

"And does it seem so crazy to think that deep feeling might lead to a girl wanting more? Can't you see how those feelings would cause a girl to feel more like a woman than she has ever felt in her life? That's sort of how I feel right now. And doesn't it makes sense that the girl would want that to go as deep as possible ... in bed ... with the man who makes her feel that way?"

Coach Jim had no idea I was talking about my real dad making me feel that way. He had no clue how much I wanted to be in my dad's bed, with my dad between my legs. But he was starting to get a strong sense that I was showing those feelings for him.

"Tina, I think we should stop now, or at least move our conversation back to volleyball."

"I'm sorry Coach. I didn't mean to get so personal."

"It's OK, Tina. I did tell you it was OK to talk about whatever's on your mind. It's just that this is getting a little too personal."

"Is it because you're married, Coach?"

I gestured toward his wedding ring.

"Is what because I'm married, Tina? I don't know what you mean."

"Are you uncomfortable talking to me about sexual feelings because you're married? Or is it because of my age?"

"I ... Tina ... It's not even appropriate to be asking those questions. But yes, I am married as you can see. And ... it's not so much your age..."

"How old are you, if you don't mind me asking, Coach?"

"I don't mind, Tina. I'm 38. But it's ... Wait, how old are you?"

"I'm 19. But it's not like I'm a virgin, coach. Hardly. Whoa, that made me sound like a slut! I didnt' mean it that way. I'm just saying, I'm legal and I have some experience."

"Tina, seriously. How much experience you have is completely irrelevant. We have to stop talking about this. By the way, how old is this man that you have feelings for?"

"He's 42, Coach. See? He's 4 years older than you. There's not that much difference between your age and mine. I can't help being attracted to older men, Coach Jim."

I looked deeply into his eyes at that point to make sure he got the message, which was, 'I am attracted to you!'

"Tina, I am a married man." He got the message. "That matters to me. And my responsibility as a coach matters too."

"I'm legal, Coach. And you're not even a coach at my school. Would you lose your job if you took me to your room right now?"

"Tina, please. Enough already. Uh ... no, I probably wouldn't lose my job. Getting involved with players at these camps certainly isn't encouraged. But it ... Never mind."

"What? What were you going to say, Coach?"

"I was going to say, it happens. OK? But I can't have it happen to me. I've never been unfaithful to my wife."

"Coach, please let's just go to your room so we can talk more privately. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I so don't want to make you feel awkward. I just feel so safe with you. You obviously understand me. You make me feel like I feel when I'm with my dad. You should be flattered by that because no one makes me feel that way except him."

"Ugh. Tina, look ... I am flattered, by all of it. You're very sweet, and you're bright, and you seem very sincere. You're just a wonderful girl. But I can't..."

I have very long legs, as do many of the girls who play volleyball. Not all of them, but quite a few. So it wasn't hard for me to run my foot up the coach's calf, then along the inside of his thigh. I've wanted to do that to my dad about a million times but I always chicken out.

"Coach, I know you're into me, and I love that. I'm so totally into you. But there's just one thing I need from you, Coach," I said just as my foot reached the bulge in his pants. "When you take me to bed, I need to be able to call you Daddy. Is that OK, Coach? Will you be OK if, when you're kissing me, and touching me, and when my lips are on you, when my mouth is on you, and especially ... when you're inside me, if I'm calling you... Daddy?"

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