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RicS: Profile

I'm in my 40's and live not the most normal life because of a serious medical condition involving my spine. We get by and make the most out of what life has left for us. One of the reasons why you are reading this is because I find writing rather therapeutic. It helps make me feel I still have a use in the world, even if it is nothing more than to create some enjoyment for those that like to read the stories I write.
'An Unusual Beginning' is based on true events but that doesn't mean that I think that sex when you are 11 or even 15 is a good thing. Nor am I hypocritical enough to say that despite what happened to me, no one should have sex until they are 18 if they live in the US, 14 if they live in France, 16 if they live in many other countries. If we are setting minimum age limits for sex, to me it seems much more important that no power dynamics have been abused rather than what age the individuals were.
I also strongly believe that people have the weirdest fantasies – to others that is – and a fantasy is just that. The ability to think about something that might not be acceptable if you did it. That's why they're called fantasies. For instance I would never condone sex with someone below the age of puberty no matter what the circumstances. But if it is a fantasy for someone and remains a fantasy, I'm certainly not going to condemn someone for their fantasy, even if they share it in writing. The number one or number two fantasy consistently with surveys for women involve the woman being forced to have sex or being raped. That doesn't remotely mean that they would wish to be raped in real life. But she might have a great deal of fun reading about it. Same with incest. It is generally the number two fantasy for adults, either coerced or voluntary brought on by circumstances. Funnily enough when you ask those that enjoy those fantasies very often you get that none of their own family members are found by them to be sexually attractive but the idea still turns them on.
My attitude to what I write, especially as it relates to ages of girls has changed since I started writing. I was asked to write some short stories to help show someone whether I could write or not. I was also asked to write in sub-genres that I personally found distasteful. I looked at what is the most popular on this site and deliberately wrote stories that had some coercion in them sometimes (that was my limit – I was asked to write rape stories but couldn't do it). I deliberately picked young teenage ages for incest stories because that seemed to be the most popular. The trouble was I'm not greatly comfortable with the younger ages in fiction and so have gradually changed so that my lower limit is now 14, the French age of consent. I settled on that because I held citizenship in that great nation and their attitude to sex seems to be the least repressive. But even then I would like to stress these are purely fantasies. If that sounds hypocritical because 'An Unusual Beginning' is based on real events, I cannot help that and am happy to leave it that way, not completely explained.
I like feedback. I only kept on writing stories after the first couple because I got such terrific feedback and I found it enormously fun to be able to turn someone enough that they bother to tell me.
I especially liked the comment from a woman who told me that a story got her going so much that I was responsible for destroying her computer chair. That I couldn't let go and had to ask just how I was responsible for that. I was told that she drenched it. Then she told me she had left the computer on the story to get a towel to try and clean it up only to return and find her son also engrossed in the story, not realising that he was sitting in a very wet chair. I had a smile for a long time reading that.