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pj: Profile

Seventy-something engineer philosopher.
I've been writing erotica for self-amusement since before the PC was available. I love women, have studied the relationships of men/women all my life and my stories reflect that.
Let's face it, the heart of all romance is the inborn desire to propagate, and that means fucking. Anyone who thinks our basic instincts are gross and crass denies both Darwin and the Bible. That's all there is to it. But that means we really have to try to understand the opposite sex, and so-called perversions. As a geezer who has observed all my life, I understand the gay viewpoint, but it IS a perversion no matter that I'm more than willing to accept some folks' predilections toward it. But you won't read anything in my stories that promote it.
Marry your gay friend, I dont care. Just don't expect me to tell you it's normal. It is not. And also don't expect me to thump a bible and tell you Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for homo reasons. It was not. Read it first hand.

- I refuse anonymous email. If you want to keep discreet, get yourself a bogus-name mailbox.