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Nyasia A. Maire: Profile

I'm a 52-year old woman, wife, mother, left-handed, right-brained and just a tad strange. My writing career began at the age of eight and remains the one consistent love in my life.

I believe weird is wonderful and normal is boring.

If you'd like to know more about me ... well, so would I, but I'm not telling so I guess we'll all never know. Hmmm ... if you are truly desperate, you could always create a life for me and write a story about it. Hey, it's just a suggestion.

Okay, well, I guess that about covers it.

22 March 2010 - "The Crystal Rainbow" is complete, so I guess I don't have anything left here that's unfinished. I am currently working on another story entitled, "I Remember," but I believe I'll wait until it is complete before I post it here. We'll see.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Fondest wishes,