niteowluk99: Profile

53 year old as of 2010, Male, Divorced but not bitter.
I was Happily married for 10 years, which I suppose is not bad for a 19 year marriage....LOL.

Enjoys all forms of erotic literature. pen name comes from three sources - Nite because for 25 years I worked as a security guard on mainly night duties, Owl because my home town Soccer team is Sheffield Wednesday nick named the Owls, UK because thats where I reside.

Moved to London in 1976 on a dare to teach the cockneys some manners, the job's not complete so I am stuck. LOL

only joking no angry cockney feedback needed. lol

Any ladies out there who would like erotic chats via msn or email or have idea for a story they would like to see in print, please feel free to contact me.