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dotB: Profile

I was born on a farm in the Canadian prairies and spent the first twenty years of my life there. However, I had a yearning for the sea and I moved to Canada's rugged west coast years ago so much of what I write has a 'wet coast' twist. Many of the islands, inlets, and coasts that I mention are places I have actually visited, but don't use my stories as a map reference, in my tales I often change names, locations, and headings to protect the innocent (and to foil lawsuits by the guilty). I suppose at this point I should warn you that I have a wierd sense of humour, so that may influence what you read as well.

Before you e-mail me about spelling mistakes, remember that I use Canadian English, my spelling of some words may not agree with yours. And finally, to misquote Anne McCaffrey - I'm going bald, I have a grey beard, and I walk with a cane, all else is subject to change without notice.