X_Ray: Profile

I am a SWM and new to this genre but I've had a lot of fun so far writing and posting my stories. I am especially interested in comments and critiques of my work, so please feel free to contact me.

My stories will not generally deal with the BDSM world, as it's one I know little about. I attempt to explore only what I know. I am straight but I am not afraid to experiment in either life or writing with bisexuality. I also try to make my characters likable and to treat them all with respect. I find in doing this that my stories take on more life and interest for me.

I am fascinated by our human sexuality and what makes it (and us) tick. Erotic fiction is one way of analyzing ourselves: What turns us on? and why?

Unlike some "erotic" writers I attempt to put some 'stroke value' in my stories, a lot of hot sex in other words, along with (I hope) some quality storytelling. To me there is nothing more boring (or pointless) than an erotic story that fails to arouse me, no matter how good the writing. This then is my aim, and I need your feedback to keep me on target so please write me with your opinions and comments.