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In search of older westerns


I really enjoy westerns and think I've read almost everything in recent years. Can anyone direct me to stories or authors who wrote westerns from years ago that are still posted on the site? Thanks so much.


A man returns home to attempt to clear his tarnished reputation and to help his family. Good women and bad men make the effort difficult!
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Western
Size: 386KB | Downloads: 34496 | Votes: 1020 | Score: 8.43
Posted: 26.9.2006, 07:24:28

get the ones who did this, as well as saving the United States from being destroyed. What he finds on his one way trip is 'home'. - 41,500 words.
Sex Contents: No Sex | Genre: Time Travel
Tags: Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Romantic, Historical, Western, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Time Travel, Slow
Size: 231KB | Downloads: 80522 | Votes: 1912 | Score: 8.05
Posted: 29.11.2006, 07:06:50 Concluded: 30.12.2006, 23:01:49 (Updated in 2017)

Clay Thomas is a pissed off deputy sheriff heading home to his family ranch in South Dakota. As he is almost there, his truck is hit by lightning, and runs off the road into a gorge. After waking up, he hikes the rest of the way to the family ranch. Reaching it, he finds that the year is 1876.
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex | Genre: Time Travel
Tags: Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Historical, Western, Time Travel, Polygamy/Polyamory, Interracial, Oriental Female, Indian Female, Slow
Size: 554KB | Downloads: 207633 | Votes: 2918 | Score: 8.21
Posted: 3.3.2010, 14:30:49 Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: 7.3.2016, 19:56:14 )

Replies:   odave44


Thanks so much. I'll check them out.


'Tom's Adventures' by T-Rix is my favorite western on SoL, if you didn't read it already, try it out.


Thanks so much. Still looking for more if anyone has a suggestion.


have a look through these,,,

Legend of Eli Crow is very good,


Yes, that's a good one, but I've read it two or three times. That's why I asked about much older stories.


You know about Jay Cantrell's "The Hillside"? I'd include a link but not on a smartphone.



Great Link , thanks...I've read almost all of them...except the Premier Member ones ...


if you are still looking here are a few more by woodmanone


Thanks Sun, really enjoyed those.

Ron Lewis has just started posting here again; he'd pulled his stories to publish them, but is starting to post stories to the free sites again. Writes historical westerns.



Replies:   odave44


Thanks so much. Never have read this one. Really enjoyed it.

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