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Series about a guy adopted by a rich guy.


This was a series about boy taken in by a rich guy. Follows the guy from childhood through adulthood.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


check this out

then check out

if it ain't one of them, I'm at a loss.


Could it be the Kenny the Kansan series?


The series description reminds me of Sammy's Adventures by Fable. Although at least one more story was planned, the author never got around to finish or post another part in series.

Replies:   ustourist


I would agree, it sounds more like the Fable series abut Sammy under the storyline Burr.


Thanks guys. It was actually both Burr and Kenny the Kansan I was thinking about.


I have a question regarding kenny the kansan, has he done it with his step mother? and i can't clearly remember this, isn't his step mother and her brother have an incestuous relationship when they were younger?

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