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time travel stories


pls recommend a good stories tnx.

Ernest Bywater

Replies:   Capt. Zapp
Capt. Zapp

@Ernest Bywater

I assume this one got renamed somewhere along the way as it comes up as Winds of Change by The Scot

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Capt. Zapp


Almost everything by

Old Man with a Pen


Of course, you can also use the Category Search and filter it by Time Travel and any other tags you might be interested in.

Ernest Bywater

@Capt. Zapp

When he started posting it he called it What the ? but changed the name when he finally got around to finishing it.


Try Magestic for an epic time travel story...



There are several types of time travel stories.

The first one has the characters making multiple trips through different points in time like the TV Series "The Time Tunnel" or "Quantum Leap".

A second type has the character making a single (possibly two way) trip in time.

Most "do-over" stories that include time travel are a special case of the second type.



My Race Is Royal

Dragons & Coal Cinders

Doorway Into Past

Journey into the Past

Just a few of my favourites

Regards G_R

Forgot this great story Warlord


it is a good story at the start, but at the end, it does get off some

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